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  1. Days and a bag drag till wheels up for 14 days on the Sky.....😊😊😊 Bob
  2. Mic; Hope you and your DW have a great cruise.....😊😊😊 Bob
  3. Just found your thread Keith. Hope you are enjoying your cruise. We will be on her at the end of January......😊😊😊 Bob
  4. We will be on the Sky at the end of January for a B2B Caribbean cruise. For the second leg (Feb 1, 2020) we will have to switch to one of those new forward PH (S4) suites on the Sun deck (around the retreat pool) from our first cabin. I know these suites are new to the Sky and I was trying to find some pictures of them. I've searched here and on the web but have struck out so far. Any help would be appreciated.....😊😊😊 Bob
  5. Days and a bag drag till we board the Sky.....😊😊😊 Bob
  6. Thank you for posting your excellent review. We've been on the Golden twice before and for the most part enjoyed our voyages. We will be on her again in May (10 day Sea of Cortez & 14 Day AK R/T 24 days total). It is a retirement present to myself.....😊😊😊 Bob
  7. Thank you for the replies. Looks like I’ll be calling the CS line.....😊😊😊 Bob
  8. I somehow created two profiles for my DW. Anyone know how I can delete one of them? I’m stumped. Thanks in advance for any replies.....😊😊😊 Bob
  9. This looks amazing.....😊😊😊 Bob
  10. Signing on late, but from what I read, you've had a great cruise so far.....😊😊😊 Bob
  11. Really.....😂🙄😂 Bob
  12. I was thinking about opting out, but I decided to give it a try at least once. If I don't like it, it will be back to the black card for me.....😊😊😊 Bob
  13. Wow, so that was the problem, I can't read.....😂😂😂 Bob
  14. Running should be banned on the Promenade deck. But knowing Princess, it would never be evenly enforced...... Bob
  15. You are one of the nice one's then. What really irks me, (Non-Royal Class Ships) is that runner's are allowed/tolerated on the promenade deck. Makes it impossible to take a leisurely walk with people whizzing by you and getting indignant when you don't jump out of their way..... Bob
  16. Along with the runners who think they own the whole track who will be running on both sides..... Bob
  17. I just went to the dermatologist this week and he told me to minimize my exposure as well. Guess I'll be in the gym as well in Jan/Feb.....😊😊😊 Bob
  18. I was somewhat confused myself.....😊😊😊 Bob
  19. Question for those who have recently sailed on the Golden. I was curious as to what type of televisions are currently on the ship? We are sailing a 10 Day Sea of Cortez cruise in May 2020 and I was specifically wondering if they were still the old View Sonic monitors or have they been upgraded? When we were on the Star last year that had newer flat screens that let us hook up a Blu Ray player. On the Ruby earlier this year, they had newer flat screens where the HDMI inputs were disabled. They were not On Demand types as on the Royal, etc. I know the cruise is a ways off and things can change, but I was just curious. Thanks in advance for any replies.....😊😊😊 Bob
  20. I need some help. I have my first Medallion cruise coming in January (Sky b2b in the Caribbean). I've downloaded the Ocean Ready App and put myself and my DW on it. My one question about this, is that the "Cruise Personalizer" circle says it's still incomplete. This is despite all of the information being in the personalizer. The other circle that does not show complete is the "Pin Number" section. I am at a loss as to how to figure this out. My other question is do I have to install the app on DW"s cell phone? Thanks in advance for any help..... Bob
  21. Finally got it.......😊😊😊 Bob
  22. Very cool idea.....😊😊😊 Bob
  23. 147 till our B2B on the Sky.....😊😊😊 Bob
  24. I'm hoping to reconnect with him on the Sky at the end of January. We had the pleasure of sailing with him on the Star to Hawaii last year. Interesting thing happened at our M&G. He showed up but had to leave after a very short time. He actually requested we hold a second get together on our return leg from the Islands. At this gathering, he stayed with us for well over an hour. He is truly a great asset to Princess.....😊😊😊 Bob
  25. It was $1599.00 with the 18x135 lens included.....😊😊😊 Bob
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