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  1. We ended up going with a category 8D - cabin 7680 to save a little. Thoughts on this location? It's a bit aft but not all the way at the back.
  2. Would a cabin location around 8206 be good? Price wise, I think that could definitely be within our budget.
  3. Hello my friend and I are looking to book a girls trip on Allure for the Western Caribbean itinerary in December. We were originally going to do a Baltic cruise on Serenade this summer but I suffered complex tibia plateau fractures last fall and I'm not to the point where my leg will be able to handle 13 days on cobblestones and lots of stairs by July so we've decided to save that for 2020 and try a relaxing Caribbean cruise for this year. I've only done 1 previous cruise, and it wasn't on RC and my friend has never cruised before. The sheer variety of cabin types on the Oasis class ships is a bit overwhelming honestly. Our cruise will stop at CocoCay, Cozumel, CostaMaya, and Roatan if that matters at all. We know we don't want a suite, and most likely don't want a regular inside but other than than we're having a hard time deciding as we're wondering how much time we'll really spend in the cabin on an Oasis class ship as it seems like there is so much to do? How do people decide, and I'm thinking middle decks are best?
  4. That same cruise in 2020 is going to be on Jewel of the Seas, which is Radiance class I believe so I think it docks in Stockholm. Also it still overnights in Stockholm the first night before embarking so we like that.
  5. My friend and I had lunch today, and we are going to see about switching the Baltic cruise to next year and maybe doing something a bit easier this year like a 7 day Caribbean so I have a bit more time. The surgeon had said 12 months for full recovery which would put me into September and that was before some complications I had. My progress the first couple of months once I was able to bear weight was progressing well but the last 6 weeks or so I am a point where the gains are slower now. Royal is offering this same itinerary in 2020. I do like the idea of public buses in Stockholm and Copenhagen if that's possible, and a private tour for St. Petersburg might be worth the cost even if my leg is better by then.
  6. My friend and I are supposed to be on the 13 night Scandinavia-Russia cruise on serenade of the seas on July 28th of this year. I had a bad accident last September after we booked the cruise and broke my right leg in 6 places at the base of the knee joint (called a tibia plateau fracture). I've had a couple of surgeries but I'm still walking with a cane, and can't walk long distances so I'm trying to figure out how feasible this trip is at this point. My leg tends to swell when I walk more than a couple of blocks. Our itinerary is: Stockholm (overnight) Helsinki St. Petersburg (overnight 2 nights) Tallinn Riga Visby Berlin Fredericia Copenhagen (overnight) We were thinking of doing the HOHO in Stockholm and maybe Copenhagen and we were looking at a tour in St. Petersburg. How walkable are the other ports, or are there buses available in the other ports also? This will only be my 2nd cruise so I'm also nervous about a cruise of this length with an injury like this. We do have trip insurance. I also don't want to ruin the trip for my friend.
  7. The other funny thing was that I had to crawl 30 feet to get back to my cell phone to call 911 and at that time of night the mosquitoes were out in force. I had a few choice words for those mosquitoes. I started PT today so I’ll be working out the left leg to maintain strength there and eventually upper body strength also so I’m hoping I can maintain some level of fitness for the next 3 months. But yes no real diet right now. I heard from my son that he has arrived safely at his new post so that makes me feel better. I’ll try to live vicariously through everyone else for a while.
  8. Hi Everyone- Sorry I’ve been MIA. The last few weeks have not gone according to plan. Our trip to Virginia went well. My son graduated from AIT with honors but was sick again starting the weekend after graduation. Luckily, it didn’t turn into a full blown case of pneumonia again. He deployed last Monday afternoon. My car was in for service that day and was supposed to be ready by 5 but they were running late so the dealer said just keep the loaner and pick up your car tomorrow since I had my first class of fall semester Monday night. I get home from class and realize I gave them my main set of keys and not the 2nd set. Emergency key is missing, sunroom door is locked. Older son doesn’t have a bus card to come let me in. Dogs are whining because they know it’s me. I get the ladder out of the garage, climb on the room of the sunroom to go in through the French door which is always open....only it’s jammed and won’t open. I’ve always gone up that way but never had to get down. I get my left leg on the ladder ok but my right leg is too far of a stretch and I fall. I broke both bones in my right lower leg all the way across horizontally plus multiple fractures that extend up into the knee joint itself. I had my first surgery Tuesday afternoon for temporary pins and an external fixation device. I will need a 2nd surgery either later this week or next week to get the permanent plates and screws. On the upside, my appetite is down so I’m optimistic I’ll meet my goal in no time.
  9. Trying not to worry but my son in the military has come down with pneumonia. Waiting to hear if he is improving with the medication or if I’m going to need to fly out there early. Hope everyone is having a better weekend. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Down .6. Yesterday was my last day on the prednisone so I'm happy that is behind me. I hope everyone else is having a good week. Next week is finals week so I'm not expecting a big loss. Mike and pacruise, I agree not bad gains. I have 2 trips coming up though then before the end of August so the rest of the month is going to be tough. Summer can be hard with all of the travel.
  11. Belle- I may be up tonight. I can't seem to sleep on this higher dose of the prednisone. Good thing though as I'm trying to finish the draft of my research paper. Ski- Hope you are having a great birthday weekend! Great picture Shootr.
  12. Thank you for the nice poem Belle. I only managed to lose the .2 I had gained last week, although at this point I'm mostly focused on the health issues and not really the weight loss. I saw the PA at my neurologist's office yesterday as my neurologist is on vacation for 2 weeks. She is having my do a 6 day round of prednisone now plus she is upping my Topamax by 25 mg to try to get the migraines under control. I'm hoping this works as I have a little over 2 weeks left in this class so I have a lot of work to do on my final project.
  13. I can normally feel a migraine coming on. They have been occurring more frequently this summer as we seem to be having a lot of thunderstorms and the barometric pressure always seems to trigger me, plus my work and school schedule isn't helping. I'm normally on Topamax as a preventative plus I take Rizatriptan when I start feeling one coming on and that usually works until the last couple of weeks. In the past when I had to take prednisone, I tend to not be able to eat at all but I'm not on as high of a dose this time so I'm hoping it will be easier. Glad to see Rose, labmom, jan in maine, diana, nyer and skiergirl are all down this week. Well done everyone.:)
  14. Up .2 this week. I’ve been fighting a recurrent migraine and nausea but not exercising. I’m starting a short course of prednisone today so I’m a little worried about how that’s going to go. Hopefully everyone else has a better week. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Congrats pacruise on the results. Great race!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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