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  1. What we'll learn if we don't already is that all economies are interlinked more than anyone would like to. On paper it sounds easy to move to Vietnam or India, trust me you aint moving the 100,000+ person contract iPhone or mega laptop factories to another country in the next 3-6 months. Also good luck with finding a new source for all the rare earth elements, China controls most of it. I am not saying China is more important than any western coutnry. China can't make jets, server chips, and lags in software and innovation big time. They think they can go it alone, but they are as missguided as the west in thinking they can replace the other.
  2. Well you may be right, look at all those airlines, require masks, so does Costco, I think they are the way to bankruptcy.
  3. happy to read how out of respect for others you don’t go out, what is the rational against wearing masks? I can understand if masks are required on planes and cruises you’d just pass on them, but what if recommended for everyday out and about ?
  4. I am almost tempted to take a look with all these promos, but with so much uncertainty what is a deal worth versus money in pocket and book further in the future for more with more certainty ? maybe the ports won’t be available, maybe a second or third peak shuts down the sailing, maybe china and US go to war, maybe NCL goes bankrupt.... I think this is the third email and 8 hours to go, LOL
  5. You hit the nail on the head, because they serve it on china and with waiters and a nice environment viola forgot the food was mass produced by the hundreds, LOL. The food on every cruise I had was not even close to the best restaurants on land. I am a sucker for those sit down and do enjoy the whole experience, want real food go to a boutique restaurant. But do love the value of the moving hotel and 4 meals a day, crowded cheap entertainment and crowded disease nurturing pools, theaters, bars, but hey I'm health, and low risk. If cruise came with them delivered in their china covered to my balcony that would also be okay, but sadly a cruise with social distancing isn't a cruise.
  6. There is business then there is control, they are now focused on control, business they can manage now w/o Hong Kong
  7. Don't understand your statement USA blaming WHO for not shutting down sooner. US is an independent country with leaders who could have but didn't do anything earlier, why blame someone else? Kind of like the cruise companies blaming someone else for not shutting down, they could always "lead."
  8. Exciting, I'm almost thinking of doing a land based fly in, can't imagine a cruise will work or be of value, are there any just doing a Greece We've booked a July 4 in Canada but wonder if they will open the border in a month... I can see spending a week bouncing between a few islands as pretty attractive a get away
  9. Actually the sleeping Giant that has awoken is China, LOL
  10. Everything is out the window now, I think China is planning to take with it can as the rest of the world dilly dallies with this Pandemic.
  11. I'd say right now nothing is on any cruise itineraries, this little thing called SARS-CoV-2 and the COVID19, LOL. But when this blows over HK will be right back there, as likely Shanghai and other ports. I highly doubt the cruise companies, the one's that weather this can ignore the biggest group of rich middle class that was just getting going. Lucky the cruise liners aren't US companies, LOL
  12. Of course they feel overwhelmed and I feel for them a never ending stream and stupid leaders/policies. I'd argue that if the world had been smarter then the economy would have been less in shambles, Sweden wasn't perfect either, nor was So Korea, I'd say Taiwan came as close to perfect as there could be. Every country, disposition of the people, and culture and geography etc. etc. plays into what works best. I'd say the US land of the free, it is one of the most challenging, and with the leadership in place, it is tragic that the most technological advance, most rich, the one that could have set the example of what was possible, well look at us, curfews in almost every major city 😞 The thing lost on flattening the curve is the hypothesis it saved a lot of lives, what it did was delay the deaths and maybe a vaccine will appear, but you can't keep the bug down. Maybe the medical community can learn how a better triage can be applied with more extensive testing and early intervention, a lot of ifs. But the leaders have to be explicit about the why and they never are, but maybe I can understand as most don't care to understand, LOL
  13. Moore's law has been doubling transistors every 18-24 months for decades, but anything biological has some serious fundamental biological, economic and social implications, so NOPE. This Pandemic will change world trade, revert to nationalism and in the US the impending social, economic and political explosion will appear right around end of July as the benefits run out and those that think nothing has changed get run over by the Pandemic train.
  14. The deaths as well as the response to the pandemic which have been slow & late/ill thought out responses by governments and the economic fall out are so tragic. In some countries the ill and dying are indeed overwhelming the system, but in most of the developed world that was the exception rather than the rule. Only are there a few places that doctors actually had to choose who would get and who would die. A lot of press and noise has been made of that as well as shortage of PPE and ventilators, but the actual lack of life saving ventilators was / is a myth. At least in US the fears were hyped the reality None of that actually happened. Kudos to the health care workers for that. I think something like 1/3 of the deaths are confined to the elders in those nursing homes, and most of the others are either older and / or have significant health issues. All of this is tragic, but indicates like many illness ( and not surprising for a new one to humans ) I'd venture that if a new mutation of the flue was to appear this exact thing would happen. Now what has happened is that we've locked the whole world down with out reason or clarity of what we gained or what we lost and why. First we made noise about flattening the curve, well I tell you the curve has been flattened and nobody went wanting for a hospital bed. Now after all that I think cruising and memorial day parties were stupid as is the refusal to wear masks, but nothing this time around has been sane from those on either side.
  15. Wow.. so you have judgement and can judge why someone would want to take an inferior or bad, could you? LOL
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