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  1. I think in the next couple of years they will be very busy with all the changes that the cruise industry will have to do.
  2. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. We'll be out using the snow blower this morning, it started last night & it's still coming down.
  3. Have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving.
  4. Yesterday we had green grass, this morning we have this.
  5. Nice to see some pictures of HAL ships, brings back good memories.
  6. Sun rise some were over the Atlantic on the east coast of South America.
  7. We had already decided not to do any booking/cruising until 2022. I'm sure this will throw a wrench into a lot of peoples plans.
  8. Beautiful clear sunny day, I think we have more snow here then they do, it just started snowing last night.
  9. Woke up to the first snow fall of the season.
  10. The first snow fall for the season this morning, 0C(32F)
  11. Our local Remembrance Day Ceremony.
  12. Cases world wide are on the rise, we're not even close to flatting the curve let along making a dent in this pandemic. Don't know why any one would think it's save to cruise or mingle with a crowd of strangers.
  13. In Funchal on board the Prinsendam during a TA .
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