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  1. NO one has said that bib overalls or shorts were appropriate at night for dinner! Some of us live in cities where NO one dresses in suits for any dinner! We do not feel out of place without one. We feel comfortable! It has nothing to do with saving money on checked luggage since we often drive to the port! It has to do with how we dress and tuxes and suits have not been in my hurband's wardrobe since he retired!!
  2. Just got a brochure in the mail from Princess advertising this sale. It lists many many fewer cruises than were on that original list posted at the beginning of this thread.
  3. Mine also says it is on the list but it is not on the web site and my TA sent me a link about the sale but it shows only sailings in 2020
  4. I thought it was supposed to go out through 2021 but I don't see it that far out.
  5. They can drop off at your terminal at LAX. It is just the pick up spot that has been moved.
  6. No! You do not need a formal gown or a tux!! Some men wear suits. Some men wear sports jacket and tie. My husband wore the least possible dressy outfit which was slacks and a guyabera shirt(Mexican wedding shirt. You can wear slacks and a collared shirt and women can wear a dress or slacks and a pretty top. Up to you.
  7. Itineraries/times change all the time. Sometimes that means a change of aircraft and a change in seating.
  8. Yes I know they want San Diego!! My computer is obviously against me this morning!! I had the map showing CVS and Ralphs copied but it didn't paste it. Trying again: https://goo.gl/maps/9Pg6zTxTUyjDA6yJ6
  9. You can look in your cruise account at excursions listed for LA to see what Carnival has to offer. This tour company has LA tours from Long Beach where Carnival tours debark: https://sunseekertours.com/
  10. Look to the right of your hotel on this map and you will see several CVS and a Ralphs: https://goo.gl/maps/ErtJsYi6zNVLniqQ6 Google maps will show you everything you need. Put in your location and use the search nearby function.
  11. Private car services DO still pick up at terminals. I imagine they will be more expensive than Uber/Lyft.
  12. There are all sorts of shuttles and private car services available. Google will list them for you.
  13. Strange that it is not listed as an excursion from your ship. I am sorry I cannot give you a company name as it was one of the ones I did book from my ship although I usually try to book from local vendors. IF you don't get a name here perhaps go to the Trip Adviser Cabo board and ask the folks that are there on land vacations.
  14. Yes-I have done it and I thought I wrote about it on here too? I thought it was a fun experience and quite worthwhile especially if you are not planning a trip to Africa or somewhere else where you could ride one! Feel free to ask any questions you may have about this excursion.
  15. Hi, When we were waiting to board our Panama Canal cruise from San Pedro to FLL there were several folks waiting in the lounge who had been on board for the previous cruise. You have to get off the ship and wait until boarding starts and then you are the first group allowed back on board. Yes, you can leave the port area. No one is there to stop you from going where you like once you leave the ship.
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