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  1. Here is the link that I neglected to post. Sorry for the confusion. https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2021/01/20/bernie-sanders-mittens-inauguration-parka-coat/?utm_campaign=wp_the_optimist&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&wpisrc=nl_optimist
  2. Re: Bernie's mittens and the memes that resulted. Interesting story about the mittens. I hope it is not paywalled. I post it here because The WaPo story refers to the "brown and white pattern" on the mittens. If I'm not mistaken that pattern is of "fleurs-de-lis", a symbol important to the province north of Vermont. If so. I could have worn them proudly while out nordic-walking in the -10C weather this morning (we have family connections in Quebec). However, Mackdogmolly correctly pointed out that the creator has (had?) retired from
  3. Thanks to you and the mice for the referral. No Josh Groban that I can see, but hey, there is Jann Arden. I will pursue that. Apparently we will have to buy two pairs of “Bernie Mittens” from Vermont. They are suitable for formal occasions.
  4. I felt really guilty about this secret so I had to share it with my wife. She immediately exclaimed, “That’s Arlo Guthrie!” So now I have to somehow match this by July. Does anyone have connections with Josh Groban? Anyone?
  5. Wow! That is the best birthday gift ever! The only way it would have been better is if Arlo could convince you that he remembered you in that mass of youthful humanity. I can’t tell my wife about this because the pressure to match that one would be too great! Happy birthday! Maybe I can convince the Sycamore owners that they need to add 4 Adirondak/Muskoka chairs to the Sunset Deck of one of the ships, and we can meet there one evening for several glasses of wine. Clearly you have stories to tell! Hope all goes well in you
  6. I agree. She did state that they would honour Future Cruise Credits and Lift and Shift agreements that are now in place. That should dampen some fears. I hope that that also suggests that they will honour our free days that reflect a change in loyalty level, As an aside, she was also humorous about creating a new IT platform, a change that will probably please the travel professionals she was addressing.
  7. Well, Larry P. seemed to have seawater in his veins but Ms. Cabezas, at least based upon this video, is a very, very impressive leader for Azamara, I can be hopelessly naive, but she comes across as truly genuine in her enthusiasm for the brand, her colleagues, and her clients. Of course it will come down to execution, and I hope that she is rightfully optimistic that she will be granted the scope and the financial backing to make her vision and teamwork succeed. Thanks so much for posting this! I am buoyed after watching it, and in these times that's a wonderful reacti
  8. I hadn’t thought of Copenhagen either, but I’d say that’s a closer match than Paris and New Orleans. 😄
  9. We have always been able to do so as late as just over a year ago. No idea what that message means. You might want to call ChoiceAir and clarify
  10. I certainly agree about the "mess" that will need to be addressed. For example, I've heard retailers who rent expensive retail space on the PATH in Toronto describing the complete absence of any kind of walk-by traffic that might lead to sales. And many of our local main street shops are also in dire straits, although there was good news from a local bookstore which apparently had a very successful December despite Amazon. I anticipate that once the pandemic abates every Federal and Provincial Ministry (Department) will have a ready action plan to return its affected populace back
  11. Good question. I am thinking there will be a whole slew of management books/articles devoted to improving the productivity and morale of remote workers. If some of the negative issues aren’t addressed there may be a reaction on the part of those workers. I hope the books are more effective than the thousands already devoted to traditional workplaces. I also hope that not many regret their move to the suburbs and exurbs. Buying property sight unseen does not seem to be a promising strategy, and it’s not clear yet what the future holds.
  12. Yes, it is beautiful! I rarely get to see this either, except when the plough operator is on a holiday schedule. Ordinarily, the streets are cleared for school buses and commuters heading south. I am not certain about the extent of migration occurring in Great Britain, the USA, Australia, and elsewhere, but here there are certainly those choosing to move to less expensive, larger homes and yards outside of the major urban areas. The reliance upon home offices seems to have really encouraged this trend. I do hope that if they uproot and move to our particular microclimat
  13. Since you and Mackdogmolly have a shortage of snow, and we have a significant surplus, it only makes sense that we offer you what has accumulated and is still piling up in our driveway. Whoever gets here first can have that snow just for the cost of removal. You’ll never have a better offer! 😀 To prove that it’s worth the effort and that we have lots available, this photo illustrates our White Boxing Day. The plough hasn’t come through and only those whose dogs demanded an early morning walk have preceded my trek.
  14. These are your cliche white Christmas photos as we have received about 10 cm.overnight and, as the pictures may suggest, snow is still falling. Perhaps these scenes will serve to lift spirits as we are firmly in the grip of a second wave of the virus and further restrictions will be introduced on the 27th. Regardless, we hope everyone has positive thoughts on this day and that they can dream of future cruise adventures.
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