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  1. Lucky you, not sure where ours are, but then we are watching our much begonged lads showing how to make an inferior and transitional team look good!
  2. Actually that is news to me. I tried to get an answer from the U.K. office, but they are keeping quiet.
  3. No sewage smells anywhere on the ship in October, however the a/c just couldn’t cope in the warm waters of the Caribbean.
  4. It was on the Shadow in the Med sometime prior to the refit.
  5. Well it’s pretty cheap programming for Channel 5, a big plug for Jane McDonald and cheap publicity for all the featured ports.
  6. Having watched Channel 5’s Friday night program, the question to SS is why, and what do SS get out of it. The ship’s logo and name are edited out in every shot, even the official tour guide’s boards are wiped. There is no name check and nothing in the credits. Ok, the ship is recognisable to the cognoscenti but otherwise it’s just a JM travel blog in a nameless ship. Perhaps someone from SS marketing could let us have an answer.
  7. It’s better than nothing, we are still waiting for ours.
  8. And there the ‘lovely’ faux leather, poo brown, 25 years of Silversea luggage tags
  9. As an alternative to Spins detailed comments on the refreshed Shadow those in the U.K. can watch ‘Mrs Shriek’ on Channel 5 on Friday - pre Musification.
  10. That is my understanding, if you get a chance to to ‘see’ the mug shot list onboard, guests are classified as under 100 days, 100+, 250+ and VIP’s.
  11. Thanks Spins, sorry to hear about your A/C malfunctioning, not good.
  12. That’s all well and good if it works. On the Cloud in October a total of two U.K. newspapers were delivered in 19 days, and only one on the day of publication.
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