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  1. You have you use the side mirrors when backing. Also, there is a very good chance that someone is going to get a new fishing pole with a nice bow on it to take with them when they depart the backing ship. Bob
  2. Well, IF, the judge does send some of the Carnival Corp leaders to jail, I hope that the deputy takes the Barrel Chair out of their cell. 🤣 Bob
  3. To OP A little duck tape and your medallion will be as good as new. 😁 Bob
  4. Thanks to all that took time to respond. $69.00 in the spa. That would frost the Wife. That OBC could be used for something useful, like shopping the sale benches set up on Desk 7 or going through the left over sale items from Cruises past. 🤣 Bob
  5. Thanks I may have to try and find one on land. I was thinking that I could use the time on ship since we will have lots of at sea days. Bob
  6. End of summer this year we will be going on a 30 day cruise. Normally I get a hair cut and beard trim just before we go. However, after two weeks I will look like I lived in the mountains all summer trapping beaver or something. 🤠 And, the Wife will want us to have photos taken on formal nights since that will be one of the few times she can get me to wear a suit. Stopped doing that after I retired. So, my question is. Who do I see or where do I go to get a hair cut and beard trim on a Ship? We will be on the Emerald Princess. Thanks Bob
  7. On one cruise while inspecting the safe before putting anything into it I found a small white box under the front ledge. When I opened it inside was a silver chain with a Blue stone carved to look like a turtle. We took it to the passenger service desk and turned it in. I waited until the lost and found log was filled out. Never heard anything back from the cruise line. However, as soon as the wife saw it, she said she wanted to find one just like it. Bob
  8. Wonder how many on that ship did not want to go to the muster drill, at the drill talked to their neighbor, played games on the their I-Phone, took a little nap?
  9. Bob Thanks. I always enjoyed your trip reports. Bob
  10. If you remain with your plan to fly in the same day, you need to work on your Plan B. Which will kick in if you miss the ship. 1. Will you go back home? 2. Will you fly to next port to meet the ship? And, is this possible. You would need to obtain seats on another plane. Some times that is not possible. Do you have insurance that will cover the cost? Even with insurance you will have to pay up front for everything and then submit the receipts to the insurance company. And will you have to stay in a hotel while waiting for the ship to arrive? That is another reservation you need to make right then. So, how do I know this? We had also decided to fly in the same day. Our flight was cancelled due to broken steps. Yea, I know did not seem like a safety of flight problem, but the airline fiddled around and then after holding us for 4 hours cancelled the flight. We finally arrived at the Port at 5:00 PM and the ship sailed at 4:00 PM even tho we had contacted the Cruise Line and advised them of our problem with the airline. We had to fly ahead of the ship and then wait for 3 days for it to arrive at the Port. Bob
  11. I really appreciate that People can bring/use an electric scooter on board ships. This allows them to continue traveling instead of staying at home. And, my long term plans are to continue going on Cruises, even if I have to ride a scooter my self. However... I wish that the scooters had a bell that sounded when the wheels turned. That way they will not sneak up on you from behind. One formal night while watching the show of passengers pouring into stacked glasses from the deck above I was nailed from behind in the left leg hard enough to break the skin and push me against the rail. The driver then hit several other people standing in the crowd including a waiter with a tray of drinks. The tray went fly and the glasses fell and broke. Lucky, no one was hurt very badly from the impacts. The driver then left the scene as fast as the scooter could go. I still have a scar on my leg to remind me. Bob
  12. Later this summer we are going on a 29 day cruise from Barcelona to Fla USA through the Canal to end in Los Angles. Now, me being a gentleman, I will let my Wife use the one chair in the Cabin that Princess Hq has deemed as adequate for two people in a cabin. 😞 Since I do not like to sit long term on the bed to read or watch TV I would have to stand while in the room. Unless I find a corner to lean in. Then I came up with a possible solution for this problem. I will ask that Steward bring two more life jackets for my use. Then I will stack up the four life jackets in end of the closet and then sit on them while reading my Kindle. Problem solved. 😎 (Naw, I would not use a life jacket for such use, but it is an idea)
  13. Another couple not thrilled with the hours. The only time we visited the elite lounge was on a night that we were not thrilled with what was being offered on the menu in in the MDR. After the lounge we then picked up dinner at the Grill. Bob
  14. Add me as another unhappy cruiser. When I first read about the barrel chair being removed and then a few posts later it was added that the small table also was gone my level of unhappyness went up. I like to sit in the chair reading and looking out the window in our cabin. Also, just where will the flowers that I order for the Wife sit? The make up desk is normally covered by our stuff. Sit the flowers on the shelf above the refrigerator and they will soon wilt from the heat. And, as others have also posted, room service also will be a thing of the past since I don't want to set the tray on the bed while I am also sitting on the bed to eat. I guess I can go up to deck 7, find a chair by a window to read. Other passengers probably wont notice that I am wearing my PJ's 🤣 Bob
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