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  1. If you stay within the RCI family of cruise lines, I don't think any are particularly generous when it comes to loyalty perks.
  2. A year or so ago there were some complaints about Oceania ships missing ports. Can’t remember the context, but perhaps the search engine on this board will help. Although I must confess that I personally haven’t mastered that service.
  3. To provide clarity, is your Africa cruise on an “O” or “R” class Oceania ship? And the same question applies to your upcoming Caribbean cruise.
  4. Thanks for that review. On our stop there Azamara offered an evening tour if Medina, a tour that was very atmospheric and memorable. I hope it is still available for others.
  5. That’s a great question! Certainly I would try to access through the steps Hiccups suggests, particularly in the case of a one way flight. However, I think the issue of you living in a different market with different rules may come into play here, rather than the location of the agent. Obviously you will have to use the North American web site for booking the flights. If you decide to attempt this, I am looking forward to hearing the results.
  6. Always a challenge to answer questions about flight arrangements since the answers reflect anecdotal experience and evidence. 1/ In our experience there have been no serious changes in booked Choice Air flights. Indeed, they have been limited to minor changes in flight times initiated by the air lines. 2/ If the price is close we would use Choice Air. They have an emergency number to call if a flight is cancelled at the last minute or a connection missed. In theory that number should help you alter your plans to reach your objective. However, we have never had to use that service so can’t comment it’s utility. 3/ If you booked a cruise through a TA, you do not need to involve them in reserving flights through Choice Air. That service will automatically notify your agent of the air reservation for your cruise. We have had good luck with using CA. We begin our search there as the results provide some parameters for the flights we are researching. In using it, we always arrange to fly in at least 1day before embarkation.
  7. There were several reasons: 1/ Part of the original discussion concerned whether a “luxury” hotel chain would use wall dispensers. That this story involved Intercontinental Hotels seemed relevant. 2/ The original thread had begun with a discussion of the contents of the dispenser rather than the dispensers themselves. I thought that was unfortunate. This was an attempt to comment upon only the latter concern. 3/ Obviously my heading was unfortunate. It should have been clearer so that those tired of this topic could have more easily avoided it.
  8. This topic of plastic toiletry dispensers in Azamara staterooms had been discussed in an earlier thread. This story was posted today. https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/ocean-plastic-holiday-inn-hotel-mini-bottles-1.5230087
  9. You are correct, finding a place to put one is the problem. At the last refurbishment there were originally plans to convert the Sunset Deck at dinner time into a sushi bar. Many on this board were opposed to that change.
  10. At 11:30 EDST I am able to look at the deck plans and there is an “X” in the upper left of that screen to close it. On the other hand, only one of our shore excisions is listed.
  11. Can’t comment on the rationale used but removing Casino staff would free up some accommodation as well as money.
  12. Good points that need to be seriously considered. Unfortunately, in our jurisdiction “recyclable plastic” is a bit of an oxymoron. Perhaps the staff in the ship environment can be more diligent at separating the types of plastic than we, as a wider society, manage to be. I’m not certain how optimistic I am about that.
  13. nordski


    “Favourites” like mushy peas? 😄
  14. Agree totally. But I have no idea what the norm is. It’s unlikely that most posters will choose to post here about positive experiences . Indeed, I have never done so. So thanks to trk_koa who took the time to do so.
  15. I know nothing about the tight local standards for excursions, but it is the only port where we encountered a very disreputable taxi driver who we hired in Valletta to take us back to the ship. And another couple on the same cruise had a similarly distressing experience.
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