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  1. Found this little known store in Grand Cayman.....😂😂😂 Bob
  2. Good morning (0734 local time) from the Sky Princess. We are tendered off of our first port stop of Grand Cayman. The temps are nice at the moment and the humidity is not that bad. I can't say what the rest of the day brings us. Holli is a little under weather today so she is going to rest up while I plan to get off the ship and walk around a bit while taking some pictures. Today is an early departure as the last tender to the ship is at 1500. That's all for now. I'll check back in when I get back onboard. Hope all are well.....😊😊😊 Bob
  3. Thanks for the info Frank. I forgot about Planks & Steamers.....😊😊😊 Bob
  4. Good evening everyone from the Sky Princess. It's half time for the game, so I'd thought I would check in. Holli and I are enjoying watching the game in our cabin. The only negative is because of the way they are showing it (FOX vis ESPN), we aren't able to watch the Super Bowl commercials. In any case, it's been a good game so far. Tomorrow in Grand Cayman, we have an early excursion (0730) for the dolphin & Sting Ray encounter. I'm looking forward to it albeit that my ability to take pictures will be somewhat limited. That's all for now as the third quarter is getting ready to start. Hope all are well.....😊😊😊 Bob
  5. Hi Wanda. We never do the dining room on turnaround day for breakfast so I do not know which dining room was open. Sabitinis was open for breakfast for suite passengers though. I'll dig up yesterday's patter and see if it mentions anything. BTW, the martinis are just fine.....😊😊😊 Bob
  6. I have seen them alter the times slightly from time to time. My guees (who knows if I'm right) is it had something to do with the super bowl. ***Note to all. During today's Meet & Greet it was mentioned that the game will in fact be broadcast to individual cabins*** Bob
  7. It wouldn't have any effect. That would be on your honesty alone. The alert comes from purchases made on the ship. I have my card that says "US Goods Returning" so I shouldn't have any problems. I also made a purchase in St. Marteen that I intend to declare..... Bob
  8. In case anyone was wondering about the internet speed; I just took this in my cabin with no doors open (R607). Bob
  9. I really enjoyed finally meeting her. I found her to be very gracious and enjoyed dining with her and playing LCR games as well.....😊😊😊 Bob
  10. Thanks for the kind words about Misha and Paul. These visits to the Effy store seem to be a regular occurrence on all of our cruises. I am really looking forward to retirement. It's been 39 years in the making. It feels kinda strange to be able to say that I will be retiring next month.....😊😊😊 Bob
  11. We got back on the ship probably between 1030 and 1100. We didn't sail till slightly after 1600.....😊😊😊 Bob
  12. Hello Jim. Holli and I enjoyed meeting you as well. Those LCR games were also good with the exception of my not winning😂. We also hope that our paths cross on a future voyage. Bob
  13. Good morning (0745 local time) from the beautiful Sky Princess. No sunrise picture today as I woke up late. Today is a sea day as we head towards our first port stop of Grand Cayman. It is also Super Bowl Sunday. A check of the patters shows the game will be broadcast at MUTS and in the Vista Lounge starting at 1800. There is no mention of the game being available for viewing in ones cabin. A little later today, I plan attending a small Meet & Greet in Take Five. It will be nice to put faces to people I have been communicating with on the roll call. After the roll call, not sure what is on tap. As far as breakfast goes, not sure if Holli and I will be enjoying Sabatinis as she is trying to rest up and catch up on some sleep. If we don't go, I may head up to the WFMP to see what is offered. Tonight in the Princess Theater the production show will be "Rock Opera" at 2000 and 2200. It actually might be easier getting a seat since I'm sure there will be a sizable number of passengers will be watching the game. The game also might affect attendance at the Captain's Welcome Champagne Celebration in the Piazza which is scheduled for 1845-1945. Not sure if I have previously mentioned this, but I had an interesting thing happen when I went to get off the ship for transition day yesterday. When I scanned my medallion, I came up as a high $$$ purchaser, due to my Effey visit. I was escorted off the ship to customs but was eventually told it was a mistake since I was a passenger in transit. The same thing will happen to me on Saturday though when we end this cruise. A couple of additional observations about the Sky I'd like to mention. I have yet to see the "Crab Shack" mentioned in the patters. I was thinking of trying it this voyage. I'll probably ask to see if it will be offered. The other observation has to do with the World Fresh Market Place. While I know that food is a subjective thing, I have noticed that the hot dishes offered are a little low in temperature for my liking. Lastly, If you would like to try an "Ernesto Burger" at the Salty Dog Grill, there will be a 20-25 minute wait time as they make it at another location and bring it to you. While we were still in port yesterday, I made a change for our planned Alaska (R/T from LA/San Pedro) for May. I did this to take advantage of the "Best Sale Ever Promotion." We were originally booked in an aft PH. The promotion for this booking was onboard spending credits. I upgraded to an aft OS for only $209.00pp more. While I did loose about $300.00 or so of OBC's, I will get free drink packages for both of us, free Wi-Fi, and free gratuities for both of us. The savings for those three items, IMHO, more than make up for the loss of some OBC's and a slightly higher price for the cabin. I might also cash in some points from my Princess Visa card for some additional OBC's. That's all for now, I'll check in a little alter this afternoon. Hope all are well.....😊😊😊 Bob
