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  1. Another example of one man's food being another man's poison. We saw her on Ventura last year and thought she'd be interesting but bearing in mind the amount of public speaking she does, we thought her delivery was poor though she seemed a lovely person. We're on Ventura again in February and just hope the detective who does the jury scenarios isn't on this time. He's been on the last 3 Winter cruises we've done and weren't keen the first time. We had Gervaise Phinn last year and he was hilarious I'd also put a word in for port presenter Paul. Fantastic. Uses all his own slides and photos, bases them on his own experience and exploring and has no notes.
  2. Just pour yourself a wee drinkie in you cabin and take it with you when you're putting things in, finish it off, then pour another as you go to pick them up. Pimps #drinkmoreworryless #iloveroomservice
  3. Don't tell everybody, but you can usually get a washing machine around 6:30 when people have started going to dinner.
  4. Each to their own then. Yes I worry about the plastic usage but having done a behind the scenes tour last year I feel confident the water bottles are dealt with effectively in the recycling plant. I drink A LOT of water and I've tried everything but I'm afraid whatever I do, it still has an unpleasant taste compared to what I drink at home. We've lived all over the UK and in Germany and our water here is the only tap water I've been able to drink.
  5. We're the same Dai. We've done these 35 day cruises for a few years now and drink as much or as little as we want (and we enjoy a few drinks) but our bar bill has never been even half of the £2800 it would cost to buy a package. And sorry but we don't like the wine package either mrbluesea. We'd rather choose from the wine list as and when we want instead of being limited to the ones we've "bought into". Even then it costs us less than the package would have done. However we were on Celebrity in August and their package, which we got for free, is great and the bar staff and sommeliers are very laissez-faire about the whole thing. Our glass was never empty in the dining room and measures were delivered free-hand in the bars with no always large measures. We live in Scotland and irrespective of what we've tried with the water on the ship, it tastes terrible and not clean, pure and tasteless like the lovely water at home, so that is definitely something we buy and always will. Maybe it depends where you live in the UK. However, we'd rather it could be provided in a more environmentally friendly way.
  6. There are two parts to the city centre really. The old town is built on an extinct volcano and at school we called it the crag and tail. The Castle sits on the crag which is the top and the 'tail' stretches down to the Palace of Holyroodhouse. The volcano is even steeper on the side that comes up from Princes Street so I would say that it the most difficult walk. However the other part of the city centre was designed and built on level ground and is called the New Town - despite the fact it was built 250 plus years ago. It is where the shops are but to be honest it is the most beautiful part of the city in my opinion. The art galleries are there, Princes Street gardens, beautiful squares where the rich people lived (and still do), great restaurants and although there may be shop frontages at ground floor level, the original architecture is still there on the floors above, showing beautifully preserved buildings. It is also a World Heritage Site. There is a narrow pedestrianised street called Rose Street which has several great authentic Scottish pubs. This is just a suggestion for those with walking difficulties instead of exhausting themselves on the Royal Mile.
  7. I make a photobook after every holiday and it can be a lot of hard work. Photo box books are good quality though and they're a great way to remember your holiday
  8. Funnily enough the worst thing we've witnessed was also Oceana. We were in the buffet having breakfast and it was a bit cool. A stroppy old g*t at the table next to us shouted over the waiter and asked him what he was going to do about the fact it was so cold - though not quite as nicely as that! The waiter smiled and shrugged as you might expect. This old guy then gave the waiter all kinds of abuse including racist, his wife got up and moved away and my OH said (politely, believe it or not! )- that he couldn't speak to the staff like that. The man who looked to be in his 80s then put his fists up to my OH and said he'd see him outside. Meanwhile I fetched the head waiter and complained to him about the man. Not seen much of that kind of thing on all our cruises to be fair. Once saw a large rowdy bunch (20 or so) travelling together on Azura in 2011 - took over the place and refused to do anything that staff asked - but that's another story....
  9. Iona will be leaving from Ocean Terminal so if I were you with luggage I'd take advantage of the free shuttle
  10. I don't need to justify myself to you or anybody, and I've read what P&O said, thank you. Tipping is a personal decision, I've made mine and I'm happy with it.
  11. We will continue to tip staff as we have always done, but probably not as much. On our last few cruises we have removed the auto gratuity and distributed our own equivalent £12 per day to people from whom we got personal service. We will still tip the same people.
  12. The menu has exactly the sort of choices I'd expect if I went out to a decent restaurant at home. I don't eat fish and some nights I find there's too many different dishes that include it but I can always have a steak or ask fro a starter as a main with veg / potatoes added. the same with the starters - I'm always happy to have a salad, and will ask for a Caesar Salad (my fave) if necessary. However on the two menus shown I'd have no trouble making choices
  13. I’d be happy to go for a drink in Deacon Brodie’s too but it does get incredibly busy during the Fringe so I wouldn’t really go there at that time with somebody elderly who needed to sit down. I just thought The Witchery was a safe bet as it is so close to the Castle and can be booked in advance.
  14. Don't actually agree, sorry! The shortest walk to The Castle is from George IV Bridge which is at the bottom end of The Lawnmarket. The walk up from Princes Street is very difficult. There are however local buses from outside the National Gallery on Princes Street up The Mound to George IV Bridge. It's only one stop but my OH does it as he couldn't possibly walk up.
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