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  1. Another vote for Barcelona. I would avoid Rome because of the airport. We were stranded at the Rome airport after delay, delay and cancellation of flight. Customer service and Rome airport is non-existent. Took us 3 days to finally depart Italy. 50 euro taxi each way contributed to more expenses. Won' t be flying into Rome again!
  2. Not experienced with HOHO in Cartegena. However, used them in multiple cities in Europe and US and have some general advice. Some cities seem better organized or arranged for HOHOs and some don't. There are multiple reasons, but some include traffic congestion, poor scheduling of drivers and buses, too few buses, how many tourists and ships in port, etc. Checking Trip Advisor (sister company of CC) there might be a problem with scheduled stops in Cartegena. In other words, you might be waiting a long time for a bus when you could be seeing the sights. This is critical for us as cruisers as our time is limited in port. We opted not to use the HOHO in Cartegena and went with a tour instead. I hope this helps shed some light on the HOHO issue. Happy Cruising
  3. Been 50/50 for us. Sometimes they close it early, sometimes they have PreCruise activities or private parties. Also, if BV group is too large they may turn you away. Worth a try. Good luck!
  4. I just rebooked/refared the same cruise with the current promo and free grats. Check it out...
  5. First the bus...no not directly to the port and our berth at least the one I saw. I recall seeing information on another board, maybe Europe destinations that can give more information and Trip Advisor. I have heard people walking the distance. I recall scans for luggage. Nice well organized check in.
  6. Yup, did this cruise last year. Easy peasy. Only problem is I forgot the mandatory muster drill as I was touring La Sagrada Familia. No big deal as I made up for it the next day. Cheers
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