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  1. An early good evening from the Sky Princess. Had a wonderful day at sea that was highlighted by meeting a group of our cruising buddies in Le Mer for two rousing games of LCR. I came close in the second game but lost on the last roll. Right now, Holli is at hair appointment to get ready for our second and final formal night. Hole I don’t have my tux, I will enjoy getting dressed up in my suit for one last time on the first leg of our b2b Cruises. We will be meeting our CC friends in ATD for dinner later. After dinner, not sure what we will do. We got our “Passenger in Transit” letter about two hours ago. We have to meetin a dining room at 0900 on turnaround day. We will be escorted off the ship through customs(facial recognition software is now used). After hopefully a short wait in the terminal, we will be allowed to re-board. The letter we received did state that our steward would transport our hung in the closet items to our new cabin. It also stated we had to have the items in individual drawers in our suitcases so they could also be moved to our new cabin. That’s all for now and I’ll check in later tonight. Hope all are well.....😊😊😊 Bob
  2. Ann; That's old school back east stuff. With my agency, we are just a number. Heck, the day after I retire, everyone will probably say; "Bob Who?" Bob
  3. Hi Ann; Certain things I don't like to send out. We've also used the Suite/Elite perk of free laundry/dry cleaning...... Bob
  4. Blue cow dog; Thank you for the kind words regarding doing the Live From. It is something I truly enjoy doing on every cruise I sail. Our steward told us we'd have to move the items from the drawers. No matter though as as you stated this isn't their first rodeo and they definitely have it down to a science. Have a great day.....😊😊😊 Bob
  5. Good morning (0716 local time) from the Sky Princess. We are beginning our first of two sea days as we sail towards Ft. Lauderdale and the end of the first leg of our vacation. We are also on the next sailing (Western Caribbean). As I stated in a previous post, this is our first back to back cruise. We unfortunately have to switch cabins but we did luck out and got another PH on Riviera deck that is only 5 cabins away from our current cabin also on the starboard side of the ship. For those of you that may be wondering (as I was) on how to do a b2b, it's actually quite simple. Either today or tomorrow, we will be receiving notice on where to meet with other b2b cruisers (usually in a dining room) on transition day. At an appropriate time, we will be escorted off the ship, have some formalities taken care of, and be escorted back on the ship. As far as today goes, Holli has a early massage appointment. I might take a few more pictures and continue work on cataloging and touching up pictures I've already taken. I will also probably do a load of laundry and start putting stuff in my suitcases to get ready for the move to the new cabin. Part of the transition to the new cabin will be the cabin steward (we keep the same one) will move all of our clothing that is hung up to the new cabin, He will also move our luggage to the new cabin. We are responsible for moving items from the drawers; hence packing the suitcases before transition day. As far as any other activities go, I will probably play it by ear. Thats all for now. Hope all are well.....😊😊😊 Bob
  6. Good morning all from St. Martin. We docked about three hours ago. We had a slight change of plans as to today's activities. We originally had a sailing excursion planed for this morning. Holli's back however is not being very friendly so I wanted her to rest up. To her credit though, she wanted to still go on the excursion. When we were docking earlier, I discovered this would be a rather crowded day. The P&O Azura, Aurora, Britannia, and the Viking Sea were already docked. Shortly after we docked a "Leviathan of The Seas" (Harmony) also docked. I did a quick calculation and that's the potential of 16K+ of passengers in town. I did make a quick run into the shops right at the dock entrance for a few souvenirs and to take another look at a specific Tag Heuer that has caught my interest. I was thinking of getting a water taxi ticket to go to the downtown area but the two lines open had at least 100 plus people in line. Trying to find a taxi was also next to impossible. I may make another run out into the abyss later before we sail at 1700. Other than that, will just be hanging out. I am looking forward to the two sea days, after today, before we get back to Florida to begin the second leg. That's all for now. Hope all are well.....😊😊😊 Bob
