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  1. I was a bit confused about the wording. I thought it meant different cabin categories get to make reservation at different times. I assumed the lowest priced cabins would be last to make reservations, and that is the cabin we have. Last time I sailed on O all my specialty dinners were with friends who were in suites and they reserved way in advance, had us on their reservation.
  2. This is what my account says about dining reservations. How do I know how many days in advance I can make them? My cruise is Jan. 25 on Sirena. I am in a Cat C2 cabin. Dining Reservations are available 45 to 7 days prior to sail date.
  3. I have an outside cabin category C2for a 7 day cruise on Sirena in January. My reservation says make dining reservations 45 to 7 days before the cruise. How do I know when to make the reservations? Do I need to check my booking every day? Will I get an email about making dining reservations?
  4. Maybe I am missing it, but I do not see Riga on the list. it is one of the stops on the Baltic cruises. Is there a list of shuttles for Baltic cruises only so I don't have to read through 16 pages? The last comprehensive list I see is dated 5/8/2019.
  5. Do we tell an uber driver Terminal J or just tell them Port of Miami? I plan to get from my hotel near the airport to the dock via uber on the day of my cruise.
  6. No way a company will choose the name of a new ship, a very expensive asset for the business, by a random drawing. They just say that as a marketing gimmick.
  7. What is on fire on St. Lucia? or is someone burning their garbage.
  8. If O is going to allow "service dogs", little ones that sit on laps, I think I will have my 4 pound toy fox terrier certified as a service dog, emotional therapy dog, so I can bring her on my upcoming 2 O cruises and not have to pay for a pet sitter. She makes me very happy and calm when sitting on my lap, performs a service for me. She keeps my blood pressure down. In case you missed it, turn on your sarcasm meter now.
  9. My Sirena 7 day Caribbean cruise is Jan. 25. I booked an outside guarantee but had a cabin assigned immediately. Now I see the ship is sold out, all categories are waitlisted. Is it likely I will be upgraded or will I still be in my original assigned cabin?
  10. Simon: Can you email me your how to do it sheet for what you did in Warnemunde? I will be there June 27 from 6:00am to 11:00pm susiesan8 at gmail.com Thanks.
  11. I had a smoothie with breakfast every day on Riviera 2 years ago. I will be on Sirena for a week in January and am disappointed that I won't get my breakfast smoothie. But I'll be on Marina in June so I can have smoothies with breakfast again.
  12. I hope you are not going anytime soon. Santiago is on lockdown, busses and subway services suspended due to protesting and riots in the streets. Very bad time to be there now, such a lovely city. You may be able to find private transport, but intercity busses from Santiago to Valparaiso and san Antonio are not running until further notice.
  13. I sailed on the Coral Princess to Alaska this past June. There was no one at the dinner tables pushing me to buy anything. If you like trivia, the assistant CD's conduct it and they are just hilarious. There will be trivia 4-5 times a day while you are at sea. It's worth going to just to hear the comedy routine that goes along with the trivia games. Also be sure to attend the various game shows that are part of the entertainment. The same assistants are there and they are funny funny comedians.
  14. Now all of a sudden today I see that I can make dining reservations Dec. 11. That was not there yesterday. Noted on my calendar.😋
  15. Since the dinner reservation dates don't show up on my Oceania account/booking I doubt my TA would be able to see the dates. As I said before, my O account shows dinner reservations can be made 7 to 45 days prior. I will be making reservations for friends who are joining us on the cruise, newbies to O. They asked me to make the dinner reservations for the 4 of us.
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