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  1. Thank you i was thinking l might ask to change from freedom.
  2. Hi Are there any tables for 2 in Club dining on Oceana?
  3. lodge172

    QE - sushi?

    Yes vert good selection every lunch time.
  4. We have used Dial7 several times in the past with no problems. But last time the driver got hopelessly lost and tried to drop us in the middle of Brooklyn. He spoke very little English and it really was a journey from hell. We were in the taxi 3 hours. At the end of it he managed to say guess there no tip!!
  5. lodge172


    Hi we are booked on QE Alaska cruise in June. Starting from Vancouver, does anyone know if we will need an ESTA. I know we need a eTA. Thanks
  6. Hi does anyone know how obscured cabin G325, G324 are on Britannia. Thanks
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