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  1. With fuel well over $80 a bbl and still climbing, not adding on a fuel surcharge would be exciting, especially when ships are operating with reduced passenger capacity.
  2. There may still be some form of limiting capacity and social distancing in March. ???
  3. Not that long ago when we started cruising (2001) the big thing was waiting for that inch thick envelop in the mail. It was our right to do what everyone called the "DOC DANCE".. The spiral bound BOOK we got was personalized for our particular cruise including our boarding passes, detailed itinerary information, information and map about the ship we would be sailing on. Each port was described along with each excursion for the individual ports. And always included was the complete set of those indestructible full color adhesive luggage tags. However there is still that excitement factor when our printer spits out the tags. LOL
  4. To me it is sometimes more stressful just making my morning coffee than it is to simply hit the PRINT LABELS button when doing my on line check in.
  5. Call one of the large chain pharmacies like CVS or Walgreens. They are almost always open on the holidays.
  6. Sailing in all types of suites and similar type accommodations for 20+ years. Whether Concierge, Junior, Sky, Royal, Grand and other staterooms on both Celebrity and Royal the differences and extras in each are clearly stated. Bigger, room(s), better bath or shower, shampoo, better veranda, butlers or concierges and restaurant choices are all part of the stated fares and YOU make the selections from columns A and B. Sure, maybe Royal should eliminate the suite part like X did when they added concierge class as a bridge from a regular veranda to a true suite with butler. Caveat emptor.
  7. November 7th here.. It has been a long time since we sailed on March 7th and wound up sailing the Caribbean with only 2 ports letting us dock.
  8. Back then you got all your documents in a personalized bound booklet. Everything you wanted to know about your cruise, itinerary, excursions, transfers, luggage tags all in a thick slick package with your name on all the required stuff . That's when we all did the fabled DOC DANCE.. LOL
  9. 1. Sign on to CRUISE PLANNER 2. CLICK ON VIEW BOARDING PASS 3. If checked in and your luggage tags are ready you will see VIEW LUGGAGE TAGS or it will say luggage tags pending. 4. Print them from there when they are ready.
  10. They will probably work something out to deal with Buses and shuttles'
  11. Will there be an UP-SIDE and DOWN-SIDE marked on the towels.. LOL
  12. Thanks. I went back into the planner and when it got to arrival time the only option was 3:00-3:30. I think we may have an hour leeway in either direction with a suite ??? Would love to board at 2:00 or so. Time will tell. Thanks again, bosco
  13. Where on Cruise Planner is there a boarding time choice ?
  14. I imagine that Royal is going to take a lot longer getting passengers both on and off their ships in Cape Liberty in order to prevent crowding and allow for social distancing. This would necessitate a longer period in port and a later departure time.
  15. Yup.. And we have a 3:00-3:30 boarding time. .
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