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  1. I am talking about an international flight from San Diego to Heathrow. I was surprised to see the web site had the same price as EZAir
  2. I just checked tonight a n d found t h at the AA website flights are now the same price as what's offered on EZAir. The difference is that we don't have to pay for the EZ air flights until final payment for the cruise. I will continue to watch
  3. Interesting! Can you name the specific airline site you are using?
  4. Rebooked last night and now down to $2400 each round trip San to LHR in May
  5. I have been to Italy many times on land. Flights are rarely a good value flying into the small Florence Airport. It's more common to fly into Rome or Milan and then take the train. Isuppose you would have more luggage since you are cruising so renting a car or booking a car and driver might work best in your situation. I travel only with carryon( even when cruising) so train works best for me
  6. I have been watching prices go down every few days. Princess allows you to rebook at any lower rate so as of now we are down to $ 2600 also. I think it may yet go lower!
  7. Hi. I don't think that's a sale price . We have business class seats on Aa going and BA returning from San Diego to LHR for about $2700 for May. That just seems to be the price for now I bought through Princess so I can keep watch and rebook at a lower price if one shows up
  8. I have never been to a hotel that had a sheet menu. Some have pillow menus but not sheets. I would not expect a cruise line to offer that sort of choice
  9. Definitely keep checking the fare. My biz class tix to lhr have so f a r gone down by$1,000
  10. Although it is not beach weather, Alaska is not cold in summer. I think it lends itself to cruising better t h an Eurooean cities which need much more than one day in port!
  11. Hmm. It sounds like you booked it with your fcc already We are on that cruise and hope we finally get to go after all the previous cancelations
  12. There's a 10ndqy out of San Pedro on g he Grand so not only the Star . We've been trying to do it but Covid has cancelled us many times. Hopefully we'll actually get to go this time! ID PREFER GOING FROM San Pedro instead of from San Francisco unless you have not been to San Francisco and want to spend a few days there before the cruise
  13. We went in early December for my birthday and the weather was perfect! I'd pick Novembrr over October because of hurricane season but I'd really consider December over either one
  14. Hi. I am sorry that I cannot discuss Princess hotels in Italy but I have been there5 times on land. There were so many lovely hotels and wonderful restaurants that I would not limit myself to those offered by Princess. The only meal I would include with a hotel res would be breakfast. I will be interested to hear about experiences of others who have used Princess hotels
  15. Thanks for answer. We don't like ship transfers so agree with your advice about NOT using one for this flight
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