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  1. I live IN Vancouver - literally a 10 minute walk to the port, so anything roundtrip from Vancouver would absolutely be my first choice right now. Sadly, I don't foresee our Provincial Health Officer allowing cruise ships in anytime soon (I HOPE I am wrong, but it wouldn't surprise me if Vancouver has to miss another cruise season next year). Additionally, the government of Canada still has a travel advisory in effect to avoid all cruise ship travel - Canadians that choose to cruise anyways will not be covered in the event that they get stuck overseas...that scares me more than the thought of getting the virus!
  2. Agreed! The not being able to get off and do as we want is going to change how I cruise for sure. I will absolutely still cruise, but will stick to itineraries where I am content to stay on the ship....like Mexico! Lol
  3. FYI - from Princess to TAs Being the destination expert, you’d think we’ve done it all, but here’s a first: We are sailing our first summer season roundtrip from Los Angeles to Mexico and the California Coast from May to September 2021 – and these sailings go on sale to the public on October 7 (October 6 for Elite Princess Captain’s Circle Members). Crown Princess® will alternate between our signature 7-day Mexican Riviera that visits Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlán, and our 7-day Classic California Coast, that includes popular calls to Monterey, San Francisco and Catalina Island. Plus, we’re mixing in 4- and 5-day Getaway cruises, including our popular Cabo San Lucas Getaway that features an overnight in Cabo – we’re the only line that offers this 5-day itinerary during the summer – and our West Coast Getaway that features San Diego. And here’s the kicker – she’ll also sail our popular 14-day Alaska Inside Passage sailings on July 3 and July 17! (And for your clients with lots of vacation time, they could depart on July 17 for a 14 day Alaska cruise, then stay on board for a 7-day trip to Mexico, then continue up the California Coast for another 7 days. Just an idea!) SE0MS001AN_2021_2022WestCoastReferenceFlyer.pdf
  4. Ahhh...got it! No, I'm not a member of that site. I believe it is mainly US agencies? For the group discounts my agency offers, they are group holds placed on mass to lock in the price. Depending on how well the cruise is selling, the group rate could be significantly better than the regular rate. Obviously, not always - sometimes the group rate is higher than or the same as the regular rate, in which case you wouldn't be saving money but would get any extra amenities/credit. We certainly don't get the discounted rates some US agents can give.
  5. Not sure what the bidding site is? I'm an independent contractor (in Canada) with the company that just had the 3 day sale...I think it's ok to say that here since I only ever take clients that I know or that are referred by someone I know, so not soliciting for business on cc!
  6. I AM the TA, so I just looked up our group rate in Polar! I'm not sure if the group rate shows online or not - I've never actually looked...maybe I should!
  7. But don't forget the coupon book....lol The other thing to consider is that often there is a group rate with this TA that can get you better pricing - I have a booking that would come out to the exact same price I am currently booked at but with an additional $350 OBC. The snag is that I have to cancel and rebook (no refaring) and there is no availability in my current category...so I have to weigh up that if I cancel, would my cabin become automatically available to rebook. No guarantee on that.
  8. I have a feeling that this 3 day sale may not be as value packed as previous 3 day sales. I say this because the "sale" is combinable with BOTH Princess Plus and Princess Savers - so you are STILL paying for the drinks/grats/wifi if you choose to combine it with Princess Plus. What you do get is OBC, coupon book, and reduced deposit (even for suites), plus it is combinable with the agency's group rates which could mean you get a better price than booking direct.
  9. Fingers crossed it stays the same for the next 3 days and doesn't increase on Sept 24th!
  10. The 3 day sale only applies to bookings made in the 3 days. Any holds/active bookings need to be cancelled and rebooked so they will be at whatever pricing is in effect at that time....
  11. I second this! Anyone still waiting, email csteinke@princesscruises.com. I was really getting the run around for mine and my client's March sailing and out of desperation emailed the customer service director (Steinke). Kimberley called me back within a few days, promised to take care of it. I had the refund within 2 days and the FCCs within a week AND she personally called me to check that everything was settled.
  12. I agree - the way this was handled on all counts was unacceptable. I expected better of Princess and was very disappointed. I am 99.9% sure we won't sail in March - final payment is in January so I have some time to weigh the options. I don't want to cancel until my March sailing from THIS year has been squared away since I don't want any refund from NEXT year's cruise to look like it was from THIS year's cancellation. It's sad that I have to be concerned about this, but the disorganisation from Princess leaves me VERY concerned that the refunds could be misinterpreted! My cruise next March is already 60% paid for (2 weeks in a full suite, so a chunk of change) so I don't want to have to fight for that money back!
  13. If it's FCC then no....that FCC goes back in your personalizer and you get no bonus with it (at least that is how it is now - it could change, but doubtful)
  14. I sometimes feel like this will never end. I've gone from having NOTHING for 6 months, to now having DOUBLE what I should have (dispute credits plus Princess refund) and can't seem to get it sorted. My client (same March cruise) has FINALLY got back her EZ Air refund but still waiting on those FCCs.... With my March 2021 Hawaii sailing looking less and less likely, I fear that I will be going through this all over again in a few months.
  15. Please keep us updated on what happens! I disputed through both my cards after 75 days of waiting and got temp credits. On day 150, Princess refunded both cards. I immediately let my banks know and told them they could close the dispute. At this point, I still have those temp credits showing. I am concerned that the temp credits will be removed AND Princess will recharge and I will be right back to square one!
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