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  1. Just off the Carnival Victory. The only "snack" I ate was the potato sticks at Guy Fieri's Burgers. I just get a plastic cup, fill it up and eat them while I have a drink.
  2. Three days. Taking two grandchildren on Carnival Victory on Monday. Got the soda package and we're ready for a kid -centric cruise rather than our usual relaxing "over age 70" days of taking a nap, trying out fancy drinks, playing trivia. Instead; locating lost 9 year old who went back to the buffet for cereal and managed to leave the Lido deck and end up in the brig, finding the 13 year old girl who has found her true love at the club and doesn't want to spend any time with us. Or hates the kids club.. Or hates all the food. Or only wants chicken nuggets. Or...... whatever they want.
  3. Any more tips? Taking grandkids on this next week? How crowded was the buffet? What did you do in Cozumel?
  4. Since I started this..... we booked the Costa Deliziosa world tour for January 5-April26 (I think) 2020. It's Venice to Venice. Our total price is less than $18,000 per person and includes a beer and wine package at meals. Outside cabin "no view" It includes 15 excursions, most of which are coach tours of major cities. We did just see a day long tour of Petra is included. I'm sure it's not as deluxe as Viking or Oceania etc. Maybe more sea days than some. But the whole trip should cost about half of what Viking might cost. This trip we can afford.
  5. I think the breakfasts are the worst. Fresh made omelettes are usually good and all of the ships seem to have the same recipe for a tasty little cinnamon bun. Holland America had freshly made Eggs Benedict, but usually they are sitting under hot lights until they dry out. Never try the biscuits- they simply don't understand a good biscuit! If there is a specialty station, like Italian or Asian I think those generally have the best and freshest options. The carving stations are usually good. Desserts are poor- all gelatin, mostly tasteless. Cookies are pretty good
  6. Taking the grandchildren on this cruise next week. We plan on eating in the Lido buffet most of the time, but I would like to go to the MDR at least once. Any suggestions as to which night? The first day may be a problem, because we want to them to at least try out the kid's clubs. Key west day might be good, since we'll be on the ship most of the day. Then we stop in Cozumel and I think we may eat dinner in town. That leaves the Sea Day. We're definitely letting the kids run the show on this trip; buffet, burgers, club vs no club etc. Anyone have the menus?
  7. We will be on the Deliziosa world cruise in January. It makes me a little nervous that there will be so few English speakers on a 112 day cruise! Lots of days at sea and I like to play Mahjongg, do trivia, go to shows etc. And I can't imagine eating 112 dinners with the same few couples! I'm sure it will work out. Maybe there will be more English speakers than I expect. I started a Roll Call, but no one has signed on
  8. We're taking granddaughter aged 13 and grandson age 9. Can the 13 year old sign the 9 year old out of his camp? Or only the adults? No problem either way
  9. When I take a 6 week trip we are jumping around every few days, lugging bags up and down Airbnb's, strange airports, getting on trains etc so we try to keep luggage down to what we can handle ourselves. But this trip will be different- get on board the cruise ship and dont get off for months!!. And this trip will have winter, tropics, and unknown inbetweens so we want to be prepared. And more paper work and want some empty space for the inevitable souvenirs. For a change I want a choice of more than three tops, three pants and two jacket, all in tan, brown, grey or black!
  10. We are taking a ww cruise Venice to Venice next year. It's Costa and they have already told us that they don't organize a Luggage shipping service for US passengers. So I started researching it myself and the price is crazy to ship two large suitcases from South Carolina to Venice. Hundreds of $$$$$. Each of us will have our 22" suitcases that we have used for trips up to 6 weeks and a carry-on. Then we'll each have another large suitcase. That should do it. We already booked a good airfare from Savannah to Venice. So really, all we have to arrange is to and from Savannah and then to and from the Venice airport to a local hotel and then to the ship. And then back to Venice airport. I figure it will be much cheaper and less worrysome to just pay porters $15 for each segment than to ship the luggage. And I know where it's at all the time. I won't worry too much about toothpaste, shampoo, mouthwash etc. Just medications and other items we have a real person liking for. Can't wait!!
  11. After we went on our first cruise 25 years ago, I decided to secretly save up for the next. I started putting a few bucks away in my office drawer (hidden of course). When I took out cash from the ATM for daily expenses, I just put away a few bucks. Got water for lunch instead of a soda. Never bought another magazine from the newsstand. Drank the Godawful office coffee and never order a tasty Starbucks again. Before I knew it I had saved up $1,000!!! $ 20 bucks a week adds up. We're now retired thanks to a basic savings plan. We spend 15% less for everything . If you can afford a $ 300,000 house, buy the $260,000 and save the rest. Same for cars (and keep them till they actually die), clothing, vacations, cruises etc. Put the extra cask in a 401K or a basic savings account.
  12. Thanks for all the advice. I like the one about the tattoos for the room number. But years ago my oldest granddaughter got a "temporary tattoo" at the beach. She had a bad reaction to it, itchy and almost a raised scar. You can still see the reddish area of an American eagle on her lower back after 13 years! So I'm not taking that chance! We're on the Carnival Victory, which I think is a medium sized ship at 2700 passengers. Basically, we'll "go with the flow". The only thing I'm insisting on is at least one meal in the MDR. Because I want a Chocolate Melting Cake with vanilla ice cream! Clubs/no clubs/snorkeling/no snorkeling sit with us by the pool or not. Never had a problem with them in the past and don't anticipate problems this year.
  13. Of course. And since we are in our 70's we won't be partying all night. And when we go to bed they come with us. We're all in one room. We were on a cruise once where someone told us they went to bed and let the teenagers (14 or so) come in whenever they felt like it! No way. Recipe for disaster.
  14. That's a given. They are usually very considerate kids, but I know if they are hanging around other kids sometimes kids will do things they wouldn't on their own. Same with adults who sometimes get really stupid on cruises
  15. We are taking two grandchildren, girl age 13 and boy age 8 on a 4 day cruise. They are bright kids, well behaved and fairly sophisticated . So we are thinking about how to physically keep track of them on board. First, we are not going to keep them chained to us every minute, so if that's your advice ... never mind. If they want to go to the clubs, we will let the 13 year old sign herself out and join us . We'll leave updates in the cabin. The 8 year old cannot sign himself out, but we'll let his sister sign him out to join us. He is a little fearful and will stick to his sister In the buffet, we'll all go together and try to seat ourselves in the same area everyday. Then when the kids leave the table they can go to the buffet and find their way back. (and I know the 8 year old will get lost!) Naturally, they'll get the common sense rules; no going into any cabins, don't go to crew areas, don't drink anyone's drinks, don't sit on the rail, no running etc. Any other advice?
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