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  1. It's a long way off, but the logistics of planning the trip from the states for the 2 cruises with 3 days in between to explore would be difficult enough in "normal" circumstances. I have funds from cancelled cruises that I hope to apply to either/both of my Oz bookings. Was thinking to break up the flights with overnight stops in Hawaii. Not looking good for my Jan B2B sailings on HAL. Maybe not even my March sailing on X (was to be my first on that line). Just cancelled my NCL Escape TA for April but did replace that with a B2B on MSC. October B2B Med/TA (replacement for cancelled 2020 sailings) hopefully will happen! Will just have to wait and see.
  2. I'm booked on a semi-B2B in Feb 2022. Spirit out of Brisbane to South Pacific islands, then 3 days later, Splendor out of Sydney to New Zealand. Really, really hope they happen as I've wanted to visit that region of the world for a long time.
  3. Yes, some are getting physical cards sent and I believe that if they're $500 or more, they arrive via FedEx and require a signature. Not as much of a problem now that so many of us are working from home. But some have said they received theirs as ecards and found them in their spam folder! I just asked my TA to leave mine in limbo as I used them to purchase discounted Cruise Cash back when they had a "sale" on those. I wanted to preserve the discount and will apply them to a future cruise (have 4 booked but want to wait to decide which to apply once we have a better idea of when that will actually happen).
  4. Turned out my TA asked me to just book them myself! She's a top agent with Carnival and she's been so swamped with their cancellations. Plus, they did some shifting of ships which added to the mess. She said MSC's customer service was horrible, so I said I'd book myself online, which I did this morning. Took all of about 10 minutes. I ended up booking just 4+7 nights, same balcony cabin for both. I'll keep my eye on the drink package price. I don't buy the drink packages on other lines because I just can't justify the cost. I like to drink but I don't drink THAT much! But I'll happily pay the $35/day. Especially nice to see that the package can be used on Ocean Cay. Most private islands don't allow that.
  5. I do so hope that there's a viable vaccine by early 2021. I had 3 cruises for 2020 cancelled - an 11 night FLL to Montreal on HAL, and the Carnival Legend B2B Med/TA. Actually, I should've arrived in Venice this morning. Sigh. But I had 8 cruises booked for Jan 2021 - Feb 2022. Just felt I needed to book as many as I could since I personally believe once sailing resumes, and it's found that it can happen relatively safely, demand and prices will soar since ship inventory has been reduced by so many lines. Not holding out much hope for my "nearly free casino" HAL B2B sailing in January. Not sure my first X in March will happen. Yesterday, I cancelled my NCL Escape TA in April. That only left the med/TA replacements for next October plus semi B2B Australia in Feb 2022. I decided to have a look at what I might book to replace the NCL TA in April and decided on 4+7 nights on Armonia. I first sailed MSC on Divina in Dec 2018, then sailed Armonia in May 2019 (to Cuba!) and again in Sept 2019. I personally prefer smaller ships, so Armonia suits me fine. I get Key West on both (which is great since I've never been there), and get the overnights at OC on both (plus an overnight in Nassau on the 7-night). Would've liked another sea day but, at this point, I'll happily just sit on the ship if necessary. The prices were amazing (booked the Voyager 5+5 w/OBC and double points) and decided to book a balcony. I almost always book insides (I like the dark at night) but since the prices were so reasonable, I felt justified in spending more, mostly to have a place to retreat if I feel there isn't enough separation from other pax. I do so miss travel, especially cruising.
  6. I decided to price it for a solo balcony and it's still only about $475 more for the total 15 nights. And still over $700 less than booking the All-In interior. Even with Easy for 15 nights, balcony + drink package is less. Forgive me for going on about it. I'm an accountant and I simply MUST run the numbers. 😁
  7. Yes, I'm perfectly happy with the Heineken draft, an occasional rum & coke, and the included wines. I was just stunned when I saw the fare. The website isn't terribly transparent with the pricing. I'm wondering if there is no solo supplement on these. I can do a total of 15 nights for $885 in an inside Fantastica. That's nuts! I actually prefer an inside to an OV because I like it totally dark when I sleep. I'm too cheap to upgrade to a balcony but if there's no vaccine available by mid-April (but we're sailing), I might be tempted so I'd have somewhere isolated to sit and read.
