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  1. Close to our table in the MDR was 6 top table. The first night we saw a lady roll up to the table in her wheel chair. No one else joined her. Same thing happened the 2nd night. Then I saw a young man get up from the table he was sitting at with a group of other people. He walked over to the Lady, introduced him self and sat down. He joined her every night for the remainder of the cruise. The mother of that young man did an outstanding job in teaching good manners and how to help other people. Bob
  2. This has not been posted as of yet, so let me be the guy. We were offered an outstanding drop and go sale on a 10 day cruise down Mexico from San Pedro. We jumped on it. The flight we could get was same day. It was summer time, weather was good, no storms in sight, so we signed up Now, you probably guessed where this is going, right? We arrived at airport at 7:00AM for a 9:00AM flight. Delta started to post 30 minute delay notices and finally cancelled the fight at 1:00pm. We scrambled and got onto a 3:00PM flight that arrived at LA Airport at 5:00PM and the ship sailed at 4:00PM. We had contacted the Cruise line 3 different times reporting that we were being delayed so they were aware that we were having transportation problems. Long story short we chased the ship and caught up with it 3 days later. Last time we traveled same day to catch a ship. Bob
  3. I told this story a few years ago, but it still is funny, so one more time. I had gotten up early to take some photos of the sunrise. I grabbed a cup of coffee and was sitting on the deck above the pool overlooking the lounges around the pool. Looking down I watched a man walk up to the lounges with several towels over one arm and holding some books and slippers. He walked up to the first lounge, dropped a towel, looked around and moved to the next lounge. Dropped another towel, looked around, and moved to the next lounge. Then he dropped a book. At that time I let out a whistle which made him look up. I was holding my camera by the strap while it swung back and forth. He saw the camera, dropped the remaining items and took off like a track star. The speed he displayed would have made him a good member of a track team. 😁 What was so funny about the whole event, was, that I had not taken any photo's, just watched him in action. Bob
  4. Our Alaska cruise was heading into glacier bay. The wind coming across the bow was probably 30-35 knots, wind plus speed of ship. This put the chill factor down to deep Brrrrr. I was dressed in layers and still was feeling the cold. Was up on the pool deck trying to hide behind a glass wall to break the wind while taking photos. Then I saw a young woman come slowing walking across the deck wearing a ship issued bathrobe and thong type slippers. She then went up the steps to the next deck with the wind whipping the bathrobe around exposing her to more cold. The cold did not seem to bother her and she did not look blue or like she was shivering in the cold. My thought was she must be flying with some type of chemical co-pilot. I know I felt colder just watching her.
  5. Wife and I wanted a ice cream cone so joined the line waiting to be served. When the lady, use this term lightly, in front of us received her order instead of moving from the serving position she looked over at the chairs around the pool and yelled and waved at some friends. Three came over and placed their order. Then same lady waved some more and one more came over. At that time I figured it was time to speak to her so I started to move up along side of her. The ship person saw what was happening and told the Lady she had to step aside so others in line could be served. When we moved up the Lady just stood their glaring at us like we had stolen something from her. I guess she had the word Entitled embossed on her tail assembly, however her clothes covered it up so we could see it.
  6. Hmm. Ship issued bathrobes or one of your own? My experience with ship robes has been that they will fit a average nine year old. Wearing one around the ship would leave too much of me exposed and probably would cause ship security to declare me a hazard to the eye sight of all in my area. πŸ˜‚ Bob
  7. Out of 19 cruises we only had one room steward that was any way negative. When we first met I had a small list of items I wanted in the cabin. Two Wine glasses was on the list. He provided a negative answer to each request including telling me to either pick up two glasses at a bar or call room service. Since it was a Christmas cruise I gifted him a small bag of M&M's that I had found in a shop in town over looking the additional room tip I normally leave with a good steward. πŸ˜€ Bob
  8. Ref customers paying more. Do not be surprised if you ask for a glass of water in the main dinning room and find out, that the water is free, but there will be $5.00 rental fee for the glass. 😁 Bob
  9. You have you use the side mirrors when backing. Also, there is a very good chance that someone is going to get a new fishing pole with a nice bow on it to take with them when they depart the backing ship. Bob
  10. Well, IF, the judge does send some of the Carnival Corp leaders to jail, I hope that the deputy takes the Barrel Chair out of their cell. 🀣 Bob
  11. To OP A little duck tape and your medallion will be as good as new. 😁 Bob
  12. Thanks to all that took time to respond. $69.00 in the spa. That would frost the Wife. That OBC could be used for something useful, like shopping the sale benches set up on Desk 7 or going through the left over sale items from Cruises past. 🀣 Bob
  13. Thanks I may have to try and find one on land. I was thinking that I could use the time on ship since we will have lots of at sea days. Bob
  14. End of summer this year we will be going on a 30 day cruise. Normally I get a hair cut and beard trim just before we go. However, after two weeks I will look like I lived in the mountains all summer trapping beaver or something. 🀠 And, the Wife will want us to have photos taken on formal nights since that will be one of the few times she can get me to wear a suit. Stopped doing that after I retired. So, my question is. Who do I see or where do I go to get a hair cut and beard trim on a Ship? We will be on the Emerald Princess. Thanks Bob
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