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  1. The Nieuw Amsterdam is due in at 1300 today.
  2. Bon Voyage, fair winds & calm seas. Great pictures enjoy your cruise. Good to see ships at sea again.
  3. Thanks for the heads up, hope I remember to check in.
  4. Thanks for sharing the photos, sure makes me wish we were on a cruise ship again. Even with out the ship you have a beautiful view.
  5. If you read the post by, Laffnvegas "Live" from Nieuw Amsterdam Copper 10-8 on page 4 gives a description on how the muster drill is done.
  6. Thanks for posting, after watching the video it made me wish I was back on a cruise ship.
  7. Bon Voyage, fair winds & smooth seas. Looking forward to reading your reports.
  8. The worst part of travelling is getting through the airport.
  9. Our roll call for the Oosterdam next July from Athens is dead, but then it is still a year away, hopefully it'll pick up before then.
  10. What are some of the alternatives? We don't have to worry about it until next year.
  11. Since the ships no longer dock in Venice you now have to consider how ever long it takes to bus from were ever to the airport. Also what ever hiccups, i.e. late arrival, traffic, how soon they let you off the ship etc.
  12. I think this was a feel good announcement, not much difference between Nov1 and Feb 22.
  13. Any thing from HAL yet on what will replace Venice as an arrival or departure port?
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