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  1. Trieste is near Venice isn't it? Why would she be headed there?
  2. I am impressed with the things the Viking Crews are doing to entertain themselves (and us) during this really trying time for all of us who love cruising and those that make cruising possible. They are wonderful folks and it not only shows when we are on board but even when we are not as you can see from this video. Thanks Jimmy Bun for posting!
  3. The Viking Sun and Star are no longer docked in Mukran but are now both anchored less than 10 nm offshore between the Port of Mukran and Sassnitz, Germany. The Viking Orion is near entering the Suez Cannal.
  4. It sure appears now as if the Orion is headed toward the Suez Canal & to Europe to join her sisters.
  5. She appears to be headed to India where we think she dropped off crew a couple of months ago.
  6. Thanks. I was curious if the Sea & Sky were waiting around H&W for a drydock opportunity. It would seem little a good move at this time and would delete the need in 2021-2022.
  7. I understand from this post that the Viking Star has had its 1st Special Survey/Drydock. Are the Viking Sea and Viking Sky the next two ships scheduled for this work? I know that the Viking Sun was built the same year as the Viking Sky but I don't know which is oldest. If the Sea & Sky are the next ships scheduled for this work, could it be the reason they are still at Harland & Wolff. Also, how long does the Drydock part of this work require? Would it make sense to wait until the last minute to do this work before they actually start cruising again?
  8. After 26 days of just going in small circles in the South China Sea the Viking Orion finally looks as if it is making its way to Singapore.
  9. After being docked at Alesund, Norway for three months since mid May, the Viking Star appears headed for Mukran, Germany.
  10. I used Google to get the bus times to the airport as well as the rental car times. I also used Google for the boat connection to San Marco.
  11. I also think this might be a good solution to the challenge faced if they can find a way to provide better transport that is currently available back and forth to the airport (Currently almost a two hour bus ride/one hour if you rent a car) and to San Marco (Currently an hour and fifteen minutes from this area requiring you to chance boats in Lido).
  12. Is the relocation spot at the north entrance to the lagoon you are talking near Chioggia , Fusina or some other spot?
  13. Thank you - that makes sense. By the way Tor has posted a new video officially canceling the 2020 cruises.
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