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  1. I am currently booked on a Tahiti cruise with Windstar for Jan. 14, 2021. If that one doesn't happen due to the French Polynesian government not allowing it and Oceania is sailing in the Caribbean in January, then I would book a cruise with O. But only if face masks are not required. If the masks have to be worn when not in your cabin then I will not go on any cruise that requires has this policy. I will wait to cruise until there are no masks needed.
  2. More about how to open up FP to tourism. Not very practical, but at least they are talking about it. https://www.rnz.co.nz/international/pacific-news/418019/quarantine-terms-debated-for-french-overseas-territories
  3. I had a guarantee booked for Jan. 14, 2021 7 day sailing and when I had the TA refare the booking saving $1040 we were assigned a cat B cabin, 206. The exact cabin on Wind Spirit doesn't matter to me as they are all the same but always nice to get an upgrade.
  4. Very interesting article about how the Cook Islands is handling the pandemic. They chose to give up their economy and have no tourism this year. https://www.bloombergquint.com/businessweek/polynesian-cook-islands-sacrificed-its-economy-to-end-coronavirus
  5. Nancy, I was going to look at that excursion today but I can't get to my reservation on Windstar web site. It appears not to be working we'll this weekend. Do you or avalong have the name of the private company who does the Coral Garden drift snorkel excursion so I can research it?
  6. I am on a 7 day. All the Dreams of Tahiti sailings are 7 day. I will wait to book onboard to use my OBC. If I do decide to book and pay for an excursion before boarding I will wait until September to see if Windstar is actually not going to be cancelling my cruise. I will take my chances with any excursions being sold out in advance as I doubt the ship will be full if the cruise is a go.
  7. Since I have never taken a Windstar excursion and will have $650 OBC to use, does Windstar make you prepay for excursions? Do they take it out of the OBC? If the cruise is cancelled, how do shore ex refunds work?
  8. More good news https://www.rnz.co.nz/international/pacific-news/417162/french-polynesia-lifts-covid-19-restrictions
  9. If the sailings start in September as planned then I think we can all be confident that 2021 cruise should be a go. My final payment is due Oct. 6 for Jan. 14 cruise, and if Wind Spirit has not commenced cruises by then I will likely cancel.
  10. I am glad Windstar is being honest about 2020 cruises that will definitely be cancelled. Unlike other cruise lines, Oceania is one, that still show cruises for August, September, October in Europe as still sailing and bookable now. I just got an email from O with their special sale for these sailings soon to be cancelled cruises. I discovered the sweet prices on Tahiti Wind Spirit cruises and rebooked mine at the lower price but if Windstar would send emails about them they would likely get a lot of bookings.
  11. This may be more good news, flights resuming in July: https://www.tahiti-infos.com/Trafic-aerien-international-Un-scenario-de-reprise-annonce-fin-mai-debut-juin-en-Polynesie_a191218.html?fbclid=IwAR3fE2B3hPyrzo6aPhMIhFgBp70v-B1XNZ72qtkZC-UMn4T0VWfASK3C_EM
  12. One of the few things I don't like about Windstar.I hate having to use OBC to pay for overpriced shore excursions. I don't drink enough to use it all up any other way.
  13. I just rebooked Dreams of Tahiti on Wind Spirit Jan. 14, 2021 and saved $500 pp on the fare. Plus Windstar is giving us each $250 OBC. They are using my $100 deposit as the admin fee to change the booking and I gave them a new $100 deposit. I am coming out way ahead.
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