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  1. Hello, Have just been on the Spirit doing this cruise in reverse 2 weeks ago we are holders of British passports, the ship organised everything but we did have to do a face to face with immigration cant remember where but was very quick, have a great cruise.!!
  2. Yes the connoisseur lounge will be open during your cruise 😊
  3. Hi there, Ticketing is usually 120 days out that is what it says on my paperwork !!! Sounds like a great cruise had a look on line but cant find did you book this though Silversea Sydney, hope this helps, Have great cruise, Dale.
  4. This is Wilma from the Silver Shadow :)
  5. OOPS,(sorry wrong info)but there is a roll call :) Go to New Silversea roll call forum CC Help Jenn about four down from top of page there is also a meet and mingle you can join just underneath. See you there!!! Dale.
  6. Hi There, There is already a roll call for this cruise, if you go to the fist page of cruise critic up the top you will see a post by Laura who is a moderator click on her message and follow the instruction's it will take you there, Dale and David.
  7. Hi Aus Traveller, I haven't taken the photo yet, My e-mail is, dale watson 7 @ big pond dot com Thanks.
  8. Hi Everyone, I need an E-Visa to disembark in Oman, I have to apply on-line but it says a copy of the front page of my passport plus a digital photo not exceeding 512KB????Any one know what size of photo this is as I have no idea!!! Thanks, Dale:D
  9. Hi, Did you happen to see how much this e-visa costs in OMR:) Thanks again, Dale.
  10. Hi everyone, I have been on the Royal Oman Police website as I finish my cruise on the 23rd October this year!!! I see what I have to do and when to apply because as you said it only lasts for thirty days but encourage my stupidity;p what is a digital photo??? and where would I get one from.:o Thanks in advance for any answers, Dale.
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