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  1. Hi, No- Only full suites can get breakfast from the MDR menu for room service. The people who answer the phone for most cruise lines are sales people who do not know anything about what goes on aboard the ships. You can pay extra and get the special balcony breakfast .
  2. Whether you pre pay or pay at the end of the cruise on your account, the money goes to the people you use for anytime dining + the other staff you don't see like buffet people your cabin steward etc.
  3. We do the same thing. I am also wondering though why it would matter if they didn't split it? It is the same amount of money so you can still purchase excursions or whatever else you want with it.
  4. Hmm? The 2 twin beds when pushed together on Carnival cruises turns into a King. The 2 twin beds when pushed together on Princess doesn't seem as big and they say it is a Queen. Why would the web site say a Queen if in fact it is more like a KIng?? I think it is smaller than a King.
  5. Hi, It is still quite early here so others may reply soon. I don't have experience with any shuttle but I know that if you put --LAX shuttle with car seat--into Google you will find a page of suggestions. Some folks also bring their own for the plane ride. IF the children are not infants some folks also use a portable travel booster like Bubble bum or similar.
  6. Acupuncture is NOT a scam! This acupuncuturist may be taking advantage but I have used it many times on land for many things and it has been extremely helpful to me! In fact the local medical here at UCSD in San Diego has added Chinese medicine instruction to its curricullum as it has many many uses!! Mao did not "boost its' use". In fact he changed how the Chinese docs were working so much that now many prefer the original methods and not the ones he had codified for use. It was not designed in the 1930s either!! I have not idea where you are getting all of your MISinformation??? Sticking to the point of this thread though is that at sea you don't have the luxury of really getting to know the practitioner of course some are better than others just like with docs on shore!!
  7. Hi, I'd like to point out that the Mark Hopkins is on top of a hill in San Francisco and it is a REAL hill! You will not enjoy walking up and down to go sightseeing and then back to the hotel so be prepared to use uber/lyft or be in really good shape!!
  8. @MDAdventures, Check the hotel prices for your cruise date. We have found that even if it is slightly more than paying the parking fee, staying the night before in one of the hotels makes the start of our cruise a more enjoyable experience. The Crowne Plaza is the closest to the port. Then there is the Doubletree San Pedro which offers a free shuttle to the port and to nearby shops and restaurants. There is also a less expensive Best Western near the port but that area is not as nice as the ones surrounding the other hotels. They all have stay and park options for your car.
  9. We book for the itinerary. It doesn't matter to us which ship is involved unless it is one of the newer giant ones which we don't want to use.
  10. We have similar pricing and a slightly longer drive from San Diego. We always feel better driving the day before and staying overnight at a hotel. We collect Hilton pts so we would be at the Doubletree instead of the Crowne Plaza(similar pricing) . We are always anxious to get going on our trips so starting out one day earlier works best for us. It is not really a matter of which is the most cost effective but just a matter of which suits us best!
  11. "The surprise came the next day. While on my morning constitutional I noticed a Carnival ship approaching. It dropped anchor and tender operations started. It was the same ship. Did it leave port and motor out to international waters in order to open the casino? I have no idea. However. it made a two-day visit to Cabo San Lucas. I have no idea if that is the usual procedure for Carnival ships, but you might want to check that out before you make a commitment, B&G. " Yes, It is Carnival's policy to go out to sea and then come back to Cabo on their overnight itineraries. The tenders stop running in the late afternoon so you need to be back aboard unless you have made arrangements to stay on land overnight.
  12. Hi, Don't go on the excursion on Cozumel that goes to the ruins on that island. There are tons of mosquitos there. The rest of the island ,near the ocean, is not prone to the mosquitos in the same way. I don't know about Progresso.
  13. I agree with scott's description above. Where you stay will depend on when you arrive . For those who think the Doubletree is more isolated than the Crowne Plaza I would remind them that the free hotel shuttle will take you to restaurants/stores nearby as well as to the port . We collect Hilton pts so the Doubletree is where we stay.
  14. There is really no point in waiting! IF a better promotion comes along you can refare your cruise. IF it doesnt' come along then you have the cabin you want with a decent promotion. I don't see how waiting gets you anything better. This way you have the best of both worlds.
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