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  1. There are a lot of young families with multiple children on this cruise…being only 3 days. Some really young ones. Most cruise lines require babies to be six months to sail, but after I saw a baby I knew wasn’t that old, I scoured the MSC website and could not find any lowest age limit. After dinner I wandered a bit, then went to karaoke until time for the show. I e seen this show before on another ship, I think costumes and set were some different but songs the same. Still enjoyable. The cruise director Endrigo from Brazil was on Seaside last year…I think. My mind is drawing a blank, so maybe it’s time to go to bed. EM
  2. I’m in the Royal theater waiting for the second show to start. I got a short nap with HGTV running and periodic announcements for laggards to report to their muster stations. I went to the solos meeting…there were about 8 of us, all ladies. There was free punch and champagne. I left there to go to dinner. Times are 6 & 8:30. I have 6, table for 8, by the window. There was a Hispanic couple there when I arrived, and the husband has no English. We were joined by another Hispanic couple. Finally a non Hispanic couple arrived…from Ohio. We had a nice chat. I had the Greek salad, prime rib and chocolate ice cream. The rib was much better than last month on Seashore. I finally got into the app and checked the menus for all three nights. I regret that the three day rotation does not include the app of eggplant parmigiana. More later.
  3. This is the bridge cam view. Is that the new MSC terminal on the right? Hmmm…I’m thinking it might br Royal?
  4. What do I think of VV food? Hmmm…I follow people on other forums who revel in that type…but it isn’t me. For me the menus are limited and don’t change. Except for The Galley. I regret I didn’t go up last night to see if the offerings changed. I read about people who never eat in the MDR but only in the specialties. Which have menus that don’t change. I love a good buffet. I browsed the buffet here after I had lunch. It’s better laid out than Seashore, although the stations do repeat four times. I can hardly wait until lunch tomorrow.
  5. I sat in the area around the Roundabout and watched neoprene filing past to leave. I don’t know if there was a early rush to debark, but it seemed like the majority chose to debark at last call, and many, many with large suitcases. The elevators were working well, and no stairs to drag cases down. I attached myself to the end of the line. Ding out, out the ramp, mostly level, and into the terminal. Easy to find my bag, one of half a dozen at station 13. Out past facial recognition, out the door. Cross the street, and there are lots of people waiting there for…something. But not taxis. No taxi line. Two cabs, one lady didn’t want to pay $35 to wherever. He brought me to terminal C. No one at the terminal. No buses, no cabs. Walk right in. Through security with two others. Up the escalator to checkin. Still a lonely, empty place. Show my digital boarding pass and scan, check to passport. Pass go. On the ship, went up to my cabin to deposit my backpack, watch the safety video and call 881. Cabin was not ready, I thanked it lacked on,y vacuuming. I settled Essie and Ink with the remote and left to report in to my muster station. Then I went to the MDR for lunch. Only open 1130-1300. Had mozzarella sticks and Caesar salad. From there I went up to the buffet to check it out, got an onion ring, and soft serve cone. The soft serve was a bit too soft. Now I am in a very purple lounge, talking to y’all. I’m hoping cabins are ready soon, as I need a nap.
  6. I went and sat at the roundabout…it seems half of the guests leaving waited until last call. And amazing number carrying off large bags. But the whole process was so civilized. And yes, my bag was easy to find. A quick walk through the terminal, past the facial recognition and out of the terminal. I think I was out by 1100. Across the street were lots of people waiting for something…but not taxis. There were two taxis. One lady wanted to go…maybe to the airport but was refusing to pay $35. So he took me to terminal C for $15. I think the area not particularly pedestrian friendly. There was no one at the MSC terminal. I followed a couple other people in and through security. Took the escalator up to checkin, no one else. Quick look at my boarding pass and passport, and on to the ship. So, now that I am on another ship, I will close this down. If you wish to following my continuing odyssey, you can do so on the MSC thread. EM
  7. Yes and my bag will be the only one at baggage claim. There is no line to debark. Must be a lot of B2B because there are a lot red lights by cabin doors.
  8. I was up early and went down to Sailor services to see if they could break a $20. Don’t want to give the porter $20 for one small bag. Stood in line behind the man with the white cane. He was paying his bill in cash, stacks of $100 bills. Guess he isn’t totally blind, not even glasses. Since it was close, I went to Razzle Dazzle for breakfast without checking the menu. Mistake. Wasn’t much on it I wanted. I did get the RD breakfast. Best part was the fresh squeezed OJ. Looking around, I realized there were no tablecloths. When I finished, I went to Pink Agave…no linen their either. Nor at The awake. Didn’t check Extra Virgin. So, those who sneervst Carnival because there are no tablecloths in the MDR…not a single one on Valiant Lady. I went around outside on deck 7 for some pictures. They were already debarking. I expect they want me out of my cabin soon.
