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  1. I think Klonerga was just reporting his impression of the cruise & the ships condition. I've read posts from people on the same cruise at the same time, one will say never again the another, best cruise ever. Different stroke for different folk.
  2. No accounting for the lack of manners from some people. There is a recent post about really bad manners on a HAL cruise and they were all from people in the 50-70 age group.
  3. ski ww

    Picture-A-Week 2018 - Week 49

    Love the shot of the sun rise.
  4. Thanks for posting your review. Too bad about the bad behavior form some of the passengers.
  5. No farewell toots? Bon Voyage fair winds & smooth seas.
  6. He gave a good work out of the old tooter. Bon Voyage fair winds & smooth seas.
  7. Not much of a toot fest. Bon Voyage, fair winds & smooth seas.
  8. Missed the sail in, just now watching as she backs into her pier.
  9. ski ww

    Medallion Events on Board

    We were on a cruise once and there was a gentleman who wore his every single day, all day long of a 43 day cruise. I guess he was very proud of his. Ours are at home as a remainder of the travel & adventures we had cruising around exploring the world.
  10. Now I'm confused. If I've done the on line check in & I have my e-docs, and I'm at the dock when the doors open is that classified as the 90 min. check in window. Allan
  11. Got here just as she was coming in.