  7. I personally did not set up the reservations. We dine a little after 1900 and we got there a tad late but our friends were already seated. I did not a number of people in line to get beepers though. I know there is some type of system where they let you make reservations with ATD but I've never done it so I couldn't offer any help in that area. Bob
  8. Good evening from the Sky Princess. We departed St. Thomas about 45 minutes or so ago. Today Holli & I went on a sunset cruise hence the above pictures. I got a lot more pictures but I didn't want to make this post too long. When we got back onboard, we were too late to meet our friends for dinner in the MDR so we opted for Alfredos. Service and the food were both excellent. While enjoying dinner, Trevor Cole was performing in the Piazza. He played the Steel Pan and was quite good. After dinner we were both fairly tired so we returned to our cabin. The major entertainment tonight in the Princess Theater was vocalist Hedi Karlsson at 1830 & 2030. Throughout the day MUTS offered Cirque du Soleil: Koza, Journey Live in Manila, The Rolling Stones Live in Cuba, and The Who Tommy Live at the Royal Albert Hall 2017. Going to cut it a little short tonight as I'm a little tired and we have a morning excursion tomorrow. Hope all are well.....😊😊😊 Bob
  9. Hi Lew. The PH suite is quite nice albiet a little smaller than the OS suite. The lounge is actually just to the right of our cabin. It is very nice having it there. I've ducked in a few times for a quick Nosh or a latte. The laundry room is also right outside our cabin. We haven't been bothered by any noise from people goin in and exiting. The elevators are placed quite nicely for us. Just a short walk.....😊😊😊 Bob
  10. I must be getting soft in my old age. I went inside and didn't buy anything.....😊😊😊 Bob
  11. We are squeezing in right behind the MSC Seaside.....😊😊😊 Bob
  12. Good morning from the Sky Princess. We are getting ready to dock at St. Thomas. Weather is noticeably more humid than yesterday (sea day from Princess Cays). Holli & I have a sunset sailing cruise scheduled for later this afternoon. Not sure what we will do until then. A couple more observations about the Sky. Bellini's Bar is now adjacent to the International Cafe. In it's old spot is a new bar called "Good Spirits." The internet cafe seems very small compared to other ships. Interesting thing about the internet; when you open up a google browser page, it defaults to Italian. The internet manager told me it is due to the fact Google still thinks the ship is at Montefalcone. He added it could take several more months to resolve. Well, that's all for now. Hope all are well.....😊😊😊 Bob
  13. Good evening from the Sky Princess. Holli & I just returned from dinner with several of our CC cruising buddies. We ate regular ATD at a table for eight. We had a great time. Holli & I both chose items from the Crown Grill add on menu. She had lobster and I had the rib eye & lobster combo. We both loved our lobster, but I found my rib eye just okay and nothing more. For my appetizer I had, for the first time, oysters. They were baked and quite good. This was our first formal night so of course we got dressed up. I wore a suit that I had to pack due to the demise of the company I use to order a rental tux from. I saw a lot of guys in tuxes and suits. Before dinner, I attended a reception for suite passengers in the Concierge Lounge. Captain Tuvo attended. It was really nothing special and I only stayed for about twenty minutes. After dinner we returned to our cabin because my leg was bothering me and I wanted to get it elevated. For tomorrow in St. Thomas, Holli and I have a sunset catamaran cruise planned. I might get off the ship in the morning to take some pictures, but I have yet to decide if I'm actually going to do it. Tonight's entertainment in the Princess Theater was magician Michael Barron. On MUTS there were the movies Mama Mia Here We Go Again, Aladdin, and Judy. There were also the usual musical offerings in the various bars/lounges. One more thing, after playing another $50.00 on the casino app, I won another nearly $300. I also played a little in the casino but had no luck. That's all for now. Hope all are well.....😊😊😊 Bob
  14. There was a "Cash Out" button on the App.....😊😊😊 Bob
  15. Lady Luck is with me this morning. I just won $375.00 playing a slot game on the Ocean Casino app.....😋😋😋 Bob
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