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  1. I was thinking more like Deep Space Nine 😉
  2. I just stumbled across it when looking at the Crew Messages; never expected to see anything other than the other very nice short responses from River and Ocean crew members. It is a reminder how important it is to support the arts.
  3. In case you haven't seen this yet on Viking.tv , Viking's own ,Cruise Director Brian Rodriguez, Assistant Cruise Director Manny Rodriguez and brother Michael ( not yet, but maybe someday part of the Viking Family ) have an on-line concert that they put together for Viking guests. You can find it on Viking.tv under the Crew Messages. If you have ever (or never ) had the pleasure of hearing the beautiful tenor voices of Brian ( saw him on the Viking Orion from Bali to Sydney December of 2019 ) or Manny ( I believe that he was on the last World Cruise ) you will be lifted out of the Covid b
  4. I always have them send a copy of the reservation to review before making a deposit. They usually will hold the booking for 3 days ; the time for payment is based on date and time of day it was booked. The deposit for the one that I booked today is due on Oct. 7th at 11:37 PDT.
  5. It is even better to try and push for that extended date even before you put it on hold if you can.
  6. I hear you Jim! I have been in the business for 25 years and really good at getting cruise lines , airlines and tour companies into make exceptions. Viking however doesn’t move very much . From a busines perspective I can can understand that . From a client perspective, not so much. I did get my clients final for an October 2022 trip moved to the end of February 2021, but from the beginning they have had a much earlier payment schedule that anyone else in the business. Loyal Viking clients may not like it, but they accept what it is. Viking makes no apologies for this and the product is somet
  7. We went to the Galapagos in March 2020 and a friend had walking sticks ( she brought her own even though Celebrity provided some ) . She was very happy that she did so as she had had hip replacement surgery 2 months prior . I think that even without that issue, walking sticks would certainly give a good sense of stability in certain areas . We didn't use any but that is not to say that they wouldn't have been welcomed.
  8. Also, you should be able to get an invoice ( where you can see the final due date as it is not shown on the Payment page - which is odd) when you click on the menu and go to My Account. If you created the MVJ with your email, it should go to you. If not, your TA is able to get it for you.
  9. We have talked about doing a WC for the last year or so when I decided to retire. Once we had several trips cancel we decided to do the WC. There are only 3 countries on this WC that we have not visited, but there are so many palces in the world that we would like to visit again so that is OK. We have an Azamara Greek Isle trip in April with family that I need to get on, but after that, I am ready to focus on the Viking World Cruise.
  10. We had a lunch and dinner in Quito that was excellent. Food on the ship was very good too. Again, maybe not the variety that some people might like, but the 5 of us found it good. Honestly, when someone is cooking ang cleaning up afterwords, I’m good 😉
  11. We were on the last Flora sailing this year and made it out of Ecuador the day before they closed their borders. I think that if you like Viking, you will like the ship and the service as throughout the whole trip ( we started with 2 nights in Quito) was excellent. Food variety was limited as there are so many restrictions from the government as to what the ship can and cannot have on board.
  12. This is our first WC . I got the PDF of the 2022 WC from Brianvicars ; he had asked Viking for it. I took the PDF and went to Office Depot to have it printed and laminated. I did have it up on the door of our computer room,but my husband wanted on the breakfast bar so that he could look at it anytime he wanted. Not sure if it will stay there for the next 473 days 😉
  13. Love my Spa amenities for the Nordic Nights and some wine in my Viking glass ( OK , normally this holds champagne, but the Viking logo didn't show up so well with that 😉) while looking at the itinerary for our 2022 World Cruise .
  14. I agree that if the airlines website still shows your flight itinerary then you are probably OK. For peace of mind, check with Viking’s air plus department by phone.
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