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  1. Another question to readers. Has anyone been on an SS ship, Classic or Expedition, when it has been sprayed via the a/c system. At about 4pm yesterday a strong smell, similar to citronella, appeared on the pool deck and subsequently in our suites. There was no public announcement, but we believe it was possibly similar to the spray that is used on aircraft to combat mozzies. It dissipated somewhat by the late evening but there is a low level hint of it left this morning.
  2. You are welcome to have ours, apparently a number of our guests would like him to be transferred.
  3. Just arrived at Golfito, Costa Rico, and for a change we are docked today.
  4. I believe that most guests understand what is involved in an Expedition Cruise in both Northern and Southern waters. What I meant by ‘transition’ was the voyages between the North and South that follow routes covered by the Classic Fleet. I also agree with your comments above.
  5. A tough day for the zodiacs and the heavy swell in Quepos, not impressed with the Expedition Leaders misuse of English, calling it 'swelly'. The swell was maybe 6 to 8 feet and made it almost dangerous to get on or off zodiacs. Luckily we got away with nothing more than a few bruises and a couple of skinned shins. Considering the age demographic of this cruise there is definitely a bit of a disconnect between what the Expedition staff think is OK and what the guests can live with. Monaco, Miami and London need to be educated about marketing these 'transition' cruises appropriatley, IMHO.
  6. The Cloud will be doing BA to Ushuaia in a month or so, so have a look at what is being offered in matching ports.
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