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  1. We book through a US travel agent. So would have thought US rules apply but I'm happy I'd they dont xx
  2. Last weekend I changed our Breakaway out of NY in Nov to Jade out of Tampa in Jan. Booked a GTY balcony just checked allocated a BA on deck 10 and final payment is 5 Oct so 90 days before sale. My Breakaway booking was also 90 days this was only booked in Nov 19.
  3. Just emailed our PCC to change our repositioning Breakaway from NY to NOLA in Nov to a 5 day & 7 day B2B from Miami in Jan. Works out the same price and get to keep the same balcony cabin for both legs. Hopefully he will get back to me soon. He never replied to my message about the sailings.
  4. If the infamous note is to be believed Encore starts to sail again at the end of Sep so if the note is correct you should be ok. Fingers crossed for you.
  5. That's what we think so looking at moving cruise to Getaway out of Miami in Jan doing a 5 day and 7 day back to back. My flights are non refundable but I can pay £200 to move them to January.
  6. If it's the start up date then Breakaway will/should be in the middle of its 13 day repositioning from NY to New Orleans. Still no reply from PCC though.
  7. I saw that document I I screen shotted it and have sent it to.my PCC. See what answer he comes up.with. We are booked on Breakaway and according to the document it starts resailing half way through our 13 day repositioning from NY to New Orleans.
  8. Good morning Not NCL related - but Cunard have just announced on UK radio news that they have suspended all cruises until 01 Nov 2020. Who will be the next to suspend? Should the lines just suspend until then to stop people booking then cancelling just to have it cancelled again.
  9. Our PCC did say to email him our excursions and he will.sort. I will email him tommorrow x
  10. Just tried with laptop does the same takes off lattitude discount but not room credit. We booked Nov 19 before the changes so I am wondering if still under old rules. We also still have 5 speciality dinners not 4.
  11. Just tried to book our shore excursions online - using the mobile app. We have the $50 room perk. When I goto the basket it doesnt take off my perk or my.lattitudes discount. And you are correct it doesnt give the option to pay onboard.
  12. That means they are possibly still planning on breakaway leaving New York on 9th Nov arriving New Orleans on 22nd. We are booked on that cruise. Still wondering what to do. We can cancel and poss move cruise to a Jan one out of Tampa but more expensive we booked this last year with 30% past cruise deals. Our flights from UK are non refundable but British Airways will move to either new dates/location we just pay any extra.
  13. I had to download a VPN to check the prices on the NCL US = as from the UK it automatically directed me to the UK site.
  14. Our cruise is still $1000 more expensive under the offer - we booked using the 4 free at sea and the got the extra past guest discount - I think we were very lucky.
  15. I downloaded Hola its a free app - though it is hit and miss to whether it works - but its enough for me to check the US prices - I then asked for a Cruise consultant to phone me at home which they need from Miami. I always book through a US tour agent - its cheaper, you get the price drops if you notice them but its a risk as you don't have the protection but if you pay on your credit card you should be covered.
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