  8. I realize this is a few months old but didn't see any point in starting a new thread of things hadn't changed. I'm going to cancel my NCL Escape April TA and am looking for something to replace it. You know, just in case we can actually sail then (expecting my Jan HAL B2B "free" casino cruises to be cancelled and possibly my first X in March). I sailed Divina Dec 2018 and then Armonia (to Cuba!) May 2019 and Armonia again Sept 2019. I'm a fan of smaller ships, so Armonia suited me just fine. As a solo, I'm looking at B2B2B starting April 19. The cruise-only fare is amazingly low - like $62/night for a Fantastica cabin n the 4-night legs and even less on the 7-night. When I look at the All-In, the price jumps to $140/night for a difference of $78/night. If the Easy package is still only $35/night, then it would make no sense to book the All-In. The Voyagers Club Offer shows double points, which would be nice, and "up to $100 OBC" but I don't see the OBC when I select the All-In option, so maybe that's only for balcony and above? Wi-Fi would be nice, but certainly not a necessity. I've been perfectly find with the Easy package in the past. So, if there's any "new" info on the cost of the Easy package, I'd appreciate hearing what the cost might be. Unless it's jumped considerably, it would appear that booking the basic fare and purchasing the Easy package would be the cost-effective approach.
  9. I just checked pricing on a brand new Carnival ship TA sailing from London (because I'm going to cancel my NCL Escape TA for April 2021) Nov 2022. My casino fare was a whopping $20 less than their Early Saver fare and the NR deposit is higher. And the ES fare has an OBC. It's just annoying when the same Casino group gives me much better offers on a line I don't sail as often. Is it because they're trying to entice me to sail with them? Well, it works! Does Carnival's casino not give me better offers because they know I'm going to continue to sail with them? I keep trying to quit Carnival but I have a Med/TA in Oct 2021 (because 2020 was cancelled), then Australia quasi B2B in Feb 2022 (both casino offers). And if I book this new ship, well, when am I going to fit in my HAL sailings? And I have a Cruise Next certificate I need to use for NCL? And I want to sail MSC again! I should've been retired by now but if I retire, I may not have the funds to do all the travelling. Catch 22 - work and have funds to travel; retire but not be able to travel as often. I know. First world problem, right? Anyway, going to go log in and see if I have any great offers. Haven't been interested in Alaska but I could be convinced if the price is right! EDIT: nope - don't see any cheap offers. Maybe because I currently have the 2 freebies booked.
  10. I've only sailed HAL 3 times but have >30 sailings on Carnival. I get MUCH better casino offers from HAL. In fact, virtually every mock booking I do shows at least a 30% discount once I log in. I had re-booked my cancelled April 2020 Zaandam sailing for 1/9/21 on NA. My FCC wasn't much because the Zaandam was a nicely-discounted casino fare. The re-book wasn't very cheap because it was the All-In offer. One day, I decided to look at fares again, and there was $200 for an obstructed OV. What? The fare I'd booked was about $1200 (solo inside) before FCC applied. Sure enough, the next day I received a mailing showing a FREE obstructed OV for that date. Except not really free. I would pay $200 plus Taxes & Fees with $250 casino credit plus DOU in the casino. Sure, I was losing the All-In perks, but I could live with the free drinks in the casino. So I switched my original booking PLUS I booked the next week for the same deal. That's 14 nights for $400 plus taxes and fees (no solo supplement). I was not able to apply my FCC/OBC to either of these "free" bookings, so I still have that out there available. Sadly, I expect these to be cancelled. Wonder what sort of offer there will be for FCC on them. I do so wish HAL didn't leave the Caribbean in April. I'm a CPA and (in normal years) can't sail until after 4/15 and HAL almost always pulls the ships just before that date. I've never been on a "free" casino fare before, but my deeply discounted Zuiderdam sailing earned Mariner points.
