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  1. I guess that makes you a bottom feeder as well.
  2. The captain? Lol. That's what I have a first officer for. Especially if it is raining or cold outside. 😁
  3. My girlfriend and I have been on several cruises with her daughter and have never had an issue at all. No one has ever blinked an eye. We have even taken her with us to Cabo on a land based vacation and never had any problems whatsoever.
  4. If you read my entire comment you will see I pretty much said that. There was no "righteousness" stated or implied. You must have read that "righteousness" into it.
  5. I cruise to disconnect from the world and reality. As soon as I step on board, my phone gets turned OFF and goes in the safe until disembarkation day. I realize some people have issues at home or have to work while on vacation so wifi is a must, but for me being 100% disconnected is part of the mental break of my vacation.
  6. I am a Carnival "cheerleader" and loyalist, but I have to be fair and say that HAL, Princess, and NCL offer better itineraries and more competitive pricing than Carnival does in Alaska. Look at other lines if you are wanting to sail to Alaska.
  7. You are going to have a harder time finding this as time goes on since this is the direction the industry is headed.
  8. Honestly, in the port areas, they are all pretty much identical all selling the same stuff within a dollar or two of each other.
  9. Progrosso, as we call it -- if you aren't going to do a ruins tour, just stay on the ship and enjoy the emptiness of it.
  10. That 17 day reposition on Freedom to Seattle is very tempting. Lots of sea days, which we love, and a full canal transit. We are booked on the 14 day partial Panama Canal on January 2021 on Freedom but may rebook it to the repositioning cruise.
  11. Two things... 1. You aren't getting the FTTF perks for free. You have absolutely paid for those perks over time. You have more than earned them!!! 2. Dont 100% count on your cabin being ready right when you board. There have been a couple of cruises where we have received letters via email on embarkation day that due to the high number of Platinum and Diamonds, rooms would not be ready until after 1:30. Most recently this was the case on our cruise on Sunrise this past June and on Magic out of Port Canaveral last year. We still were able to drop our bags off those couple of times, though.
  12. I must say that 17 day reposition cruise to Seattle looks good. Lots of sea days and a full Panama canal transit. We are booked on the 14 day partial Panama Canal in January 2021 on Freedom. We may move our booking the repostioning cruise.
  13. OP, I dont mean for this to sound disrespectful, but how is it that you are Platinum and were not aware that when booking a guarantee cabin you are gambling and rolling the dice?
  14. Lol. Jack of all trades of master of none.... 😉😉
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