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  1. Why is everyone so hung up on the size of the bathroom on cruise ships? How much time do you actully spend in it? In evaluating and comparing cruise lines the size of the bathroom is the lowest priority thing for me. I don't even think about it. Same thing applies to hotel rooms and bathroom size.
  2. Of course, I have many many. Since we will be going to the beach at all 4 stops on the cruise I want to bring one with a plastic liner so things don't get wet. I need something waterproof to carry the mask and snorkel in.
  3. I have lots of various tote bags, I even have one from Renaissance. Maybe since I'll be in Sirena I should bring that one. A few people in the know would get it.😉
  4. Since I am in an outside cabin on Sirena in 2 weeks, and I won't be receiving a tote bag, I will have to bring one I got from O on a prior cruise. Not giving one to all people is very chintzy move, makes O look like a penny pinching cheapskate. How much can a tote bag cost them when buying in bulk for all of their ships? No more than $3. Maybe I'll bring one i received free from another cruise line I have traveled with that still gives them to all passengers. Not a good image, Oceania.☚ī¸
  5. I am a sorbet fan and often have it for my dinner dessert. I will be able to try this ice cream on Marina in the Baltic in June. Will O fly the ice cream in to Europe to stock the ships there?
  6. Hard to remember, it was 3 years ago. O must have changed this appetizer spread in terrace or maybe it was only on mediterranean sailings if you are not seeing it now. I do recall all of the tapas/appetizer offerings were fresh and tasty. maybe someone who has sailed recently can confirm whether or not the Terrace appetizers. I tried looking at online menus but that part of the website is down today.
  7. On my last O cruise on Riviera in the Med in Oct. 2017, at dinner time in Terrace they were servingappetizers called Tapas on the Terrace. There was a wonderful assortment of interesting tapas set out and I often just had these plus sushi and salad for dinner. Maybe O is not doing this anymore, or maybe it is only on Riviera and Marina. I'll check it out on Sirena later this month and on a marina Baltic cruise in June.
  8. As long as the ship has the sushi bar I will be happy with the food on my upcoming Sirena cruise Jan. 25. If I are nothing but sushi for 7 days I would be happy. I can also make a meal of the tapas at the Terrace. I don't expect much from any cruise line's food so I am not disappointed by Oceania.
  9. Why don't you arrange for a private driver to pick you up, take you into the city for a short tour and lunch, then drop you off at the pier to board the ship. You can keep your luggage in the trunk and have the driver wait with the car while you walk around one of the neighborhoods. This would probably cost you far less than two O bus transfers and you can be on your own schedule.
  10. You must not have been on one of the former Seaborn yachts then. The bathroom in the standard stateroom are very large, have double sinks, and tubs in all cabins. All of the cabins have a large walk in closet and all stateroom are suites of 277 sq feet of cabin space. Very few verandas, but on a small ship you don't need them as you are never far from an open deck. The sail away music is not from "Chariots of Fire". It is the theme from the movie "Hunt for Red October". When you are on one of the sailing ships and they do the sail away ceremony at night, with the sails lit up, it is very dramatic. Windstar is the best alternative for a small ship experience without getting into the Siversea/Crystal/Regent category and high prices. I go back and forth between Oceania and Windstar for my cruises, with an occasional Princess thrown in depending on where I am going. After 50= cruises over my life so far, I rate O and W as my 2 favorite cruise lines and recommend both to my friends.
  11. susiesan

    Port Miami

    I sail on Sirena Jan. 25 from Miami and have received the blue book that does not list the pier. I have not received an email with the specific pier. We will be taking an uber from the hotel. I figure once we get into the port area we will be able to spot the ship where it is docked. Sirena is so much smaller than all the mega ships and will be easy to spot.
  12. Not true. The Windstar yachts are at close to the same price point as the R ships if you plan ahead. Now, they carry 200 pax but after the stretch they will carry 300. I have sailed on both Oceania R ships and Windstar yachts so I have firsthand experience. For a Caribbean or warm weather itinerary, I prefer Windstar for the water sports platform. If you like to snorkel, Windstar gives you a set of snorkel equipment to use during the duration of the cruise. That's a plus, not having to pack and bring your own.
  13. A lot of people of the older demographic, like my husband, are not very computer savvy and don't even know what long off means or how to do it. I know of fellow O cruisers who plug their computer in the cabin, log on to the wifi on day 1 and keep the computer on and logged in the whole cruise. Since the wifi is free they don't care. If they were being billed for time online when they did not log off you can be sure they would log off the wifi. Maybe O can start billing for wifi if someone is logged on for an hour of after no activity. Or give a few hours a day of free wifi and then anything over that amount gets billed. I am platinum on Princess and I get a certain amount of free minutes, shows on a meter that counts down. If I forget to log off and use all my minutes that's on me and I will get charged for the extra time. I'm sure the IT people at Oceania can figure this out.
  14. When something is free, people tend to take advantage of it. Most people log on to the wifi at the beginning of their cruise and just stay logged on all day whether they are using it or not. O needs to find a way to kick people offline after a certain amount of time of non useage. I am not a techie but I am sure this can be done.
  15. Excellent. My recollection is that kind of night light was in the bathroom of Riviera cabins when we sailed her 3 years ago. Good to know the same light will be on Sirena. One less thing I need to pack.
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