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  1. Thank you, MisterBill99, I had, basically, the same thoughts you do regarding the coffee plantation. We'll also take a look at the Guatemalan Guide tours. Have a wonderful vacation.
  2. Thanks so much cruisefan 123, Much appreciate you sharing your thoughts on the tour and what clothing and shoes are comfortable/acceptable. We sail soon and are looking forward to it that much more with your insights! :cool::ship:
  3. We will be taking the tour of Cartagena with Dora near the end of September. The itinerary lists a visit to the hill at La Popa including the monastery and chapel and also to San Pedro Claver Church. We've been told that it will be quite hot and humid and we should dress comfortably. Just wondering whether there's any type of "dress code" for visiting the chapel and church. Do we need to have our knees and shoulders covered for that portion of the tour? If anyone has been on this tour and could share some tips we'd much appreciate it. Thanks!
  4. Is there an area on the Infinity for guests to wash their own laundry? Other cruise lines have guest laundry rooms on a few decks. Does anyone out there, that has cruised on the Infinity, know whether they have these onboard this ship?
  5. Hi Everybody! Our ship will be docking in Puerto Quetzal and we're considering a tour at the El Barretal coffee plantation. The cruise line offers an excursion which goes there but we're wondering about doing the plantation's own tour instead. Looked at their website and had some email conversations with Sofia del Cid of El Barretal plantation and they can arrange a driver and tour for us. Has anyone gone to El Barretal by setting up a tour directly through them? Looking for tips on doing this, whether their driver and location is safe and whether the tour was an enjoyable way to spend time during this port stop. Thanks! :cool:
  6. AryMay, You must have had such a wonderful journey. Thanks so much for sharing details about your Gio Tour in Puntarenas! We will be visiting there in the Fall. Seems like you thoroughly enjoyed your tour, are you glad you chose Gio Tours?
  7. Thank You, Froufie! I'm definitely leaning that way. Has anyone out there done the Hop On Hop Off bus as an excursion through Celebrity? The ship's excursion info shows it as a four-hour tour. When I've done HOHO on my own, in other towns, the amount of time we chose to spend was totally up to us. If there's truly a time limit on this excursion, I'm guessing that the ship has "chartered" the HOHO service to take cruisers to pre-selected spots for specific amounts of time. Does anybody know how that ship's excursion works?
  8. Trying to decide between two options in Cartagena: 1) booking the Hop On Hop Off through Celebrity ship excursion (understand that booking through cruise line , the HOHO bus picks up and drops off right at the ship) or 2) a van tour with Dora the Explorer Any suggestions or opinions would be appreciated. Thanks in Advance!
  9. Beautiful, thanks so much for sharing. Many of your photos are truly prettier than a postcard. Are you a pro photographer in "real life"?
  10. Thanks for the pic and info, Mercruiser. Looks beautiful! We want to do a South Pacific cruise (probably on Celebrity) and would love to see a review of your trip when you get back. So relaxing - Enjoy!
  11. Do you have to dine at Mulat's to go an enjoy the music?
  12. I was hoping there were others who had already dealt with it. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with this. I feel much better about it now. The ship isn't around anymore and they didn't give us sail and sign cards way back then, so we couldn't send a copy of that. We did scan a gangway photo taken by ship's photographer as we were disembarking at a port. It shows a banner with the ship's name, hanging on the handrail. Emailed that, with a description of the itinerary and dates, plus a copy of the Carnival Fun Times (now it is called the Carnival Capers, I believe). Hoping to hear back from them soon.
  13. Has anybody out there dealt with sending documentation to Carnival to have an old cruise added to your VIFP account? The Carnival VIFP web page gives an email address to use, but the message bounced back/address was no good. I know that there is an online form for requesting an adjustment to add a cruise. However, this past cruise is so old that we need to send documentation to Carnival to show them that we were on it. Email seems like it would be easiest and we've already scanned our docs., otherwise I guess we'll just have to fax it. Also wondering whether anyone knows how long it usually takes for Carnival to get something like this added to our VIFP account.
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