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  1. It's too bad the date won't work for you 😞
  2. I think that the hang up may be that Lift and Shift does say through April 2022 because that's all that was available to book until last week, and the policy has not yet been updated to include the new deployments. Did your TA request to speak to a supervisor? BTW, don't feel it's your responsibility to worry about your TA's commission not being paid until 2023; all TA's are in that same boat and appreciate having something in the future regardless how far away 🙂
  3. Not true! we lifted and shifted three cruises that had not been cancelled; I'd suggest your TA call again and speak to someone else
  4. please send an email to loyaltyambassador@azamara.com They should be able to help!
  5. https://www.azamara.com/cruise-with-confidence I thought that I had read somewhere - can't find it now- that the nonrefundable admin fee was going to change to a credit to use towards a future booking
  6. posted by Azamara Team; I'd suggest you email them Please email loyaltyambassador@azamara.com with your booking information and we'll be able to look into this further.
  7. Yay! Happy you got a quick response from Azamara here on the boards
  8. I think I saw that on a 2022 itinerary
  9. laurieb

    Summer/Fall 2022

    Itineraries look to be heavily in the Eastern Med
  10. laurieb

    Summer/Fall 2022

    Yes! Seeing cruises through early 2023!!!!!! May not be showing up yet online, but your TA should be able to help you
  11. We sailed the French Polynesian Islands three times with Princess years ago; we made it to Rarotonga just once! Very difficult to get in there. We did fly into Rarotonga once for a few days; I would love to go back! Very nice
  12. Wow I’ve never seen nor heard of pax doing that; I’m so sorry that anyone would actually be so dumb as to do that.
  13. I agree, the weather leaving Los Angeles was chilly; I don’t think you can expect better in January. I don’t recall missing a port; was that the followincruise?
  14. laurieb

    Summer/Fall 2022

    Still mid month to the best of my knowledge; they have started to release a few earlier in 2022
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