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  1. Dandee, did you take a taxi to Bloody Mary's or rent a vehicle? I've thought about, for the second day in BB, making our way to Matira Beach for a bit and stopping at Bloody Mary's on the way to or back. Just wasn't sure if it was worth it and if we should just hang on the private island until the Windstar dinner..
  2. Great advice about having our camera for the dock at the motu. I can't wait! Thanks, Petoonya! And thanks for recommending Tohora, at least I believe it was a post you made somewhere on this board recommending them. I just booked their afternoon whale watching/swim for the first afternoon.
  3. This sounds exactly right up our alley and the direction I'm leaning.. though I'd love for the private motu dinner to be held on the first night (my hubby's 50th birthday), I like the idea of a full day in Bora Bora on the first day and a relaxing day on the island on the second day.
  4. Hi all, my DH and I will be on the Wind Spirit for the Sept. 26th sailing. We are super excited to experience not only FP for the first time, but Windstar as well. I want to obtain solid confirmation of which night in Bora Bora the private island dinner will occur. My TA asked Windstar and they said it would be the first night. However, from what I could gather on here and various reviews, previous cruisers have said it was on the second night. I'd like to lock this info down as I'm trying to arrange plans for the first day in Bora Bora (which happens to be my DH's actual 50th birthday). I'm l
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