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  1. We were on the same sailing as you — Deck 17, almost all the way forward and the motion seemed sort of minimal to us, but I know a lot of people were sick. We’ve experienced worse on the Jewel in the Pacific. Don’t know much about the physics of ships on the open water, but where I live, we get strong wind gusts quite often, and they do sometimes knock big rigs over — so seems plausible to me, that a ship could experience some significant tilt with winds at 100mph
  2. Yes, I assumed it was general, but having experienced the low (so many others in my sailing getting awarded an upgrade when I didn't) and the high (when my acceptance arrived a few days later) I felt I had a valid perspective from which to respond. We were able to cruise in the Haven once before, so I've no doubt we will have an amazing time, Thank you 😁
  3. Yes, I booked a BF category. That has nothing to do with my onboard spending history, which is what I was responding to. My friends booked a BX, later upgraded to a higher level balcony (higher than mine, same sailing), and were awarded a Haven upgrade for about $150 less pp than my bid, and several days earlier than my acceptance. My impression from others on my sailing, is that they processed Haven to higher Haven, mini suite to Haven, then upper category balcony, and then lower level balcony to Haven. I'm sure over all bid amount was also a part of the hierarchy in determining who was awarded.
  4. I think I spend very little on board — usually less than $100 for two+ on a seven day, and I just got a significant Haven upgrade from a BF, so I think my bid amount was far more relevant than onboard spending history
  5. Hope it helps you! It is stressful, and it was super hard to not be included in that first group. But, it did help me to decide my final bid adjustments successfully. Possibly, but I couldn't afford the full price so this was the only option -- and a few gray hairs is worth the experience we are about to have, in the Haven. My brain cells are currently celebrating and about to feel quite rejuvenated
  6. I was in the same situation as you, about a week ago -- on the 12/9 Escape sailing. We had 50 open Haven at about 13 days out. At 12 days, they awarded over half the Haven cabins -- seemed like they went primarily to upper tier balcony and mini suite passengers --we were in a BF, so I upped my bid about $200 more pp, and a few days later, they did another round of acceptances and I got a 2bdrm Haven. So, look at your category and estimate that a B3 balcony or mini-suite can possibly get good news with a lower bid than a BF balcony. We are now 6 days out, and there are about 4-5 Haven left -- I'm expecting that on Thurs or Friday, 4-5 people will get great news. Good Luck!!
  7. Yes, they do give out upgrades at the last moment, so if a mock booking shows availability for the category you want, it is worth it to keep an active bid. As far as adding another bid for the spa balcony, that's a personal preference. Will you be completely bummed if you get NO upgrade? Then yes, add the other bid. If you really ONLY want the mini, keep it as is. Best of Luck!!
  8. Haven't sailed in a DOS, have sailed in the 2 bdrm, with 6 people. The second bedroom is small. It has a shower, sink and toilet. No need to share the master bath. The third and fourth do NOT sleep in the living room of a 2bdrm suite. They sleep in the second bedroom. Our group was D1 and her boyfriend, and our D3 in the bunk bed that folds down all in the second bedroom. D2 slept on the Living room couch, that folds out to a single bed, and used the drawers and closet in the master bedroom. We are a cozy, chill family, so it worked great. Everyone was happy with the space. Grown kids actually loved the second room, they though it was super cozy. So, I think it will depend on the personality and needs of your group. From videos I've seen, it looks like the DOS has more space, as it should. You can find videos on the website that is video based -- just look for your ship and the cabin type.
  9. Just got our upgrade notice today --in the second round of upgrades to the Haven (first was 11 days out, and ours today, at 9 days out) for the 12/9 Escape sailing. Before the first round, there were 50 Haven cabins available. Lots of people in a social media group for the sailing were upgraded in the first round -- seems to have been balcony cabins from the upper price range -- afts, large balconies, as well as from mini-suites. We decided to up our bids on several Haven categories. Today we got the notice of upgrade from our BF balcony to a 2bdrm Haven for $1260 pp. Was a larger bid than we planned originally, but only about $150 pp more than others we know who went from B4 to an aft Haven same sailing, without paying the extra for the balcony cabin we started with. WAs also just a bit less overall, than we paid for a 5 day cruise in an OS on another line. So we are really happy with the deal and can't wait to embark!
  10. Your trip insurance does not necessarily end when you leave the ship -- it ends on the date you indicated your travel was intended to be over, when purchasing your policy-- unless you purchased the cruise line insurance, which may end as soon as the cruise is over. I book my own insurance, so can't speak to that. If you are staying a few days extra, then traveling to your home, that time is all a part of your trip, and should be covered under your policy. While I think it's doubtful, given that OP doesn't appear to have sought medical treatment during the trip dates, that any coverage will be forthcoming, no one here knows for sure without being able to read the actual policy.
  11. That's irrelevant -- the trip insurance would cover any illness contracted on the trip, regardless if contracted on the ship, or in a port. The only relevant question is if the insurance will cover an illness contracted during the trip, but treatment starting after the trip.
  12. I took it they were trying to get coverage from their trip insurance, for a medical condition contracted onboard — which is completely different than “getting something form NCL”
  13. I think if you can get a doctor's letter that estimates the contraction window as during your cruise, based on average progression /incubation for the virus or bacteria you had, you might be able to get some coverage. It will also depend on the language in your specific insurance policy, whether it requires you to have been diagnosed on board, or whether it covers treatment for services that started after the cruise is over. The language in your policy is the most important part -- It has to allow for exposure /contraction onboard, with treatment commencing afterwards. Good luck
  14. Feeling the same here, but am at 17 days out. Our sailing has a lot of availability across most categories, so pretty sure they are going to wait until the very end, just to get the extra bid income, as opposed to shifting passengers earlier to open up availability in certain categories.
  15. True, that's why a lot of airlines require them to buy a second seat.
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