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  1. They have been open all along, some with limited service. We were able to book into a Bright Angel cabin for the 1 night at GCNP. A lot of the dining options at the GC are closed so we may bring our own picnic food. Monument Valley is still closed off, you cannot go there now. Most of the parks HawaiiDan mentioned are in Utah not Arizona.
  2. I was supposed to be in Namibia now on a safari. I just put together a last minute trip in Arizona for October. I used AA miles to fly to Phoenix, we will rent a car and drive to National Parks and monuments for 9 days incl. 3 nights at n AirBnb in Sedona. We will spend the days hiking, walking, communing with nature. There's plenty of award seat availability on planes and loads of open hotel rooms to book, although no discounts. The usual hordes of Chinese tourists won't be at the GC so that should be pleasant.
  3. It appears FP virus levels start at 1 which is the lowest and go up from there. I do like that they post the number of cumulative cases, how many are cured, how many are currently hospitalized and how many are in the ICU and their average age. Note there have been no deaths. Saturday Sept. 5 update: Tahiti, September 5, 2020 - The Department of Health indicated on its site on Saturday morning that the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Polynesia now stood at 658, or 26 more than yesterday. The active cases are located in the urban communes of Tahiti, as well as in Bora Bora, Moorea and Raiatea. No additional details have been communicated since the epidemiological squares are published three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  4. Barrycat, if you see that Spirit is on the move let us know. It must be very expensive to hole up for 4 months in FP so I would assume Windstar is making arrangements to sail away to a less expensive place to dock and get repairs and maintenance done. Too bad she left Singapore, should have just stayed there for the duration until January (maybe).
  5. That picture is from last week when she arrived in Papeete. She had been hanging out in the Philippines during the shutdow, then sailed from there to FP. Wear and tear from sailing in the Pacific. Since she is not doing cruises until January, maybe, there is time to sail somewhere in that part of the world to be painted and spruced up and then return for Tahiti sailings in January (I hope).
  6. I have my doubts about my August 2021 Marina Baltic cruise that was postponed from this past June. The way things are going in Europe no one will be able to go there at all, even by plane, for years. I was just about to start looking for award tickets to CPH and return from ARN that coincide with the cruise but there are likely no flights on the schedules yet.
  7. That is the reference I was looking for. OP's post did not refer to that article so it may have been that person's opinion or he just made it up. I am fine with facts as long as a reliable source for them is presented. There are now 534 cases, no deaths. Still the FP government is not shutting down or imposing a 14 day quarantine on arrival for international visitors. If the unions force FP to do this they will have cut their own throats as what little tourism is coming to the islands will be gone in an instant. The union people will lose their jobs as the FP economy crashes. The Directorate of Health reported on Tuesday a total of 534 people infected with the coronavirus since August 2, 26 more than the day before. In the detailed point released Monday, out of the 511 patients then identified, ten people were kept under surveillance at the Taaone hospital center, for signs of Covid-19. Among them, four were in intensive care. For the moment, there are still no deaths linked to Covid-19 in Polynesia.
  8. Until Tranquility Base cites his source, I won't believe it.
  9. The part about unions going on strike there is not a 2 week shutdown. Since I am supposed to go to Tahiti in January I am following all sources of information I can. I have not seen any news about that item.
  10. Agree cruises can be looked at as a bargain if what you listed above is what you spend on a vacation, I do not. I don't stay in 4 star hotels or eat at 3 star restaurants. I have never taken a cruise longer than 14 days. I am still working but even after I retire I won't be on a cruise ship for 30 days. Too confining, not my cup of tea. I prefer land trips. When I have booked cruises on premium cruise lines, the only ones I use are O and Windstar, $300 a day is the max I am willing to spend. So far, I have been able to get a deal on all previous O and Windstar cruises. My upcoming Windstar 7 day Tahiti cruise in January comes out to $242 pp per day incl taxes and my upcoming O Baltic cruise next August is $255 pp per day. I have loads of OBC credit for both cruises. I also cruise on non premium lines if the ship goes somewhere I want to go to and the price is right.
  11. I have never and will never spend five figures for a cruise or any other vacation. The most I have spent on a trip was $4500pp for a 10 day private safari in Tanzania in 2018. The most I have ever spent on a cruise was maybe $3000? for Galapgos on Xpedition years ago. I have a different travel style than most Oceania cruisers. If I don't get a deal or discount, then I don't go.
  12. I don't know where you got that information. Everything I am reading about French Polynesia says the government will not close things down again, they cannot afford too. If a quarantine was implemented and tourists were thrown out and no more coming in, the tourism industry there would not survive. From Tahiti-infos: Tahiti, August 31, 2020 - The latest report released Monday by the health directorate and Arass reports 511 cases of Covid-19 in French Polynesia since July 15. Four people are now in intensive care, out of the ten hospitalized people whose average age is around 52 years.
  13. I have a Chase Ink Business Preferred card that absolutely has coverage for financial insolvency under trip interruption coverage. I just looked I up. It is in writing in the printed brochure that came with my card. You need a different Chase credit card.
  14. I know that. Their cruise is entirely within one country/region that is one of the few international places you can fly to now, Papeete. Wind Spirit was going to resume sailing Oct. 8. I just don't understand why Windstar cancelled all their Tahiti cruises through 2020 after the Wind Spirit had already arrived in FP and must have had permission/clearance from FP government to be there. Wind Spirit 7 day Dreams of Tahiti cruise is all within one country, French Polynesia. Anyone sailing on her has already met the covid testing requirements for FP and should be good to go on the ship. There must be something going on behind the scenes that the public doesn't know about that had Windstar cancel the only cruise they had for 2020 that was well booked.
  15. For financial default coverage I use the insurance that goes with the credit card used to pay for my cruises, not an extra policy. So unless that coverage is specifically excluding a certain cruise line at the time I obtain the credit card, I am good for financial default. I rarely take out extra insurance, only medical evacuations for land vacations in exotic/third world countries, like for a safari trip. I have never taken extra insurance for a cruise vacation in over 50 cruises.
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