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  1. I have no doubt at all that the biggest culprits of the spread of anything on a ship are the tongs in the windjammer
  2. With reference to the blood alcohol test - just look at the guy's sea pass card swipes The staggering thing is this man wants to relive this horror in a court of law rather than just accept his personal guilt and live with it like a man
  3. My best cruise hack is . . . I take formal wear, in an effort to preserve and promote the traditions of luxury vacations and provide a personal bulwark against the decent to the bbq by the syringe filled pool party at the drive-thru motel experience many fellow passengers appear to be striving for
  4. It's a full set up with burgers etc., like a small scale Labadee
  5. If this is the Wonder, 16 days is an odd one If it were to mirror the Spectrum it's 7 days to Barcelona, but if it goes straight to Dubai, it could well be 16 days If it were going to the US, 16 days is surely long a time for a Transatlantic Intriguing Ditto, the above, if it's the Spectrum, which will in turn mean it must be coming to Europe for the summer. This would also make up for the Anthem being the only Southampton based Royal ship this summer
  6. More disgraceful behaviour from Royal Caribbean - This is what happens when you empower massive global tax avoiding corporations with your loyalty. They use you up and throw you away We were on the Jewel last week and they cancelled the stop we booked the cruise for (Bahrain) on some flimsy - troubles in the region, nonsense - THERE IS ALWAYS TROUBLE IN THE REGION On one day we travelled at less than walking distance for this skipped port, and it sounds like the OP's ship could have fit another port in if it cared about its customers. How much will they save on fuel costs? Turning people away from the port for an avoidable reason that benefits them financially is disgusting and shame on you cheerleaders for defending them
  7. I have been on the Spectrum - What "serious" renovation? Very little will need to change
  8. I was on the hump so I couldn't see the lifeboats Deck 9 has an overhang and I like the sun No kettles - to be fair it's hard to see where they would go - the rooms are tiny
  9. Deck 7 is the only one that hasn't got an additional overhang, so it is easily the best floor to have a balcony
  10. Can someone translate the deployment flyer, please It doesn't mention any ships and I have no idea what a phase of China could mean
  11. Not true - Depending on age, travel insurance can be very cheap and often even free as a work perk This is not about insurance, it is about a global company's compassion for its customers It appears that no-one commenting here has read or studied the history of marketing, especially in America, where the most innovative approaches have taken place over the past 150 years. The day's of caring for customers, going above and beyond with service, are past - It also seems that most commenting here agree with that sentiment, which in turn suggests they believe modern day global companies should be able to take the lead in this process and have a right to treat customers by a book they have written During the 1930s, a time when corporations and companies desperately needed their customers they went above and beyond. Now, in the day of global power wielded by companies that are larger and more powerful than governments, the power has shifted. This is why social media can do what the hell it likes and avoid taxes I understand why some of you believe the companies terms should rule the day in this case, but I just think it is sad that we live in an age where individual situations are looked at by lawyers and accountants rather than people that care and respect their customers, without whom they would not exist
  12. No, this is what people have grown used to in a heartless world where profits are the name of the game and customer care is irrelevant
  13. That is so very sad And also so very predictable Global multi-billion companies are almost always protected by a lack of consumer protection, especially in the US
  14. Correct, I reported the facts as they were last week - Around 220 Diamonds and around 210 Diamond Plusses You made a snarky comment and have added an opinion that three drinks vouchers are generous. They may be, they may not be, but it is an opinion I find it remarkable that people feel so loyal to a multi-billion pound profiteering company as if it were a family member yet overlook the name of this website And thanks, I enjoy all my cruises
  15. I was not expressing my frustration - In fact it did not affect me. I was merely reporting what happened and alerting others to what they may find in future At times there were up to 12 people standing, waiting for a chair Try reading my post again
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