  14. Good evening (2013 local time) from the Sky Princess. We have departed from Ft. Lauderdale and are now headed to our first port of call Grand Cayman. Tomorrow is a sea day and our first formal night. It will be interesting to see how it turns out since tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday. Our sail away was a little dreary as it was very overcast and there were a few drizzles. We enjoyed sail away in another CC member's cabin. It was nice to be with good friends to enjoy the event. After sail away, our group of eight decided to enjoy dinner at Alfredos. It did not disappoint as everyone enjoyed their respective selections. This will be a little short as my leg is bothering me a little tonight and as soon as I finish this post, I want to get some ice on it and get it elevated. That's all for now. Hope all are well.....😊😊😊 Bob
  15. It wasn’t bad at all. We sat in the dining room for about 30 minutes or so. We then exited the ship and were in the cruise terminal for another 30 minutes or so before we were allowed to re-board.....😊😊😊 Bob
  16. Worked just fine from the first cabin to the second one.....😊😊😙 Bob
  17. Hi Marlise. I actually really like the Medallion. There is a feature to hide your location from guests. Don’t think it’s possible to block it from ship’s personnel....... Bob
  18. Good morning everyone from the Sky Princess. We are docked in Ft. Lauderdale. Holli and I are getting ready to head to the designated dining room for in transit passengers. Since I’ve never done this before, I am hoping every goes smoothly. After we go through the process, we will re-board and check into our new cabin (R607) which is only three cabins away from our current cabin. I am anxious to get settled in for the second leg. That’s all for now. Hope all are well.....😊😊😊 Bob
  19. Hi Denise. Great to hear from you. Franky & I we’re actually talking about you tonight at dinner. I will say hi to Holli for you.....😋😊😊 Bob
  20. Good evening from the Sky Princess. Holli & I just returned from dinner with our friends. We said our goodbyes to those who are ending their voyage tomorrow. We have a little packing to do prior to retiring for the evening. Today we just lazed around for most of the day. I was out early taking some pictures. As I did this, I noticed the hogs were out in force. I saw several “reserving” their chairs for the day. Holli had an appointment in the Lotus Spa later. After that, as I stated earlier, we just hang out. Tomorrow we go through the “in transit” procedures. After that, I look forward to starting the second half. I have really enjoyed reporting on our adventures during the first leg and very much look forward to reporting on the second half. We get the hour back we lost tonight so I’m hoping to get a little extra sleep. That’s all for now. Hope all are well.....😋😋😋 Bob
  21. The Lago Mar was a great pre-cruise stay hotel. If we return to the Caribbean, I will definitely consider them for another visit. The sunset cruise was very nice indeed. I took a number of pictures that I will be uploading to my Flickr page when we get home.....😊😊😊 Bob
  22. Good morning (0625 local time) from the Sky Princess. Sorry for not checking in last night as I pretty much fell asleep shortly after returning to the cabin from dinner. No sunrise picture for this post as it is still dark outside. Today begins our second and final sea day before ending the first leg of our cruise in Florida. Normally, I'd be a little more melancholy since this would be the dreaded last full day onboard before the cruise ends. But, we got another 7 nights onboard after tonight😊. I just returned to the cabin after getting my morning Americano from the International Cafe. I also got some tip envelopes and changed some money for tipping from passenger services. A couple of observations about the International Cafe that just came to mind I'd like to mention. First is for lunch time. There are no longer a choice of salads available that I've seen on prior cruises. The next is that I've not seen the "Egg McMuffin" type sandwiches offered for breakfast. Lastly concerns drinks served at the International Cafe. When you order a hot drink, it now comes with a hard paper lid. I know that Princess like other cruise lines is adapting to a more echo friendly company, but the lids are a little annoying for me as they seem to have a little bit of an after taste when consuming a hot beverage. Definitely not a deal breaker though. One thing that does annoy me are the paper straws that are now served with cold drinks both in the International Cafe and other bars throughout the ship. They really bug me as on several occasions, I had to get a second straw because my first one fell apart and became unusable. I crossed another CC bucket item off my list yesterday as I met one of the board's more well known posters for the first time. Holli & I were sitting at our dinner table last night with our roll call friends. There was a woman also sitting at our table who I heard someone refer to as "Pam." Turns out it was "Pam From Ca." I have always enjoyed reading her posts over the years and found her posts to be very informative and a wealth of knowledge. Later on this morning, Holli and I plan to dine at Sabatini's for breakfast. This a perk that we continue to enjoy on our cruises. After that I will begin to pack my "drawer" items into my suitcases for our big move to our new cabin tomorrow. Well that's all for now. Hope all are well.....😊😊😊 Bob
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