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  1. Well this odyssey is finely over. I received my full refund for my June 29 QM trip. I applied for it on April 23 so it took just around 60 days. I made the booking directly with Cunard here in the US. I have to say they were prompt answering the few inquires I made and the rep that made my booking was very helpful. Looking forward to sailing again once there is a safe and proven vaccine.
  2. Hi all, here in New York City today is going to be very hot, 85+F which is far above normal. Monday the city is set to start phase I of the step's to emerge from quarantine for the 8.9 million of us however now we are in the mist of massive protests over the murder of Mr. Floyd which have included looting and burning. Who can say how it will all turn out however from a cruise/vacation point I would recommend staying far away from here.
  3. If price is not an issue I would pick H/L Europa 2. Very grand while casual. Excellent in all regard
  4. Yes, I also feel weird. I know it will be impossible to take a safe/normal cruise until there is a cure/vaccine for this virus however I find myself daydreaming about places to go and ships to go on. I find myself thinking very very bad things about Cunard because they still have my $10k and then recall the stuff I have experienced here in NYC during the past ten weeks and feel very lucky to be alive and well.
  5. I had a QM trip in June that was cancelled however I sailed on the QE2 in the Queen's grill. I have a few recent trips on silversea. Silversea is a small ship experience and all inclusive, except for LaDame, so no one ever asks for your card. The flavor is generally European rather than English however there were many UK guests. There wasn't as much tableside prep however you can put in special orders ahead of time. Shows ect were simpler due to size of ship. Ships have no wrap around outside deck. A plus for Silversea is the whole ship has a luxury feel and level of service and is all open sitting while Cunnard gives you the luxury of the Grills along with the big ship experience. Silversea also has a more casual dress code. I think both nice.
  6. The problem I find with these mass market lines having a luxury, first class section, is its really not a luxury experience or good value for the money. I have sailed the Yacht club on MSC, The Haven on NCL and the QG and on crystal, Silversea and Hapag Lloyd. I have found better deals on the luxury ships while the whole ship is uncrowded with plenty of in door and outdoor sitting, high quality food in all the outlets, high attention to service throughout the whole ship and truly all inclusive with no one asking for your room key [except on HL]. The worst cruise I was ever on was the MSC YC because when you left the very small YC area the rest was just out of control!!!
  7. I don't and will not go until there is a vaccine. The airlines here in the US are starting to require face covering for all and not selling all seats. Cruise ships will probably start off the same, doesn't sound like a relaxing vacation. Besides catching the virus by big fear is case's on the ship causing it to become a flying Dutchman.
  8. Travel is changing. Saw yesterday that jet blue now requires all passengers and crew to wear a mask for the entire trip. Also some talk of not selling the middle seats. I am sure cruise lines will also change when they go again. Not sure it's worth the trouble for now.
  9. This will not be a permanent problem. The cruise lines have to figure out how to stay alive until there is a treatment and/or a vaccine. Once that happens I see no reason things can't go back to normal. In the interim there will probley only be enough interest to reactive a small number of ships doing closed loop trips. I don't believe the question is when will the lines return but rather when will the general public want to get on a ship with thousands of other people popping in and out of different countries/cities?
  10. Sure, it's Starrtravel. I got it online from a site I have used for years, Squaremouth travel insurance.
  11. I don't know how much this helps here because I live in NYS. My June trip has been cancelled and I asked for a refund. I also asked the trip insurance company for a refund of the money I paid for the policy. The said OK and posted it to my CC in one day. This was very good news as at my age, 72, the policy was expensive.
  12. Maybe you can stop it through the credit card company just to be sure. I would expect them to be more responsible than Cunard.
  13. Yes, I just received the E Mail and summitted my request for a refund for my June 29 trip. I am very pleased and surprised that they cancelled trips so far out as they have been going in 30 day jumps. Very happy this has come to a resolution however sad that their will be no more cruises for me until there is a vaccine for this virus.
  14. Just listened to our mayor here in NYC. He has just cancelled all large gathering through June 30th. That said I can't imagine them letting cruise ships dock here here.
  15. From what's going on here in NY I would say July 1 at best however how do they get people to feel good about going. People here are afraid to go out at all
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