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  1. love cruising and your food pictures lol but having seen the world are limiting to hawaii where we are blessed. not comfortable with the mainstream lines now. we shall see moving forward. blessings and prayers and love
  2. Excited for her and wish her the best but quite frankly, I don’t care who the captain is since i am the one paying.
  3. We generally try not to sail on the same ship twice. Just for fun with the exception of the Queen Mary 2 and a few cruises on Norwegian. I had my parents 50th Anniversary on the QM2 with about 50 of their close relatives and friends. I have fallen in love with it even though our daughter got bored lol after a few trips. She is now married and enjoyed Royal Caribbean but I will say that Celebrity really has their act together. They loved crystal but as my father is no longer with us and mom has dementia we are thinking of Crystal or Seabourn but not until the virus is more in the past and right now we have my mom living with us. Thats why i love your reports and the food pictures lol. Sorry for the long post but i wish you godspeed and smooth sailing!
  4. Wish you both a safe and spectacular cruise experience. We have sailed the Millennium twice. Once in Europe and once in the Caribbean. Sailing close to home is fun as we have done two Hawaii cruises once circle island and once circle island then to the South Pacific. That said, enough of us! I love your commentary and especially the food pictures! Enjoy and please post the food pictures as I'm hungry!!!
  5. Sailed from San Diego on HAL and had no problem. Its a port. As long as it gets the job done. Looking forward as always to your reports and pictures of the food!
  6. LouChamp


    Where did the posts about the Virtuosa go?
  7. Which is why i pulled my mother out of assisted loving at 9000 per month and moved her in with my family.
  8. Additionally I would not want to be in quarantine on a ship. After spending thousands of dollars on a cruise. Its not a cruise. Its not a vacation. Its not relaxation. Its stress. My opinion only. Ill wait. maybe forever but its nit worth it on deck 5.
  9. Agreed with my fellow cruisers. Whether considered mainstream or mass market we must demand that they be transparent so we can make educated and informed decisions regarding our health, our families health and how we spend thousands of our dollars. In my opinion they are not being fully transparent. My opinion only. Respectfully. My parents have sailed crystal numerous times around the world and my no longer with us dad would be upset that they would not be transparent. He would not risk his wife, my mother now near 90 and would rather not sail. All the best.
  10. Believe its the same one. Problem is Crystal and the other mainstream lines are refusing to disclose information and until they are transparent all we can do is use these forums to publicize and also to decide not to give them our money. I love cruises but will not go at this point. My opinion. Smooth sailing
  11. Heard 6 tested positive. This is why at this point in time its not safe for my family and I to sail. Not worth testing, quarantine, aggravation. Its not a vacation. Its stress. Of course everyone has their own decision process but i will not risk my family safety and health. Bucket list complete but the fact that some cruise lines are keeping their test results secret is abhorrent especially with our money. I would respectfully request transparency and full disclosure of numbers. Not worth it otherwise. Just my opinion although i’ll probably get flamed and maybe this post will be deleted hopefully not. Smooth sailing and health to those that sail. All the best.
  12. my wife believes in overpacking as do I. We found both categories sufficient for our needs. Smooth sailing
  13. Exactly. I agree wholeheartedly.
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