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  1. 135 Days and a bag drag till wheels up for Rome and onto the Sky Princess on 10 November. Mic, there is still time for you to book.....😋😋😋 Bob
  2. Trying to order a private car service to pick us up from the FFL cruise terminal to a hotel near Miami airport. What is the address I should use for a pick up point? Bob
  3. Saw two guys fight over one of them trying to save a whole row of seats in the theater. Both were tossed at the next port...... Bob
  4. What happened to the Countdown Clocks. All of a sudden they are gone????? Bob
  5. I have the following: 15x85 28x135 10x22 70x200 The 15x85 is my everyday day walk around lens. They are all Canon lenses. I consider my self an amateur enthusiast. When I retire next year I plan on taking some classes to become a better photographer. Bob
  6. I am looking for a replacement for my Canon 70D. I would like to have it by the time for my cruise on the new Sky Princess in November. I wanted to stay with an APS-C camera due to the money I have invested in my lens collection. I was hoping Canon would release the 90D, but now I don't know if they'll ever release it. With this in mind, I would very much appreciate some advice on what might be a good replacement for my 70D. Thanks in advance for any replies..... Bob
  7. 183 days till wheels up for Rome and onto the Sky Princess.....😊😊😊 Bob
  8. Same one I use.....😊😊😊 Bob
  9. We had the Medallion Net service on the Ruby back in March. Amazing speed and pretty much no dead spots. I even got a somewhat decent signal on my aft balcony with the door closed..... Bob
  10. The way Princess runs it?.....😁😁😁 Bob (p.s.) Just a little Saturday morning humor....
  11. One day at a time Keith..... Bob
  12. Joe, you and Jax should join us on the 25 or 35 day voyage before Cuba.....😊😊😊 Bob
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