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  1. This is exactly what Celebrity is doing. They are calling people on the phone a week before their cruise and asking them to voluntarily upload and send a copy of their vaccine record ahead of time, and to have the card with them and volunteer to show it at embarkation.
  2. It would be me cancelling the cruise, not Celebrity., due to the reimposition of masks onboard. I will call celebrity tomorrow to verify the air tickets are completely refundable and not just a credit.
  3. I see some flights that would work. But if I book them now and decide to cancel the trip I will get an airline credit, not a refund.
  4. Late on Friday July 23 the CDC said this: https://www.reuters.com/world/us/cdc-says-mask-rules-will-apply-florida-cruise-ships-not-following-sail-order-2021-07-24/ "The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said late Friday that it will enforce its transit mask requirements on cruise ships in Florida that opt not to abide by its conditional sail order following a court ruling. The CDC said it will not waive mask requirements in indoor spaces on cruise ships for those lines that are not voluntarily complying with its conditional sail order." Are
  5. Celebrity air won't work as we are arriving in Tampa 2 days before the cruise to visit with family. I have AA award tickets for those flights MCI-TPA that only used 7.5K miles pp one way. I don't think Celebrity air can be used for just one way but maybe I am wrong.
  6. Thanks for the input, I will keep checking in with AA awards to see if I can get a later flight at a decent redemption rate. If not, I will buy a refundable ticket on SW. At this point, I am not even sure a Dec. 3 cruise will sail at all and am not making any travel reservations or arrangements that are not refundable, and that includes the cruise itself. If Celebrity institutes a masks onboard policy then I will be cancelling the cruise and the whole trip.
  7. AA knows this is a cruise ship arrival day and the redemption rates for award tickets are ridiculously high for later flights. I may just have to buy a ticket, was hoping to use miles for a freebie.
  8. I will self carry luggage off Constellation in Tampa on Monday Dec. 13. The best flight I can book with AA miles is at 9:40am. Can we make this flight? I have never cruised to/from Tampa before and don't know about airport transport issues. I will likely use uber from the pier to the airport.
  9. Hmm. I just booked Riviera April 4, 2022 to the Canaries. Now I see Nautica will do almost the same cruise April 11, 2022. I looked it up on O web site, it does not show up as available, the article says it can't be booked until July 28. How can you compare the cruises without knowing anything about them?
  10. So the Marina Aug. 29 cruise will be the first and only ship stopping in St. Petersburg in over a year? Now I am really glad I cancelled. There are likely very few options for independent tours since many of the tour operators may not have survived. I hope some of the pax on this first Oceania sailing will do a live blog or post some updates as they go as to how the cruise is being run.
  11. As I was booked on this cruise but canceled due to concerns about not making all the ports, I will be following the progress. Have any cruises on any line gone to St. Petersburg this summer? The 2 days there would be the highlight of a Baltic cruise and if that port was dropped the cruise would be a bust.
  12. My 11 day O cruise next April is not from the US, it is from Barcelona and is entirely in Europe where none of this applies. Too soon to cancel the one.
  13. This was all before the latest news on the lawsuit. Longer cruises started being sold for post Nov. 1 when the CSO is set to expire. I Hhave a feeling it won't, the CDC will not relinquish control of the cruise industry.
  14. Then your cruise will be canceled along with hundreds of other European cruises.
  15. Doesn't the CSO prohibit cruises longer than 7 days? Aren't most of the O cruises from Miami this winter longer cruises?
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