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  1. Hope they find a fix before we get on later this year!
  2. Like the US the U.K. recommends that you do.
  3. When are you travelling and on which ship. With regard to one of your questions about mosquitoes, you might be bitten outside on the ship in port, but it’s pretty unlikely.
  4. Some do, some don’t, it’s much less common in polite circles than it used to be, a bit like smoking.
  5. Most of SS’s ships will have Leffe and Hoegaarden, Guinness, probably a German Wheat beer, something like Corona, Heineken and some canned Ale. Don’t drink the later so not sure what brands are carried.
  6. Bathroom and tub, 741 is much bigger than 804
  7. IMHO that bathroom is the best one on the ship!
  8. Thanks for your detailed report and loved your final wrap up. Glad to hear of Henry’s excellent performance, sounds like a real positive addition for SS. Where are you off to next?
  9. I think you need Mysty’s thread for this, only the WC’ers went, not us poor segmenters.
  10. It’s also not helped by the lack of communication between SS and CC with Meet & Mingles failing to happen too often.
  11. You could resolve your confusion by wearing a jacket.
  12. It would appear that needing a jacket or not in the Panorama may be at the discretion of the HD, not sure that applies to the main bar though.
  13. Your understanding is correct.
  14. Wow that a first, in 15 years of travelling on SS we have never even heard of a ‘mixed’ tour let alone come across one. I sincerely hope that is nor a foretaste of things to come!
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