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  1. I also paid $219 for the 11 day cruise leaving 4/30 this year.
  2. We are sailing next week on the Breakaway and are in the Haven. We have the free WiFi package. It said it's ship wode but my wife wants to know just what we are getting. Can anyone help. Thanks in advance for your time and help.
  3. Thanks to all who gave input into my question. The information was just what I was looking for. Your the BEST.😁
  4. I know there is a website you can go to but I can not recall what is. Can someone help me. Does anyone know the website??
  5. Love the review so far. We are on the Breakaway on 9/22, my birthday, and am also staying in the Haven. Just one question for you. Beside the request for the grapes did do have any other pre sailing requests and did you get what you asked for. Thanks and keep the review coming.
  6. We are on the Breakaway leaving on Sept 22 and wondering if we should book the new show Velvet. The cost is $29.99 I think, and not sure if it's worth it or not. We have seen the Wine Lovers Dinner show 2 times and liked it both times but will pass on it this time. I have been looking for reviews of Velvet here, but have not seen any. Dose anyone, who has seen it, have any feelings one way or the other. Thank you all in advance.
  7. Thanks I was planning on doing just that If I did not get good information (safe place and the like) from folfs her about hotels in the area.
  8. Driving down from north of Orlando and would like to get there the day before we leave on our Cruise in late Sept. Looking for a Hotel in the Miami area where we can do this. It would be nice if they offered shuttle services as well but if not I know there are other ways to get to the ship. Just trying to save some money. Any help would be nice.
  9. Hello we are on the 9/22 Eastern Caribbean Cruise on the Breakaway. Looking to read the ships Freestyle Dalilies to get an idea of what's going on daily. I have found several postings of the ships Dailies for their Western Caribbean cruise but none for the Eastern. I have looked at about 50 pages here and no luck. HELP Please.
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