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  1. AAnewsroom dated July31 shown in another thread on this page shows AA non stops to LHR resume winter2020. For May 2021 both the AA web site and EZAir for Princess shows this flight available for purchase. It looks great getting into LHR at 9:30 in the morning
  2. Since your window suite on the Grand grave you all full suite privileges beyond club class you should be given a suite stateroom on the Regal with those same privileges! Club class minis only get club class dining but not the other full suite extras
  3. You are probably right sooo I am inclined to change to a short hop to Phoenix and then non stop from there to LHR on American. I hate LAX
  4. All the cruise lines were affected by this so not just Princess. We got our money back from our cancelled March cruise. It didn't matter to us that it took a while to get it. We have 2 cruises booked in 2021 but who knows if they will actually sail? All the cruise lines are waiting to see what happens. If we here in the USA continue to ignore the guidelines about wearing masks and distancing then that will prevent things from getting better until a vaccine may be found. Then there will be those who refuse to take it. I think the selfishness of folks is more to blame than the cruise lines!
  5. Read the article on flyer talk but on the BA site they are still selling tix for the 747 non stop from San Diego in May2021. I am sure the plane won't be flying and we don't even know if they keep that route at all. One more issue in the virus ridden world!
  6. Yes,there is an age component. We have not used the single trip plan,only the yearly one. I think last year we paid around$300 which for me was a reasonable price. We are in our 70s.
  7. We buy the yearly Geo blue medical insurance policy. It covers pre existing conditions and is not expensive. We are also of medicarexage so medical and evacuation are important for us
  8. There is no " in general" Everything depends on the type of coverage you need. I buy yearly travel medical insurance. The rest of my travel coverage is from my credit card. You need to read the insurance policy and compare coverage and costs and make your own decision
  9. My Dec 2020 cruise CD was canceled by Princess 2 weeks ago. It is still showing in my personalizer even though we rebooked for Oct 2021 That October cruise is showing but the Fccs have not transferred yet
  10. My question may be moot at this point. BA just announced it is getting rid of all its 747s which is the plane we were due to fly. Will have to see if they keep the route wiith a different plane or if they drop the non stop flight altogether
  11. Thanks for all help. I have become an expert now at looking for flights and seeing what prices I can find. Kiwimum,,Wondering about those BA business class seat configurations? Some look like they go backwards and have little storage space. What has been your experience?. Sadly we are dealing with booking with an AA code share so cannot pick seats until check in. Not happy about that so may well change. It costs about$800 less to book the codeshare but not sure the savings is worth the seat hassle
  12. I agree that limiting yourself to Princess hotels isn't wise. Either go to the Rome boardchere or on Trip Advisor. Lots of great hotel possibilities exist
  13. Thanks for your clear explanation kiwimum..Hope we finally get to actually cruise one day soon!
  14. Curious about the procedure to check for price drops? For a cruise I just do a dummy booking. Not sure you can do that with flights if you already have something booked
  15. Found the flight today going one day earlier than when I had planned to leave. They don't show it on the way home but one way is better than nothing. Will keep watching
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