  11. Not sure what you're doing. I select a ship, date, cabin type, and a window pops up with a fare. There's a link under it for more options, which opens and shows me my casino fare, Early Saver, Past Guest, Guarantee, etc. Or, you could always call. If you don't use a travel agent, having a good PVP at Carnival is very helpful. Even the generic phone folks should be able to tell you ever type of fare for which you qualify. Well, in normal times, that is. Not sure who they having on the generic phone lines these days. GUT - my 2 cruises are in February 2022. I certainly hope there's a vaccine long before then since I have eight cruises booked between Jan 2021 and Feb 2022! I'm not expecting the Jan 2021 to sail (which is a replacement for a cancelled HAL cruise last April). Not sure if I'll sail in March unless there's a vaccine, which would be a shame as that was to be my first on Celebrity (and it's a very low, special rate from my TA). Going to cancel my April NCL TA. That leaves the Med/TA B2B next October, which are replacements for the ones I would've been taking this month.
  12. Sounds like an Early Saver rate. Even though I usually use a TA, I always do my "mock" bookings ahead of contacting here. I know exactly what fares are available and what the fare will be for the cabin I want (I check availability and deck plans to pick a cabin in the location I want). To their credit, Carnival is very transparent with their fares. If you log in and do a search for the cruise you want, you can see every option and click on the link to see all that's included in the fare and any restrictions. I also sail other lines and usually, you see whatever fare they're offering. You don't really see that you can pick from a half-dozen different fares that come with different perks/deposits. I don't care for Early Saver. I prefer to have more flexibility and ES is often only a few dollars less. But, with ES, you can get price drops after final payment, which you cannot do under other fares. I often book casino fares, which these days also have non-refundable deposits, but those fares are usually enough lower that it's worth the risk. Until this virus came around, I never really cancelled a cruise I booked. If I book, I'm almost positive I'll cruise. Of course, that's all changed. But if the cruiseline cancels, you don't need to worry about NR deposits. I have booked 2 cruises out of Australia for 2022. Both are casino fares so I figure I have to go now, right? Can't lose those deposits! 😄
  13. I've sailed Sunshine twice and didn't hate her. But the things I do when I cruise don't typically involve being in the high-traffic areas at peak times. I think Sunrise has an even worse space ratio that Sunshine, though. And the changes to the layout just don't look like improvements to me (at least just looking at the deck plans). I may end up on Sunrise in January if my HAL B2Bs are cancelled (and I'm afraid they will be AND they were virtually free casino offers 😞 ). I didn't realize Ecstasy had had a recent drydock because I had no plans to ever sail her again. I was in a 1A midship on Riviera and the bathroom flooring had a huge "soft spot" that felt like it was about to cave in. Friends took the upsell to the Owner's Suite, which was gorgeous, but very noisy from the blasting music on Lido. And their little balcony as in poor shape. Anyway, I know there are lots of cruisers who think they just have to sail on the newest, biggest, most bells-and-whistles ships. But there are those of us who prefer smaller ships with a more "personal" feel to them.
  14. Not sure why Ecstasy isn't one. IMO, it was definitely in the worse shape (at least cosmetically) of any Fantasy-class ship I've sailed, and I have about 80 nights on those ships. Even dear, old Fantasy was in better shape when she was in Charleston. Replaced by Ecstasy, and I thought she was pretty rancid. As a fan of older, smaller ships, this makes me sad. I understand that newer builds are probably more efficient to operate, but the re-built Destiny-class ships have an absolutely horrible space ratio, so even if sailing at reduced capacity, they'll feel more crowded than the older ships. Been saying for a while now that if/when there's a viable vaccine, demand will spike and so will prices, especially with so much inventory being removed. Partly why I have 8 cruises booked between Jan 2021 and Feb 2022 - prefer to have my deposits in limbo but have reasonable fares locked in. Supply and demand, folks. Econ 101.
  15. I don't see that the Legend sailings for next fall are cheaper at all! In fact, I'm rather hoping that our final med/TA cruises are cancelled (haven't they cancelled the eastbound sailing so my question is still 'how & when are they getting the ship to Europe?') because I absolutely love the final med/TA I found on MSC and would much prefer to sail. Have cruise friends booked on Legend, though, or I'd go ahead and cancel myself and re-book on MSC. Is OP comparing Carnival fares to sailings on other lines that include perks? Of course those will have a higher starting price that Legend. I haven't been on Legend but have sailed Pride & Miracle. Love the Spirit-class ships. One of the reasons I've liked HAL so much is that the ships are very much like the Spirit-class. I don't like the Farcus-designed ships but I don't really care about decor.
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