  9. I went down to Sailor Services to break down some bills…don’t want to give ported $10 for one very small bag. The man with the white cane was there paying his bill in cash. He had handfuls of $100 bills. Guess he isn’t completely blind, but not wearing glasses. Since it was close, I went to Razzle Dazzle without researching the menu. I got the RD breakfast, eggs scrambled soft, grilled tomato, tiny potatoes, and some kind of fake meat patty. The best part was fresh squeezed OJ. The mushrooms had a very earthy taste. Then I did a bit of research…realizing that there were no tablecloths in RD. I went around to Pink Agave, up to the Wake…no tablecloths. Didn’t seek out Extra Virgin…tell me if they have them. So, Carnival detractors…no tablecloths on this ship. Walked outside on deck 7 and took a few pics. Don’t even know what time I am supposed to be out of my cabin.
  10. Young and lively looking I am not. I just turned 80 in May. They aren’t all young, a number of scooters, a few walkers, power chairs. At least three amputees, one with two metal legs and one artificial arm, another with two leg prosthesis, one with one artificial leg, but he’s young and ambulatory. A few canes, and I saw one with a white cane, so assuming he is blind. If you look around, you might think you are on a Carnival cruise, but better dressed and more civilized. I forget to mention that returning to the ship as we got to the pier entrance, security had everyone hold up their wrists and show their bracelets. I came up to the cabin and bustled about, packing. Didn’t take much time, I only about five tops and five bottoms. Then I showered. Oh my…I expected a rain shower and got a thunderstorm! Cabin attendant says you can adjust the flow. I only saw the knob to change from overhead to wand. Then I went down to see if there was a Solo Social meetup about dinner. There was but I was the only one. I chose to go back to Razzle Dazzle. I asked the crew member if there was filming going on, and she said yes, the marketing department was onboard doing stuff. I got the Green Goddess Avocado salad again…sorry I forgot the pic until I was nearly done. The Fried Green Tomatoes …except they were red…without the okra, and the Nashville Hot Cauliflower. Boy, was it spicy. I may need tums later. I went to the Red Room (theater) for the show Untitled Danceshowpartything. Last night one of the cast was singing in On the Rocks so I thought the show would be musical. Nope. A lot of active dance, nonsense…the whole first level is stand for the show, possibly participate. I can’t stand for an hour, so I went up to the second level where there were some seats, but just a partial view. I lasted half an hour and left. I went to the Roundabout where Plan V was setting up to play, lasted a few numbers there and came back to the cabin. On to the pictures
  11. I neglected to mention that when we reached the entrance to the pier, the trolley stopped and everyone had to hold up their wrists and show their bracelets. I pretty much finished packing and showered. I expected a rain shower, but it was more like a thunderstorm…I went down to see if there was a solo social for dinner. There was, but as I was the only one showing, rather than go to Pink Agave or Extra Virgin, I chose to go back to Razzle Dazzle. I already knew what I wanted. I had the Green Goddess Avocado salad (sorry I ate most of it before I remembered to take a picture), the Fried green tomatoes without the okra…but the tomatoes were red…, and the Nashville hot cauliflower. Boy, was it spicy! The pickle slices were like bread and butter pickles. No dessert…went for an ice cream cone. I was out in plenty of time for the Untitled Danceshowpartything. In the Red Room. It was not what I expected/hoped. Last night one of the cast was singing at the Roundabout so I thought there would be singing. Nope. A lot of dancing around. The theater is on two levels and the lower level stands throughout and sometimes becomes part of the show. There are a few seats upstairs but not full view. I left halfway through. I went tO the roundabout and listened to a few numbers by Plan V, a group from South America. But I was antsy so came back to the cabin and put out my bag.
