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  1. The best information that I can find, at the moment, is that Princess is waiting until after the Alaska cruise season (in the fall) to restart their cruise schedule. Does anyone else have additional information? Any details behind what has been published so far?
  2. Is brewed coffee from the International Cafe included in the Premium Beverage Package, in addition to specialty coffees? Thanks.
  3. For those who have had experience with the Princess Drink package-- How much does it cost? What kind of alcoholic drinks are included? What alcoholic drinks are not included? Is it sold per person, or per cabin? Anything else you would like to add would be appreciated. Thanks...
  4. My DW and I are booked on the Enchanted Princess for a Mediterranean cruise in October, 2021. Do any of you, with your ear to the ground, so to speak, have any information about the ship? Any insight into how it may differ, or not, from the other Royal Class ships? We are looking forward to our cruise on this new ship.
  5. Some time ago, there was a mention of a recommended restaurant in Dominica...right near where the cruise ships dock. I remember that it was described as being on the second floor with wooded tables or picnic-type tables. Can anyone help me with what that restaurant might have been? Thanks.
  6. Has there been any news lately about the generator on the Crown Princess? Any updates?
  7. Are there any updates about the Crown Princess and its generator issues?
  8. Just curious. I was impressed with the Horizon Court on the Royal Princess. Does the Horizon Court on the Crown Princess offer a satisfying experience?
  9. My TA forwarded a copy of an email that was sent to them from Princess. It gives a boarding schedule (order) for our cruise beginning February 5 on the Crown Princess. In the past, my DW and I have been able to arrive at about 10:30AM and take advantage of the Priority Boarding Pass that our TA provided us. This gave us on opportunity to get on board and have a leisurely lunch in the Horizon Buffet before going to our cabin. Now we are told they will be boarding much like the airlines do, and that those with Priority Boarding can onl
  10. What is the price of brewed coffee at the International Cafe without the coffee package? How much is it per cup? By the way, for clarification, I am referring to straight brewed coffee, not specialty coffees. Thanks.
  11. I think I know the answer to this question, but would like to see if I'm right. Is the 15% gratuity included in the price of a drink on board ship? Do the gratuities vary depending on where on board you by your beer, mixed drink, bourbon or single malt scotch? Thanks.
  12. My DW and I are bourbon and scotch drinkers. I was wondering if the offerings of Bourbon and Scotch varied in the several bars on board Princess ships. Can someone tell me what Bourbon & Scotch are served in which bars on board? Does anyone have a pic of a Scotch & Bourbon menu from a recent Princess cruise that they can share? If you have one from the Crown Princess, which we will be on in a couple of weeks, that would be particularly helpful. Your feedback is appreciated. Thanks.
  13. I suggest you check with your TA. They all got letters telling them what the OBC or other compensation was being given for each Crown cruise. Alternatively, check with the Purser when you board.
  14. My DW and I, as well as the rest of the passengers on the Feb 5 sailing are getting $75 cruise credits.
  15. My DW and I are on the Feb 5 sailing. Granada was omitted, and some stops' timing was changed. Princess has given all passengers on this sailing a $75 cruise credit "for our inconvenience".
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