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  1. I gave it some consideration. I thought about booking the Grand Suite, but ultimately decided on the Sapphire with an aft OS suite. I really like the Sapphire/Diamond as they are about the same size as the Crown class but a better passenger to space ratio because they don’t have the Rivera deck..... Bob
  2. Thank you OP for the information. Just booked Hawaii (4th time) on the Sapphire April 5th, 2022.....😊😊😊 Bob
  3. We got our full refund (cruise fare/pre-paid shore excursions) back two days ago. Took a total of 64 days. I was actually surprised as I thought it would be at least another 30 days. Our cruise was for May 16th and was cancelled on April 14, 2020..... Bob
  4. We sailed our b2b on the Sky back in Jan/Feb. We hand't been on a Royal class ship since back in 2013 on the Royal. I found the Sky to be a great ship. True there was no Crooners, but Take Five was a fairly decent replacement. I really like the addition of the aft pool. The entertainment options were also very good. Overall, I'd give it a 9.9 out of 10. I wouldn't hesitate to sail on her again.....😊😊😊 Bob
  5. Got it. Little pdf file at the bottom of the page. Thanks for the help.....🙂🙂🙂 Bob
  6. Thanks for your reply, but where is it? When I log into my account, I just see options to purchase. What am I missing? Bob
  7. I'm looking at my booking on the website. Where does it show, what perks I have (Beverage package, gratuities, dining package, internet). I've looked high and low and cannot find it..... Bob
  8. Thank you everyone for the help for this HAL rookie. Well, I went ahead and pulled the trigger and put a deposit down. Looking forward to sailing unless life throws us a curve..... Bob
  9. Thank you for your reply. One last question, what is dinner in the Penthouse? Bob
  10. Basically what to expect along with the following questions: 1. Mini bar set up in the larger fridge & is there a cost? 2. I'm assuming there is no butler, with this in mind is the Neptune concierge the go to person for specialty dining reservations, etc? 3. Are there any special perks such as priority seating at shows, priority tendering, bridge tour, etc? 4. What is breakfast in the Pinnacle Grill like? 5. Can you have dinner in your stateroom via the MDR or a specialty restaurant and is it course by course? 6. Anything else you'd care to add..... Thanks Again.....🙂🙂🙂 Bob
  11. I need some input by more experienced HAL cruisers other than myself (My one & only HAL cruise was on the Veendam in 1996). I recently booked (courtesy hold until DW signs off) the Pinnacle suite on the Koningsdam for a 17 day Hawaii cruise in January 2022. The cruise will be a COVID-19 delayed retirement present to myself (I wanted to treat myself to the best cabin). I'm basically looking for someone who has recently stayed in the PS to share their observations. Thanks in advance for any replies.....🙂🙂🙂 Bob
  12. Day 43 since our AK cruise was cancelled and still waiting for the refund (Cruise & Shorex’s) all put on my Princess Visa. Not mad at Princess, but it is getting a little long in the tooth as I would like my 15K back..... Bob
  13. I wouldn't bet on it.....😕😕😕 Bob
  14. We lost our Alaska cruise for this month almost two weeks ago. I chose the refund. I won't even start worrying about when it's coming until June..... Bob
  15. Darn, how could I have missed until now..... Bob
  16. The report you are referring to was a draft study completed by Johns Hopkins. The numbers do justify this study simply and the report was never fully vetted. Furthermore, the IHME model shows a completely different projection than the draft report you were referencing. https://covid19.healthdata.org/united-states-of-america These are very challenging times we are in. Who knows what the cruise industry will look like a year from now. While I will do my best to remain safe, I will never consider ending my favorite (and pretty much only) way I like to go on vacation..... Bob
  17. We had the pleasure of sailing on the Golden for our first Hawaii cruise (2011). It was a great cruise. We also did a 3 day getaway cruise to Ensenada in 2013. I'll miss her..... Bob
  18. G'Day Mic. Sorry to hear that your cruise is cancelled. Ours (May 16th to Alaska) will also be cancelled after Princess makes their announcement on Tuesday. Hope all is well with you and yours.....😊😊😊 Bob
  19. Without hesitation.....😊😊😊 Bob
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