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  1. Thank you this is what I was looking for. The RCI APP only would let me see till April, we are cruising after that, so did not know if it changes. Safe travels.
  2. Is there a site that list what times dining venues start serving dinner on the Harmony of the Seas. I am sure all the specialty restaurants start taking reservations for the same time across the ship......................what would that time be? Also MDR for traditional seating I read is 5pm. I was surprised, does anyone know if this is for sure the first seating time? What time would be second seating? When does MTD start. And when does Coastal Kitchen take first time dinner seating. Thanks ahead of time.
  3. On our Oasis class sailings we were never offered an upgrade, but the two times we booked a GS (Out of 7 sailings) we were called and offered an UPSELL to a CL (Thru our TA), once for $600 total cost and the other for $750 total cost..............we did it and sailed in the CL. This was before that new bidding program. We have yet to cruise in a GS on an Oasis class ship.................not that I'm complaining but, love the CL suites. So we never knew an upgrade fairy ever existed. Safe travels.
  4. I am really surprised that RCI is willing to purchase the canned water vs. the cheapest stuff they can find in a bottle aka water. We have been given the cheapest of cheapest bottle water when using the drink package at bars to get our bottled water. Now mind you we have gotten back home (Ohio) a case of water on sale for $2.49 (Name of product never heard of). I cannot believe they will lose money on a name product even if the drink package covers the cost. I really do not want electrolyte supplemented water, if I want anything added to any drink it better be alcoholic in nature. I will be eagerly following this thread to see where it goes, Just saying.
  5. I agree WOW Continued prayers for all the suffering to all involved. Safe travels
  6. If the Italian night on the Harmony is anything like the Italian night on Allure then I am doomed. So much food to my liking !!!!! From the request pasta bar to the Lasagna and desserts..................................OMG That was one of the few dinners I waddled out of the WJ. Please post what night it was....................so I do not go and consume mass quantities of food. Thanks Sea Ya
  7. I would be happy if they would have more attendants at the bars. You have to go up and wait and wait till they take care of the "runners" that serve the beach guests until they turn around to give you your drink.............................. And on Labadee I only drink bottled water or diet coke!!!!! I do not have alcohol in the sun..........guess maybe I should. I cannot believe how long the wait is (and this was on Barefoot Beach). We rarely saw our assigned helper. Safe travels Happy New year
  8. When talking about using your spouses sea pass, I can relate but with a different family member. The DD left the cabin in a hurry one morning to go to the gym, and took my sea pass by mistake. We went to breakfast and I had hers. We kept missing connections and I was not going to sit in the cabin waiting for her. So we went to the pool, and all of us in the cabin had the drink package. A couple hours and many drinks later (DD not me) we crossed paths. And she said she did not realize she had my sea pass until the one bartender told her ----her picture does not do her justice. So they can pull up the picture when they take your sea pass to get a drink and run it thru the computer, which we no for a fact, that some runners at the pool just ask for cabin number. So. they can tell if it is a family member, and probably who has what if any package in the same cabin. (Not starting rumors on this point, but just saying). Safe travels Happy New Year
  9. Having followed him for years, I do not think at all that Andy C would tease. Getting back from his cruise, Getting ready for Christmas, I know we just have to wait.....and I am sure it is worth the wait. Safe travels. Merry Christmas
  10. My husband has a water wallet he puts our sea pass in and some small bills. There are lockers all over the place, one fee and you get access code to a locker at all the locations if you want. We do not use a locker. We go to the beach, find our loungers. Lock our kyss bag to the chair (locks to chair and locks so you cannot open, google it) and leave our towels out. Never had them taken in all the years we have been there. Enjoy, we did.
  11. When we were on the Big Island in Hawaii, we did the walking tour over the lava fields and went thru a lava tube and ended up by the sea where the lava pours into the ocean. It was awesome. Was I concerned?? Yes actually I was, but wanted to do it and I remember signing a simple waiver with the tour company Roberts of Hawaii. They gave us the opportunity to buy one bottle of water at a mom and pops shop before we started the tour and advised us not to carry too much, because it will get heavier the more we walked. So camera in hand and water............. At the very beginning of the tour It was hot and of course I tried to drink as little water as possible. Wish I would have bought more. That tour was the longest 2 hours of my life, due to the Hawaii sun and walking over the old lava rocks. I knew it would be hot, and I went anyway. Would I do it again........................once is enough. Bucket list for this event done. Safe travels to all.
  12. I am looking forward to following your adventures. Safe travels
  13. Our local news is following the updates from the honeymoon couple.....he used to live a mere 15 miles from where we live in Hermitage Pa. His mother left yesterday for New Zealand to be with her son and daughter in law. She said she initially missed one call from him after the accident and he left a message on her answering machine. She was not able to get in touch with him at the number he gave her. Then later yesterday she was able to get a call from him before she was leaving for Pittsburgh airport. She said...................yes he is injured, but with treatment and another surgery he will need time to recover. As for her daughter in law, she offered no updates other than what the news said, that she is in another hospital and is on a ventilator and sedated. Locally we are waiting for her updates. This news was all I have at this time. Prayers for this couple and all involved for speedy recovery. Safer travels.
  14. We sailed in Cl suites on all of our Allure/Oasis class vacations. We know from experience if we did not request a dinner time of 5:45-6pm when we got the concierge letter welcoming us, and if there was anything they can do...................we could not get this time every day. We would get a seating, but not always what we wanted. But we got some later times with no problem. And if that happened we just had to book specialty at time we wanted or eat later. Yes it is busy at first, especially boarding day, but it is easy to get a later seating. Good luck.
  15. I read thru the last 5 pages and I want to ask, I could have just missed it but------- Where is the Ovation at this time? Thanks
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