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  1. Only available on the crap beers...
  2. I live just a few miles down from Cardiff in Newport, and Morgans as just about got it sown up. For restaurants, there are a few good ones. The Ivy has just opened in the city centre, Giovanni's(Italian) either on the Hayes or opposite the New Theatre, The Clink Cymru is actually in Cardiff Prison and is run by Prisoners, has a couple of month waiting list(highly recommended). Across the Marina is the Custom House which houses 2 different restaurants. Further afield you have the Hardwick in Abergavenney(about 40min drive). Numerous other restaurants to choose from, your friends show know most of them. For pubs, well there's absolutely loads, in the city centre and the suburbs.
  3. You dock right in the city centre. Loads of stuff, Beatles, Maritime heritage, Albert Dock, 2 World class Cathedrals to tour round. loads of excellent pubs to stop off at....etc...
  4. What's spiked seltzer?? Cruise lines do take time to catch up though. Pink Gin as been massive in the UK for quite a few years now, but nowhere to be seen on Princess ships.
  5. We always do Anytime, but on our last 2 cruises we've been sat in Club Class when no 2 tops were available straight away.
  6. They have 2 menus, which if you only have one sea day, you'll miss one. They've had the Curry for years.
  7. There's also this new elongated roundabout on the M4 at J28 close to where I live. Which again, works actually quite well and has reduced congestion significantly.
  8. No, people change their hairstyles all the time. Especially women. So your daughter will be fine.
  9. But did you keep your loyalty level, which is what they asked.....
  10. You don't need to have the physical FCC's they'll show up when you next book a cruise and automatically get applied. To view online, sign in on www.princess.com goto your account, then goto my profile then circle savings account.
  11. Using banks to exchange currency in the UK is not the best place. Rates are better elsewhere..
  12. We've done embarkation at Singapore a couple of times with an overnight, but sailing on Celebrity. Checkin was normally from midday to late evening and then some checkins the next day. But, I think they like to be notified if you're going to arrive 'Out of hours' as such for checkin.
  13. Personally, I'd say nothing is required as they're doing the job they're paid for.
  14. They don't measure or weigh them. You just take them to the driver by luggage compartment under the coach and he loads them on.
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