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  1. Were they letting the Priority passengers board before then? If the ship isn't cleared - e.g., a B2B passenger doesn't show up at the set time for in-transit immigration, that holds everything up.
  2. We were in Dominica 10 years ago (only time) and some of us from our Roll Call met up at the Rock Ruin bar, which was a block from the pier in Roseau. Is it still there?
  3. Thanks for posting! We've booked a tour with Levi for next month, originally contacted him in October. He's been very prompt in responding to emails.
  4. Princess has been sending these out for the past several years. No one, including Princess, adheres to them. Last year on the Regal (our first Medallion cruise) we were dropped off at the terminal at 10:36 and onboard by 11:05! P.S. If you're into it, there's a Roll Call for our sailing...
  5. I saw that, too. It wasn't clear if that company manages the entire fleet or just in Australia/NZ.
  6. An article posted on another thread said that NCL and Anthem of the Seas also missed Antigua the same day as Crown due to high winds, unable to dock.
  7. Check the Alaska board for lots of info, too. And enjoy Alaska!
  8. OP, are you using the old "Ocean Ready" app or the new "Medallion" app?
  9. I couldn't access it on my phone, but did on computer. Grenada is still listed. The times for Curacao and Bonaire are changed from my original confirmation, as well as leaving St. Thomas an hour earlier. Hmmm. Sure hope they get the generator issue fixed!
  10. Ruh roh. We're on this date, too. When I just tried to check the itinerary, I got a "we're having technical difficulties" message. Could access my booking but not Itinerary.
  11. Please, please, PLEASE! If you are refilling your water bottle (or even a tumbler?) In the buffet, use a CLEAN glass to fill with water from the dispenser or pitcher and then pour it into your bottle. Don't be like the guy I saw one day filling a plastic water bottle from a pitcher, with the lip of the pitcher against the bottle opening....
  12. A fun thing to do in Ft Lauderdale is walk to the 17th St Water Taxi stop and take it to Las Olas Blvd. We like eating at La Bonne Crepes, or you can go back to the ship for lunch. You are given an "in-transit" card so you skip the lines at the port (other than security) to re-board.
  13. Just like the first time you had to enter all your info into the Cruise Personalizer and then every time after you just have to confirm or update the info, so too with the Medallion app. Last year I entered all our info into the app, scanned our passports, and uploaded photos for both our "official" id and our "avatar" (the one that shows up on public screens, we used photos of our cat and dog). This year, all I had to do was confirm that everything is the same and we're all set. Easy-peasy!
  14. If I remember correctly from being on the Regal last year, your "public profile" doesn't show up anywhere but your photo will. We used photos of our dog and cat for our public photo 🙂
  15. I don't know how you would attach the medallion to a lanyard without some kind of holder.
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