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  1. I think this pool is the best afloat.....Love it! On M-Class ships, we get a SR Forward on deck 8 or 9 so we can zip up to the T-Spa pool in the morning and enjoy the warm saltwater action and the steel piped sides that from neat lounges in the water with bubble action coming up into them. Fantastic. And the upgraded M-Class ships still have them and they are free and adult only, except as Mom Says stated, in inclement weather kids can use it at set hours. Haven’t ever had an issue with that. On one cruise a couple brought their kids in with them and I wasn’t concerned until the kids decided it was pool-play time. Asked the pool stewards to take care of it and they did. So enjoy. Each Celebrity Class of ships has a real postive to it and the M-Class has this pool which is a knockout for us. Den
  2. I’ve not gone the grty route and picked the SR locations I like because location is something I found important to enjoying a cruise. I realize there is a definite cost savings, but I would think since you don’t pick your SR and pay a lower price, there’s a better than average chance of getting SR locations that aren’t popular. I don’t see how being a Celebrity Club member comes into play since most all become members after their first cruise, and there are tens of thousands in the higher Club standings so it’s no a big deal. Heck, my last cruise had 500+ Elite and higher. Going Guaranteed means you don’t pick a specific SR and those that pay for a specific SR are going to, by definition, get a ‘better’ location. And 210 days ahead? There have been more than a few threads where the poster was very concerned they hadn’t been assigned a SR and it was after final payment and getting close to the cruise. You have three options: accept you will not get a preferred SR location and enjoy that SR at this lower price; hope they give you a better location later as some posts have said may occur; go back and pick a SR you prefer and pay the extra.. Den
  3. I don’t know about that! Snow can get pretty packed in and after a few days, it freezes up and is hard as a rock too. I spent most of my life well south of snow areas, but had one big snow in Maryland in a place not ready or built for any heavy snow. we lived on a private road and the County didn’t clear it so we all got out and dug the road clear. Drove to work and came back late that night and they had plowed our road - which of course meant they heaped all the snow up closing the driveways and the stuff was like a rock wall!! Funny now but not at 10pm. I live in the Fla Panhandle and we get freezing temps a few days a year. It and when it coincides with precep (oh, about every 10 years!), we go crazy over ‘snow’ that actually reaches the ground for a few minutes!! Den
  4. This s a game that the Brits must play also! Did a 7-day stay in Cornwall prior to a cruise out of Southampton and drove around to enjoy the countryside. there were many (Many!) roads with stonewalls on each side and one lane - as in one for both directions! My favorite sign was “Caution - Oncoming Traffic may be in the Center of the Road - my response was: “I’M IN THE CENTER OF THE ROAD - an there is only a ‘center’!!”. Next time trains and buses. Den
  5. Agee with Cruisegirl6. And I haven’t run into hot water running out on any Celebrity Class ship. Den
  6. Our RCL New Years cruise we booked prior to 1 June didn’t accept our stockholding but we will use it for our two upcoming Celebrity cruises we booked since 1 June. And by the way, I also bought Carnival stock, and yes, we get $100 OBC, but as mentioned prior, RCL stock went up over 500% while my CCL stock is just about the same cost as when I purchased it years ago, so I’ve ‘made’ (yes, you don’t ‘make’ anything from stock until you sell it in most cases!) a lot more just owning RCL. One funny story though: When I told my broker to buy RCL, he said it wasn’t a great idea; I told him I’d get OBC with it so even if it was ‘dumb’ stock, I’d do OK. He did and after one year of watching RCL go zipping up, he confused he bought in also!! BUT (big but on purpose) this isn’t advice from anyone with any real knowledge of what to do with stock - I also bought Ford stock and watched it drop by about 75%. CC isn’t the place to get such advice! All of us will now get the stockholder benefits with cruises booked less than 6 months ago and onward. Den
  7. Yup, the products do fine. As to the single use plastics, I believe the room stewards take the plastic holders out and refill them and for me, none of them were single use......my 5 hairs on top of my head did just fine with the shampoo 3 or 5 time use! Den
  8. Not to get into a deep medical discussion, but some types of issues that require blood thinners cannot take the drugs that dont need monitoring. If you see those ads they say that med is not for those taking blood thinners for heart valve replacements. Life when she was too young for a bovine valve and required a mechanical one, which fortunately lasts for an extended time, but requires warfarin and cant take Eliquis and so on. Den
