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  1. We are going to be in Tauranga and our port time has been modified to arrive at 4:30AM and leave at 4:30 PM. We have a 7 hour shore excursion, (Rotorua- Te Puia, Geysers, Culture and Kiwis) booked with Zeelandier Tours that returns us to the ship at 3:30. We are concerned that this is cutting it too close and does not allow for any unforeseen delays with traffic, etc. Zeelandier assure us that this timeframe is fine and they will get us to the next port (Bay of Islands) if necessary but this alternative does not make us comfortable. Does anyone have any opinions if this is cutting it too close?
  2. Thank you Barbara, it is good to hear.
  3. Since Solstice has not been “revolutionized” yet, are there still footstools on the balconies of concierge class cabins?
  4. Yes, it is 3NZ dollars less to apply on the app., applying on website was so fast and easy.
  5. Thanks, we applied online and we were both issued our ETAs within 60 seconds. Fast and easy.
  6. I just want to confirm that if you use the website, no picture is required but if you do it on the app, it takes a picture?
  7. We have too much luggage to take public transportation.
  8. It appears that the Pier 66 Hotel is closed (with the exception of the marina and a few restaurants) for a complete renovation until 2022.
  9. Thank you to all. I will arrange for a 6:30PM pickup which will hopefully allow for traffic delays that may occur.
  10. We are getting a ride directly to the airport.
  11. I did the research and at this time, there is nothing scheduled at either the Chase Center or Oracle Park on that day. Taking this into account, approximately how long a drive is it from Fisherman’s Wharf to SFO if we need to arrive at the airport at 8:00PM on a Monday evening. Thanks again, I just want to cover all my bases.
  12. How long to get to the freeway from Fisherman’s Wharf?
  13. How much time should we allow to get from Fisherman’s Wharf to SFO by car on a Mon evening if we need to be at SFO at 8:00PM? BART is not feasible.
  14. I see on the website to apply for an Australian electronic passport, it asks if you have been known by any other names. Am I correct in assuming that I should answer yes and give my maiden name?
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