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  1. There was a "Cash Out" button on the App.....😊😊😊 Bob
  2. Lady Luck is with me this morning. I just won $375.00 playing a slot game on the Ocean Casino app.....😋😋😋 Bob
  3. Good morning (0840 local time) from the Sky Princess. No Sunrise picture today as I just woke up. We also lost an hour this morning due to time change. Today we are enjoying a leisurely sea day as we head to our next port stop of St. Thomas. Tonight is our first formal night. Interesting thing about formal night in that I had to pack my suit. For the last 10 years, I was using cruiselineformalwear bit they recently went belly up. Last night for dinner, Holli & I dined at Sabatinis. The food was very good. Our waiter while very efficient, was not very personable. Before
  4. An early good afternoon (1230 pst) from the Sky Princess. We are currently tendered off of Princess Cays. I took the above picture as I was headed back to the ship. While ashore, I just walked around and took a number of pictures. I also had a sampling of the local beer and bought a few souvenirs for people back home. This was my first time to Princess Cays. If like laying out in the sun, you will like this place. I gave up my sun days long ago so I only stayed onshore a little over an hour. A little later this afternoon, Holli and I will meet up with some fiends at the P
  5. Good evening from the Sky Princess (2147 local time). Holli & I just returned to our cabin after dinner with a number of roll call friends in Alfredos. The food and company were over the top great. After dinner, Holli & I walked around the shops where she made a purchase from the fragrance store. After returning to the cabin, I made a quick run to the World Fresh Market Place to get some of Holli's favorite cookies. While Holli was shopping, I ducked into the Princess Theater for about five minutes and listened to a comedian's routine. He was quite funny, I'm typing t
  6. Just a tad more forward on Riviera deck.....😊😊😊 Bob
  7. Good evening all from the Sky Princess as we sail towards Princess Cays. Sail away was nice as we had a number of fellow cruisers to our cabin for a sail away get together. It was great to see old cruising buddies once again. Right now we are getting ready to meet some of them at Alfredos for dinner. I must say that I was absolutely blown away with the ease of embarkation. As I stated earlier we were onboard no more than twenty minutes after walking into the terminal. Everyone that came to my cabin for sail away also stated that the embarkation was very smooth and quick.
  8. Not sure when they started, but we arrived dockside around 1130 and were onboard before 1200..... Bob
  9. Kinda wired internet speeds. We’re sitting right outside Princess Live.....😋😋 Bob
  10. Greetings from the SkyPrincess. All I can say about this new Medallion stuff is wow. We were onboard in about 20 minutes tops after entering the terminal. Room is nice. More later.....😋😋😋 Bob
  11. Good morning (0654est) from Florida. Just took a walk to the beach that I missed earlier. I’m feeling 100% better as I found out just how good a friend 800mg’s of Motrin can be. Weather is great for a Florida morning with just a tad bit of humility. Breakfast is at 0900. I’ll check in later once we are onboard. Hope all are well.....😊😊😊 Bob
  12. Good morning all from the Lago Mar hotel in Ft. Lauderdale. Well embarkation say is finally here. All the waiting and anticipation will be have been worth it once we step on the Sky Princess. I had planned to walk down to the beach to watch the Sky sail in. Alas, my little summersault escapade last night nixed that idea. I didn’t get much sleep overnight trying to deal with the discomfort while My leg elevated. My hopes are that the pain will decrease in the next day or two which will allow me to better enjoy the cruise. Holli & I plan to have breakfast later in
  13. Good evening all. I had an unfortunate incident earlier during dinner. We decided to eat at the pool bar area of the hotel. While eating dinner, I excused myself to use the facilities. The closest one was a short distance away near the entrance to the hotel’s beach area. As I was exiting, I made a quick right turn to head back to rejoin Holli. Due no lightning outside at the entrance, I didn’t see an approximate 3x1 decorative rock formation. Yup you guessed it, I did a 1 & 1/2 with a full twist and landed face down on the rock formation. My right ankle/shin took the worst
  14. Yes, they do pass by the hotel's beach. Probably won't see the Sky come in in the morning.....😊😊😊 Bob
  15. My everyday walk around lens is an IS 15X85. I also brought the IS 18x135 that came with my 90D. Lastly, I also brought along my old reliable non-IS 75x300 that I purchased way back when when I bought my first Canon camera (30D).....😊😊😊 Bob
  16. Hello Lew. Nice to hear from you. I've been looking at some Viking itineraries for after my retirement. Hopefully our paths will cross again on a future voyage. I will pass on your regards to Holli. We both wish you and Nan a wonderful cruising experience as well.....😊😊😊 Bob
  17. Good afternoon everyone. I just got back from a Target run to pick up a number of items both Holli and I forgot to pack. We were off our game this cruise in packing since we only found out we could actually go on this cruise a short eight days prior to sailing. Oh well😊. The Target run solved all of my miscues. We are getting ready to head to the hotel's gift shop to look for a sweater for Holli. We haven't made any specific plans for dinner. We make catch an Uber and head out to see what's available. Or, we might eat at the hotel's restaurant. Hope all are well.
  18. A later good morning to all from The Lago Mar in Ft. Lauderdale. Right now I’m in the hotel’s restaurant enjoying breakfast. The breakfast is buffet style and is quite good. It was included in the price of the room. Prior to partaking in breakfast, I walked around the hotel’s private beach taking pictures. The weather today is 1000% better than yesterday. It was just a tad cool but the skies for the most part were clear. There was a small amount of humidity but it was nothing to worry about. So far, I am very impressed with the hotel. All of the employee’s are ver
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