  9. After taking my wife’s info, the ship sent results to our Dr at home and the office responded back to the ship Dr with her blood number history and that all was OK and she’d not need another test until home. This means you should have the email/fax number for your Dr Office. She normally gets a test every month unless the numbers make a consistent change. No, the ‘data’ isn’t really for her, but for her Dr to decide what the level of blood thinner is needed and going on cruises with a lot of exercising (lots of walking!) and in menus, the numbers may change. Usually no checks are required during a cruise. the only reason we’d take one was if the numbers were in flex prior and the Dr wanted to track it closer and that’s decided prior to leaving. BUT (I hate using all caps but am emphasizing this) each situation differs so each of us needs to check with their medical team on how to handle all of this. But the point is, most cruise ships can and do these tests. And as most people who take blood thinners, we are well aware of where we are going to and options. Heck, we take river cruises which do not have facilities on board, but visit major cities so just be aware of options and your particular case. Den
  10. My wife had to have an INR check a while ago on a cruise and the cost was $70. Could have changed by now but that was what we were charged. Den
  11. This is why I hate talking pricing and so on. Hiccups, don’t worry i have a feeling that our offers are all pretty much the same. I may be using the wrong terms and so on. the website online booking costs for basic (no perks), 2-perks and 4-perks is all screwed up and I couldn’t really do a legit comparison. All I know is I have a good deal booking this - a good deal as far as I’m concerned.....for me. the Edge/Apex SRs are more expensive so there are ‘better deals’ on other Class ships. So there are many options and pricing. And there will always be someone who got a better deal......that why I hate getting into pricing discussions. Who knows what ‘deal’ any of us get. All I know is I got a deal I liked and is acceptable to me. Den
  12. I haven’t stepped through all 5 pages, but read some of the issues ove the confusion of this 4-Perks offer when trying to book on line. I tried also and when selecting the 4-perks, the price went way up. the basic no-perks showed a discount of $1,320 but when I selected 4-perks, the discount went away and it added $1,320 driving the cost way up by $2,600+. Didn’t make any sense. So I called Celebrity and yes, they said the on-line had issues and the price was the same as the price base discounted by $1320 with the 4-perks included. Yup, $900 down payment non-refundable - kind of ‘refundable’: if you cnx this and booked another, you pay $100 each to make the change. I understand nothing is ‘free’ but I’d looked at this cruise prior to the 4-perk $500 OBC offer and the SR base prices were the same for the ones I looked at, so Celebrity didn’t jump up the SR basic price and then offer these ‘freebies’. Call the perks free or whatever, as far as I’m concerned, its a great deal.....if you can make reservations now. Den
  13. Glad you found it and it was handy. We didn’t see it and the lines were short so.......Great you straightened that out. Den
  14. Summary: Great ship. Great Line. Great Itinerary. Strongly Recommended With that said, I’ll give you my cruising background so you know my bias. Cruised 38 times; 25 on Celebrity. When choosing a Line, we look at itinerary and find a close one with Celebrity and then compare, but go with Celebrity unless there is a big reason to go with another. We love sea days: the ship is a major part of the experience, for us - it isn’t ‘transportation’ port to port so ship and Line are a major factor for us. Ship: Reflection is a great ship. We love S-Class Celebrity ships and this is one of the best. Has the full Sky Lounge instead of part of it cut out for suites. Great commons areas. two issues: seating is starting to get a bit worn and you sit very low in many of the chairs at a table. Not enough places for readers and card players. Need more open places so we aren’t taking up places for snacking/coffee such as at El Bacio or taking tables in Oceanview/Dining room. We played during non-dining times, but still had issue sometimes. Recommend they open places such as Sushi for 5 when not in use. It was closed when not set for dining (and didn’t seem that popular even then). the decor is getting a bit dated with the red and orange motifs. Ship was clean and well cared for. SR: We had Deck 10 1243 Concierge 2. It’s was a bump out veranda behind the suites. Great Room! Same size as most other SRs but larger veranda. Loved it. enough storage. Glass shower. Near the aft elevators but no noise whatsoever. Loved it. Dining: we early 6pm dining. 