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  1. I don't have a strategy, but (if Wonder comes out in November/December), I would have received three crystal blocks from the three newest ships, Spectrum, Odyssey and Wonder - I imagine that would be oddly unique
  2. Tony Hart drew me a picture of a dray horse on Swap Shop. I still have it in the loft
  3. You need to read the post I was replying to once again and try to defend your comments without incredible hyperbole However, if you think it's okay to lumber three generations of people with a GDP deficit of over 200%, I can assure there is no way in a million years we will ever agree on anything we might raise in this debate
  4. "Economic well being of some" You mean, economic well being of all, for the next three generations, so probably around half a billion people Please point me in the direction of the evidence that "possibly millions" will die in the UK So far, during the absolute worst of the virus, around 1,500 fit and healthy people have died, so we are looking at a dramatic increase At present in the UK, fewer beds are taken up than at any time at this time of year, for decades So, I am happy to debate, but literally all of that is the absolute opposite of the facts
  5. The English National Health Service has just released this It shows, without any exception or bias, or opinion, that doubling the UK's national debt is the craziest decision in our country's history Little over 300 people without pre-existing conditions, and the main workforce that keeps our nation going is half the number that die of drowning ! Even if we include the figures for those that sadly have pre-existing conditions, there is absolutely no reason fpr the lockdowns that have prevented treatments for almost any reason, including cancer, heart disease. Suicides have rocketed It is all very very sad, and politicians have made it worse
  6. The most fascinating thing about this debate is the consistency among keyboard warriors worldwide to be incredibly rude to people they would be polite to when in their physical company. Ireland are about to go into a 6 week full lockdown - At preset there are approx. 3 deaths per day. On no level is this justifiable. The UK media are loving every minute of this crisis. The scaremongering is in full overdrive. Example - We are told that positive tests are similar to March so we are facing imminent disaster. Around a quarter of a million tests a day are taking place today. Around 10,000 tests were taking place a day back then. This would obviously suggest that actual infections in March were almost certainly in their tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands daily. Also in the UK, flu appears to have been eradicated, the numbers are so small. The threat of covid is clearly much smaller now than last spring and all science is being skewed to fit political agenda. We are in a position where an 18 year old fitness fanatic is locked down, while a 65 year old diabetic supermarket shelf stacker is able to work. I cannot speak for the rest of the world, but it is an undeniable fact that the UK are using the same tactics now s several months ago, irrespective of the fact more is known about the virus, treatment has improved dramatically, and people are acting more responsibly. The reason we are having these disagreements is mainly because so much more is known today than in March, and personal interest / needs / health, often dictates a position people will take in the debate.
  7. Of course I have detailed my alternative suggestion, and I have written it several times . . . Personal responsibility
  8. Oh dear, while trying to catch me out you have included incorrect figures I said, quite clearly WITHOUT UNDERLYING HEALTH ISSUES
  9. People are allowed a different perspective to you. Your opinion is no more valid than mine. This is how debate works. I offered you an opportunity to debate politely, but you have doubled-down on your rudeness. Again, you are welcome to do this. It still does not make your right, or your arguments any more valid than mine. 90% of all UK hospital appointments were cancelled during the summer. This will lead to more deaths than Covid will be responsible for. And, after the covid crisis, the UK would have run up so much debt, there will be even more deaths from lack of investment. Your comments suggest you are happy for this trade off as long as government's take responsibility for keeping all 71 year olds safe (especially you, because you believe earned it) instead. It would be contradictory to try to hold both opinions. I am very pleased Cruise Critic have allowed these posts, despite some of the abrasive and unnecessary comments. In a world event such as this, I think it is vital for international discussion and exchange of viewpoints on messageboards with people with shared interests and commonalities.
  10. NHS Government website Clear and evident for all to see Help yourself The fact you are not aware of this is a sad indictment of the media scaremongering and the lack of personal responsibility of citizens to do their own research
  11. It is not my job or any government's job to continue to keep people safe from this virus via incredible limits on freedoms, when so much more is known. Everybody now has all the information they need to keep themselves safe. My mother is at extreme risk and has not gone out for 9 months. She washes all her food wrappers and opens the door to no-one - She believes it is her job and no-one else's to keep herself safe from this virus now she is equipped with the right information for her safety. We do all we can to keep her spirits up with zoom calls daily - That is it. That is all anyone can do. It is the world's government's job to get a vaccine as soon as possible, and to help the most at risk with as much support as healthy citizens would sanction.
  12. I am happy to debate politely here with anyone, but come on, that's just childish
  13. So you are using your confirmation bias to presume I have confirmation bias - Okay How many epidemiologists have signed the Great Barrington Declaration? How many public servants across the western world, whose finances are not affected in the slightest, are ruining young, fit and healthy peoples lives?
  14. it is very common for people to say someone doesn't understand something or use the classic passive aggressive phrase 'misconception' when they disagree with them Fewer than 400 fit and healthy people under 65 have died of covid in the UK That is not worth an extra trillion of debt and the heaven knows how many young people whose lives are now ruined by governments using the same approach now as they used in March when so much more is known now
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