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  1. nordski


    Good point about the number of new cruise ships that are about to be deployed. I wonder how much cross fertilization, some might suggest "contamination", there is between the personnel and philosophy of various elements of the travel industry. That influence might be particularly evident in the application of computers to create "efficiencies". We have seen that in the new stateroom upgrade policy. Overall, I think that customer loyalty isn't exactly a priority in many branches of tourism. Nor, for that matter, does it seem to be an emphasis in much of the service industry in general. Perhaps those in the know can tell us if MBA programmes now reflect or augment that seeming shift.
  2. nordski


    Based upon reports on this board concerning other cruise lines, the less transparent setting of prices and specials is becoming closer to the industry standard. In my experience this is how most airlines now operate. requiring a constant attention to fees in order to catch a "deal" as it fleetingly might occur through some algorithmic alchemy. Perhaps, as with flights, someone will now create an app that will allow you to follow prices on desired itineraries and advise as to the best time to commit. Otherwise you are just caught up in all the superfluous noise.
  3. nordski


    For a 2021 cruise that we have been following for a while, the drop in price for a verandah is about $3,000. CAD. The price now isn't exactly a "sale", but it is a reasonable price for a 14 day cruise. On our 2020 cruise the price hasn't budged. The fact that all the suites already seem to be reserved suggests that we shouldn't expect any downward movement.
  4. Thanks for the offer! And there is another Super Shopper on here who will help if we ever share a cruise again. Fortunately for my peace of mind, at this point when the agent at the airport assures me that I have done everything correctly I remain properly sceptical. Thus when/if the system ever works it will be a joyful blessing! 😄 But with the your aid I will be much more confident!
  5. It is heartening to know that the Global Blue refund system is working for so many and disheartening that, once again, I’ve failed to properly negotiate the process, even though I was assured by the agent in Rome this October that everything was in order. Looks like the next time I need an intervention by those who have been successful. 😄
  6. Just to clarify, if your friends file the Special Requests form a month or so before embarking they will receive a letter in their stateroom to meet with an officer in the MDR to discuss those concerns. This meeting has always been at 5:45 p.m. on the first day of the cruise. Thus they needn’t search out staff.
  7. Thanks for the details. Unfortunately for us no platforms provided a reduction for our excursions, perhaps our cruise is just too far out. Good news that the deal has worked for others.
  8. This comment made me smile, although in my wife’s case her allergies can lead to short bouts of coughing. On the other hand we recognize that others may feel discomfited when she has one of those events, especially when the ship is on a “Code Red”. Perhaps the doctor’s note is a good idea. 😄
  9. This comment made me smile. My wife has allergies which can easily lead to coughing. Thus a doctor’s note might be handy. 😄 On the other hand we realize why others might be discomfited, especially if the ship is in a “Code Red”.
  10. Congratulations on identifying some deals in CAD! Can I ask if they were specifically marked as such, or did you compare it to the price you paid? I have checked our excursions, but nothing specifically showing a drop in price.
  11. We find that It helps if you fill out the Special Requests Form approximately a month before boarding. Your TA can obtain and forward it. Your issue will be shared with the ship and consequently the various dining venues. You will also be asked to meet with one of the Head Waiters at the first evening on board to review the concern, and they can certainly share your issue re: the Chef’s Table.
  12. I was typing as hubofhockey posted a much more succinct reply. We seem to be in general agreement, although I might demur about the refundable deposit.
  13. Although it would be nice to get such a commitment, I'm not certain that it is practicable for cruises two years away, Not only charters but shifts in passenger demand over that period may lead to itinerary changes. For example, the rather cool reception for Azamara's Alaska cruises was no doubt surprising to the cruise line and did lead to alterations. And, indeed, our own personal circumstances (health, wealth, etc.) may alter significantly over a two year period. It would be interesting to see statistics as to how many cruisers change plans over a two-year period and cancel a long-held reservation. We certainly have done so. My focus for this policy would be on itineraries one year out, since at that point passengers may be locking in because of work commitments, flight purchases, etc. Changes at that point should only be for serious issues. And even then I always see these plans as somewhat tentative not only for the cruise line but also for us personally. Final payment really locks it in. My memory may be flawed, but it seems to me that the release of plans for cruises two years away is a relatively recent development. Of course, "recent" in my thinking is within the last five years. 🙂
  14. Thanks for the clarification. As an aside, I've always found your assessments of Azamara's operations very fair and insightful.
  15. Understand your disappointment. From the Twitter announcement I take it that there are only 10 voyages involved in the sale. I would assume they would involve short flights from the UK.
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