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  1. I recently traveled with a good friend on Ovation of the Seas. My friend had only cruised with Princess and whilst happy to book Ovation she changed her tune in the months prior to the cruise and decided RCL wasn't for her and continually whinged about RCL. My advice at the time was just go with the flow and not look for faults but concentrate on having a good time. This advice was not followed and once onboard the negativity ramped to the point I couldn't stand being anywhere near her as the complaints were so minor it was a joke. She went with a negative attitude and was determined to keep that negative attitude until she got off and tried everything to ruin my holiday as well. So OP please go with an open mind and remember you are not at home cooking, cleaning, shopping, sitting in traffic going to work etc.
  2. Here is a link to a newspaper report though it is the Daily Mail but as they say there is always more to the story. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7130881/Couple-left-devastated-50-000-pocket-cruise-holiday-left-stranded-Dubai.html
  3. I have a friend who is on Radiance of the Seas in Noumea today. She was not asked at embarkation for travel insurance details. Her comment today was she heard immigration asked a few people from each deck. My friend has not asked. It seems to be random.
  4. I did the Diamond Princess in May and while there was both an English and Japanese cruise director 3/4 of the pax were Aussies/Americans and English with Aussies making the biggest percentage of pax. So each cruise is different.
  5. Thanks for your review loving it. I am currently on Ruby Princess but getting on Star Princess on Monday. Ruby has on demand movies does the Star?
  6. I did but they gave me a hard time about it. Why I don't know.
  7. I brought that one only problem all the plugs were the same so not very useful. If buying check to make sure they are different.
  8. A story about Australian families getting caught up with an Indian company that booked a 1300 fellas on a trip. Lots of parties etc, closed bars, changed menu, no bingo and uncomfortable attention. They felt they should been told about large groups booked on their cruise. Royal have refunded them the cost of their cost. They showed Voyager of the Seas docked in Sydney several times inferring the cruise left from Australia. They then said it was a 3 night cruise that sailed in September. A no stage did they say this was a cruise that was outside of Australia waters as VOS is based in Singapore.
  9. Same here can get into cruise planner but not check in which I had previously completed. Just need tp print. Its seems lots of problems in the website and Royal refuses to acknowledge the problem. To keep telling me wait 15mins in log back in is rubbish. They even told me that my TA was obviously in the reservation but given I booked with a US agent and at the time I calling it was 3am in the US I found that extremely unlikely. To them that was end of conversation. No my TA said he was not and is trying to get Royal to look into it.
  10. Yes lots of people complaining on social media they can't check in. I can't and so far RCL absolutely no help. Have asked my TA to try.
  11. I got caught up with the ticketing debacle. It just so happened I flew to Brisbane on Tuesday so when tickets went back on sale just went down to Ticketek outlet at Suncorp Staduim no queue no hassle. I was the first person the Ticketek lady had ever sold an AFL ticket to!
  12. I flew Syd-Brisbane-Syd last week and there were no checks on my flights.
  13. z I did 21 days on Ovation from Hong Kong to Sydney via Singapore. I did not want to get off!
  14. On my cruise planner for January 2019 there is a charge of $US29 listed for dinner. I looked at the reservation section it is applied every night of the cruise.
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