  12. Celebrity isn’t the only line to overcharge or discourage solo cruisers. I e even denied on Carnival and MSC. But I’ve also been able to book them…it just depends on the cruise. I’m currently on Virgin Voyage’s Valiant Lady. Only a short five days, as a taster. In a cozy, well designed solo inside. They also have a very few solo OV cabins. It’s very not traditional, I think an acquired taste. I’m definitely not the demographic the target, but I look at the guests and think this crowd could be on Carnival…but they are much more civilized. And no children. When I get off this ship tomorrow in Miami, I am walking down the pier and boarding MSC Magnifica. Solo in a regular inside. EM
  13. Sailing from Florida you will have all the opportunity you could wish for to practice your Spanish. Likely half he guests will be speaking it. And the taxi drivers, Uber, Lyft…. When I book, I check the deck plans. Look at cruisedeckplans.com. They tell you how many of each cabin type there are. On Sea ships OV is the smallest category. Book an OV gty and you are almost certain to be upgraded free to a balcony. Worked for me last month on Seashore, last year on Seaside. In 2019 on Seaside. EM
  14. In June on seashore they had unsweetened almond milk and another lactose free milk, if my rudimentary Spanish is correct…
  15. Your secret is not just what you can or should not eat, but how large is a portion size. If you eat something ‘bad’, balance it with more protein and veggies. EM
  16. I had a glass of water as I typed up the previous in the breeze under the pergola. Then I got on a nearly empty shuttle back to the ship, with a stop at the casino. Essie wanted to go in, but as neither of us had any money…it was straight to the ship. I went straight up to the Galley and surveyed the options. On my way past the sweets, I nearly bumped into a fellow with a long stick that looked like a funny camera or mic. Briefly wondered what he was up to. I ended up with breakfast remix. Scrambled eggs with cheese, sausage and asparagus. The best part was the asparagus. I really wanted pizza, but they weren’t opening today until 2:00. While I was waiting for my food I noticed the stick man and another fellow at the sweets counter. The second guy was pointing ar items and talking while the stick man hovered and bumped the mic into the lighted sign above him. They had to do the take twice. I think the stick man had a name tag on, but being seated at Diner Dash, I couldn’t see it he was VV. Official video, or influencer? I noted Bahamas police eating in Galley.
  17. Back onboard. Shuttle was nearly empty, made a stop on the way back at the casino. Essie wanted to try her luck but neither of us had any money. A few shots of the ship. I went straight up to The Galley, perused the offerings and ended up with late breakfast. The best part was the asparagus. When I was touring the offerings I nearly ran into a fellow with a long stick, sort of like a selfie stick and briefly wondered what he was doing. After I ordered my food I saw him and another guy by the sweets. He was holding stick high and the second guy was pointing at things and talking. He kept bumping the mic into the lighted thing hanging above the section. They came back and did it twice. I think he had a name tag on but not sure if it was Virgin… too far away to see. Influencer or official video? My iPhone and watch are magically back to real time. Watch now on charger.
  18. I’m still muddled as to time, but I did not get up early. Took care of some chores, dressed Essie and grabbed my bag, headed for breakfast. Carb loaded. Bread and French toast. Watched lady at next table slather her French toast all over with cream cheese and then syrup. I went aft to get some shots from above, then it was down to the gangway on deck 4. There was no wait to get off, but there was one for the shuttle. I got on the second one. The shuttle makes a stop where excursions meet and you can rent a golf cart. The Bimini Beach Club may be a private event when Virgin is in port. Two pools and beach. I wandered around taking pics and posed Essie and Ink on a borrowed lounger. Ink’s color is rubbing off on Essie. I’m back under the entrance pergola enjoying the breeze and WiFi. I did not get in any water or sand.
  19. Satisfactory night. Went up to breakfast and carb loaded. Bread and French toast. The crowds came and went. Lady at the next table slathering French toast with cream cheese and then syrup. We are at Bimini, backed in at the pier. I went to the back of deck 15 to take pics from above. Then it was down to debark from deck 4. No lines 300 steps to where I took the aft pic. There was a line for the shuttle. They fill every seat. I made the second one. They stop at a place where excursions meet and you can rent golf carts. Then it’s off to Bimini Beach Club where it is VV day. Two pools and the ocean. Lots of loungers. I wandered around taking pics including Essie on a borrowed recliner. With Ink, who is bleeding purple onto her clothing. Oops! Shortly I will board the shuttle back to the ship.
  20. MSC usually docks at Punta Langosta but in December on Seashore we docked at the international pier. EM
  21. Remember, it’s not just passengers that carry iPhones. Many of the crew will also. EM
  22. It has to be a card from that ship. On Seashore in Dec. I needed to put a card in the slot all the time or the a/c would default to arctic setting when I took the card out. The electrician said to go to guest services and get a blank card. On Seaside in 2019 I tried to use other cards and no dice, so first time for bracelet.
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