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  1. Carnival corporation has extended their pause in operations, across all brands, until at least December 31, 2020. https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/global-ship-operations-pause-extended-through-december-31.html Bob
  2. Does anyone know if the small couches in the aft penthouse suites convert to a sofa bed? We sailed in one on the Royal way back in 2013 but I never checked. Thank you in advance for any replies..... Bob
  3. The problem with calling Princess is you could get 10 different answers to the same question. BTW, I don’t rely on CC for official Information. . The purpose of my post was just general curiosity, nothing more.....🙄🙄🙄 Bob
  4. My cruises are not until September 2021 and I realize that testing requirements can be different a year from now, especially if there is a vaccine. But let's just say testing protocols will be the same this time next year. I am confused about pre boarding testing. My first cruise is out of Southampton and my second one is out of NYC. They are b2b. With flying from LAX and a two day pre-cruise stay in SH, will I have to get a test right before I leave the USA? Will it be honored by authorities in Southampton? Or, will I have to runaround Southampton looking for a rapid results testing fa
  5. Would be great if you sailed.....😊😊😊 Bob
  6. You can always make the booking to ensure you get the cabin you want and have your T/A take it over later..... Bob
  7. The Sky Princess T/A for September of next year is now up on the website for general booking. The August 30th British Isles sailing is still not up on the site for booking..... Bob
  8. Thanks for posting......😊😊😊 Bob
  9. Yup, they said bookings for the Fall T/A would be open by the 30th of this month. My guess is after they finish all the move overs. Not sure about the spring T/A..... Bob
  10. Sorry, but the Regal was a move over for Crown Princess passengers who were only booked on the Trans Atlantic portion of the cruise. Those of us booked on the entire 22 day voyage were not moved to the Regal and were left to fight over crumbs that are left over after all the move over are completed. The original Sky T/A was a 15 day sailing departing Copenhagen on 3 September. Due to the redeployments, that cruise was cancelled and the new crossing will now be a 14 day departing Southampton on 09/11/21..... Bob
  11. Earlier this week I thought I saw posted the new (possibly not finalized) Sky Princess Trans Atlantic embarking from Southampton on September 11, 2021. I’ve been searching for the last hour or so, but I cannot find it. If anyone has it, could you please post it? Thanks Bob
  12. Who knows with every cruise I book getting canceled..... Bob
  13. We had our 22 Day British Isle/Trans Atlantic (Crown Princess) canceled. My only hope is that there are desirable cabins left on the Sky. It is my understanding that passengers sailing the 15 day T/A on the Sky are being moved/offered the new 14 day T/A out of South Hampton. I believe the same is occurring for the 12 day British Isles cruise preceding the T/A. We are looking to rebook the 12 day British Isles/Trans Atlantic on the Sky. My only worry is there will be no desirable cabins left after all of the aforementioned move overs are complete. Those of us who were booked
  14. Looks like that was the case. I was on the BI-T/A on October 5th. I neglected to realize there was a separate stand-alone August 30th Itinerary..... Bob
  15. I did the same, but my cancellation email said nothing about being rebooked on the Sky. It just provided recommendations in a link inserted in the email. ****Update I think I migh have just figured out something. I was on the 22 day BI-T/A. Were you booked on just the BI itinerary? Bob
  16. Thank you For the reply, but how could you be on the 30 August cruise? It isn’t even listed on the Princess site. Bob
  17. Does anyone know the itinerary for the 12 day British Isle on the Sky? I was thinking of trying to combine it with the 14 day T/A on September 11th..... Bob
  18. Lew, I’ll share my package with you. Just don’t tell anyone about our plans.....😂😂😂 Bob
  19. That’s promising news. I remember talking to Captain Tuvo on the Sky, back in February, where he told me about the construction needed to refuel the ships..... Bob
  20. Site is up & running smoothly from So Cal USA.....😊😊😊 Bob
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