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  1. No. Everything is either swiped or your folio # is input manually.
  2. Also you can book 2 relatively cheap 4 days or 3 cheap 3 day cruises for weekend getaways on the Liberty or Elation out of PC and get your count up as well.
  3. He is currently on the Conquest. He just signed on this weekend.
  4. All Carnial ships almost always use Puerta Maya. I have docked at the International Pier once with Carnival.
  5. Yes. Your picture comes up everytime they swipe your card.
  6. It will be either port or starboard side. You won't know until you pull alongside.
  7. No. The other side of the world -- Panama Canal
  8. Actually the Legend is currently sailing in Alaska out of Seattle right now.
  9. I ate at Shaq's Big Chicken in Vegas a few months ago. To be honest, I wasn't really impressed with the food. It was just OK -- not bad but not great.
  10. Just google cruise ship port schedules and several sites will come up.
  11. Go to Men's Wearhouse and buy yourself an awesome garment bag called SkyRoll. It's the best $150 piece of luggage you will ever buy. It is very manageable and compact and it fits in the overhead bins on the plane just fine and keeps your shirts and suits wrinkle free. Who ever invented it is a genius. You can probably also find it on Amazon.
  12. I have never much cared who the CD was. They don't make or break my cruise whatsoever. We cruise to eat, drink and relax. The CD doesn't affect us one way or another.
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