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  1. LGA is undergoing a major rebuild so at times traffic there is at a standstill, I would avoid it. Traffic can be very bad from to JFK and Newark so leave lots of drive time
  2. I had all the problems that are described here. I called US customer service and they entered all the data for me .The person didn't know they asked for insurance data and said it made no difference. I was also afraid it wouldn't let me print out tags and tickets however was told no problem as they will e mail them to me if needed. They said 6 weeks before and system says 1 week. It is shocking how bad the system is and Cunard agrees.
  3. This is really a problem as this could really spread the virus to places it hasn't been as 137 people took off to places around the world along with the other passengers on their planes, airport personal and passengers and all those people in Cambodia glad handing and hugging everyone in sight. So much for containment. Everyone feels sorry for people stuck overseas however sometimes the good of the many must prevail.
  4. That is very bad news. What does that say for the rest of the passenger that are now flying around the world and the crew still on the ship.
  5. I think Crystal would be a great fit. Classic ships with wrap around promenade, great food and service. Lots of daily activities and great speakers and two shows per night. I can't speak for carry on booze but they are all inclusive with a nice wine list. They are a luxury version oh HAL.
  6. It doesn't matter who owns the ship, the ship must be US flagged. To be US flagged the ship must of been built in the US and have a US crew. The only US flagged cruise ship is the Pride of America owned by NCL cruising in Hawaii.
  7. I just read about the three cruise ships in limbo in this area. Has Cunard changed their plans?
  8. September in NYC is mild and can be hot. The leaves are still green or burnt brown by now if we had a very hot/dry summer. Keep in mind the middle of September is the peek of hurricane season and any that wind up coming up here will follow the tract the ship will take up the cost from NYC. If one came ashore in the south we still get lots of rain and wind from it. I went from here to Quebec City (rt) last year in the very beginning of October and the year before at the very end. Both times the weather was very cold and rain/snow in the St Laurence.
  9. Great travel journal, you are an excellent journalist. Its great you can take trips like this at your age. I am twice you age and now have time and money for a great adventure but am restricted by my fear of getting sick and being stranded in a remote place.
  10. I give all cruise lines a pass because they have small kitchens for the number of people and no way to get extra ingredients. We have 40+ cruise on many lines. Best food was on Celebrity before RCCL and the QE2 in the grills before Carnival. Today it's hit or miss with lower quality ingredients and little choice. These were also the best service, especially on the QE2 in the Queen grill.
  11. I would be very afraid to call on Hong Kong or any port in China now. If one sick person got on/back to the ship it could infect many onboard. Also any food taken onboard could be subject.
  12. Something to figure in is Cunard includes drinks and tips in the price of the grill rooms.
  13. I would hope they don't however if they did I would not get off. That said it would just take one person to bring the virus back to the ship.
  14. We are going on the QM to Boston over July 4 so it's a premium trip. We are in the PG because I like the dinning experience although my last trip was 40 years ago on the QE, hope it's similar. It's over 600$ pp per night so I hope I am not disappointed.
  15. Enjoy your trip, tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day here so you should have a nice sail away. We were on the October 8 trip in the YC, our first on MSC. Trip was OK however looking at the price point of the YC I believe a better value is gotten on luxury lines such as Crystal or Silver Sea. IMO they also provide a superior level of service and food. Its worth checking out.
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