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  1. The cruises are still not showing up on the website, go figure.....🤔🤔🤔 Bob
  2. Yahoo, Princess just told me my T/A got me my OS suite for the 25 day cruise..... Bob
  3. On the phone with Princess as we speak. It's letting her book the 25 day cruise but it still not up on the Princess site. She is telling me only two OS' are left..... Bob
  4. I'm in. Now just gotta deal with this nervous twitch waiting till 0900.....😁😁😁 Bob
  5. Can't log into the Princess website. I sure hope they fix this before 0900pst..... Bob
  6. Will miss cruising with you if we end up booking..... Bob
  7. Thank you so much for the updated information. I would have been you know what if I hadn't seen your post. Now you know why I was so mad at Princess last week in screwing up my email notifications. Apparently I was removed for some unknown reason and recently added back on also for an unknown reason. I was told that it can take up to four weeks to start getting emails again from Princess.....😒 Bob
  8. Did you also notice noise from squeaking cabinet doors in your OS? I know this sounds funny, but wife’s DS had a deck 8 OS and said the cabinet doors, at higher speeds made it very difficult to sleep. We were in a deck 6 & had the same problem. Luckily it didn’t bother me..... Bob
  9. 591 for me if I am able to book the cabin I want.....😊😊😊 Bob
  10. 206 Days and a bag drag till wheels up for Rome and onto the Sky Princess.....😊😊😊 Bob
  11. I for one am a little more than a little excited.....😆😆😆 Bob
  12. Same on the Ruby for our California Coastal last month..... Bob
  13. http://fortune.com/2019/04/11/carnival-cruise-barred-us-ports/ Interesting article regarding the 40 million $$$ settlement for Princess Ships (in the past) dumping oil into the sea. Carnival Corporation was on probation for the past two years for the ships doing so. Aparently CC has ticked off a federal judge overseaing things and has threatened to ban Carnival ships from docking in the U.S..... Bob
  14. I just got off the phone with my T/A. I was told it will be next week. Another interesting thing is the 25 day itinerary isn't loaded into the system. 35 day is , but n ot the 25 day..... Bob
  15. Please..... My CC Screen name at roadrunner dot com
  16. I didn't get any elite email notification. I'm beyond mad at Princess at the moment. For some stupid reason the condescending, rude and obnoxious CSR told me my ability to receive email notifications was turned on last month. I never requested it be turned off. Apparently it takes four weeks for the email notifications to start getting resent. SO next Tuesday I will have to rely on my T/A because I will not get the elite booking email with the elite link. This stinks.....😡 Bob
  17. Yup, been that way all day, yesterday, day before, etc. If you see 34 cruises available, that's the old listings. Just those two Alaska cruises in September...... Bob
  18. Hmmmm🤔. My T/A told me it was today. I guess we'll find out later..... Bob
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