2 person table. excellent location at a window and outstanding service. tables relatively close but not close enough where if you didn’t want to talk to your neighbor, it wasn’t an issue. I’m deaf in one ear so even if I wanted to ‘eavesdrop’ on our neighbors I couldn’t! Dining choices were varied and very good quality. Never an issue for us. We do love trying varying foods but aren’t ‘foodies’. Specialty Dining: we did the 3-dinner package. Ate at Murano’s. Excellent but just too much for us. Tuscan Grill. Great steaks but I’m not a big steak person - would rather try other choices. I cook steaks at home just fine. Grill was fine but not worth it for us. QZine/Petit Chef. Loved it. great and different choices. The ravioli was to die for - not something to have at an average restaurant and this was outstanding. Common Areas: Well maintained. Many areas to try out. Need a bit more for those who will sit for extended times as a group. Service: as we find on Celebrity, outstanding. Met all our needs, not intrusive and didn’t run into the ‘upscale’ we get on other ships. Seemed to have more waitstaff in the common areas then we’d experienced before. Itinerary: we love being on board so a transatlantic is perfect for us. Done 4 prior and will do more. won’t go though all the ports, but lots of At Sea days; NYC; Boston; Bermuda; Nassau is a fantastic mix. Crossing further north than many Celebrity TA’s mean you’ll probably get cooler weather, a bit of rain and a bit higher sea states. But well worth it. Entertainment: Well mixed. Lots of good music. A Live Band! Excellent dancers and high wire workers. Guest entertainers were excellent except for magician who I didn’t like (I love magic). Runaround Kids were a homer run. Podium Speakers: Outstanding. Prosecutor with great stores of big cases; Broadway musicals and he sang many of the songs; Beatles by a photographer who had direct contact with them early in their careers. Movies - history and actors. Fun! then speakers on the ports that were history of the ports, and what the cities were like. Enough.
  15. Wed 06 Nov - At Sea (Cont) Yup, big sales - most things $10 and buy 4 and get one free. Not a huge crowd! This cruise has many experienced and repeat cruisers, especially Celebrity cruisers so they’ve seen and bought most of this stuff prior. We did buy with all my ‘comments’ about sales. Celebrity has these neat zipper bags that are very handy for carrying stuff around the ship and so on so bought some for us and gifts. Played cards with our UK friends then ready for dinner: lobster and Beef Wellington. It was cold water lobster so had it - enjoyed it. It wasn’t Fla ‘Langosta’ warm water lobster. Tipped our waitstaff and thanked them since we’d probably not make main dining last night. then off to entertainment. It was a magician and I didn’t really enjoy him. good magic, but he was too swearing and putdown for me. Im not into cheap shot artists. You know us Navy guys aren’t use to bad language (he just didn’t use it properly with any fun to it). Will post tomorrow and then after the cruise, post a general review of the ship and answer any questions......I can answer! We did make a another future cruise purchase. We were set for a 2021 Japan to Vancouver TransPacific (yes, we love at sea days!!) on the Millennium. But found that the Eclipse leaves a week prior and was cheaper so went for it. 07 Nov - Nassau Been there done that. we stayed on board and enjoyed. I think I’m running out of stuff to report on so this is short. Did the grill and had a nice hamburger and sat in the smoking side because of the shade. It’s outside and not an issue for us since a bit of whiff doesn’t bother us, realizing it does for others. It is where smokers have a nice place to sit, smoke one and enjoy a drink and food. Spent afternoon packing and reorganizing. All went well. Did do dinner at the Oceanview instead of main dining. I wasn’t that impressed with it. Nothing wrong with the choices, lots of them, but porkchop was med well and so on. what you expect of a nice buffet. I’ll stick with Main dining unless there’s a big reason to go for dinner there. Tipped our steward. Outstanding. then into bed with an early wake up. Our number departure time is estimated at 7am. The walk offs are 6:30am. 08 Nov - Ft Lauderdale Got up early and got ready. Had quick breakfast. Ship was released and walkoffs with their own luggage were called at 6:45am. the 1st tags were called at 7:15 and we were called at 7:25am. All very smooth. Lots of people standing around at the gangway which isn’t necessary. Lots of seating other places. For those that think they can go prior to their luggage # call: when the people got to the luggage area and if they had come down early, the were asked to wait off to the side so sneaking off early doesnt work too well. We had Global Entry but that wasn’t set for there, but lines were Very short. we picked our luggage up, through emigration and out to find a taxi to the airport car rental and in a taxi by 7:40! By the way, there are good car rental choices near the port instead of the airport but my company had better rates front the airport. $15 taxi ride to airport. Taxi dropped us off inside the car rental parking building - have them drop you off at the departure of the terminal so you don’t walk all the way through the parking lot to the front to get your car info. Drive out was smooth and all went well. Summary to follow.
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