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  1. We sailed to Antarctica/South Georgia in '97 on a 125-pax expedition ship. In early/mid Dec, we saw several penguin species with eggs and a few with chicks. King Penguins with chicks and Oakum Boys (teenagers) at Salisbury Plain; Chinstraps with eggs at Cooper Bay & Elephant Island; Gentoos with chicks at King George Island & Cuverville; both Macaronis and Gentoos with chicks at Livingston Island. This was over 20 years ago so I don't know if the breeding cycles have changed. We're looking to repeat the experience on Seabourn so I'm also trying to determine the best time to go. So far, I've found this chart for wildlife on South Georgia:
  2. Hi Emdee. There's plenty of light on the dark side! Seabourn has a great product, albeit with a completely different feel than Crystal or Regent and that's OK. It's more like Paul Gauguin, especially on the Odyssey class ships ... smaller, unpretentious, easy-going. We've not been to the Caribbean with SB, but their Caviar in the Surf is legendary. I know you like to special order Indian and it's possible with 24 hr advance notice. I think the kitchen staff really enjoy cooking Indian food and they do it very well. Hope you enjoy!
  3. The only issue would be getting on/off the Flying Dolphin with large luggage, unless you can easily manage to wheel it without assistance. We found it a bit difficult to maneuver with our small rollaboards, mostly due to the crush of people embarking the ferry at the same time. But Aegina is a popular day-tripping island and the ferry is always busy so you may not encounter such crowds going to Spetes. There is luggage storage (unattended) on the lower deck of the ferry right where you enter and you could leave your large cases there. I didn't see anyone offering assistance so I stress that you should be able to handle your luggage yourself. On our return from Aegina, we arranged a private transfer to pick us up at the ferry dock in Piraeus and take us to Athens. We spent the night at the Airport Sofitel and flew home the next day. I think it would be way too tight to make a 1:00 pm flight out of Athens if you are coming from Spetes on the same day. All you need is a missed ferry connection or a road accident to ruin your plans!
  4. We took a Flying Dolphin (Hellenic Seaways) from Piraeus to Aegina after a Seabourn Adriatic cruise in Sept 2018. That's a different island than you're considering but I think the process would be the same. Before we left, I emailed the Piraeus Port Authority to ask about luggage storage. Here's their reply: Kindly note that we have lockers in the Cruise Terminal A (Miaoulis). The storage lockers have space for medium sized luggage. Upon arrival you have to insert 3 euros. When you return you have to insert the rest amount so that the locker opens and you can take your luggage. The amount is shown on the window screen. In the end, we decided to take our luggage with us since we were spending 3 nites on Aegina and going directly from there to Athens airport. You may want to verify current info about luggage storage at Piraeus: prolp@olp.gr We self-disembarked the ship a little after 8:00 am and walked from the Piraeus Terminal to the islands ferry dock. Google maps showed it to be a straight 15-20 min walk but it was about 25-30 min of brisk walking over very uneven sidewalks. I wouldn't do that again! Take a taxi. As we arrived at the dock about 8:30 am, there was a ferry leaving for Aegina so we quickly bought tickets and walked on board. It was a bit of a scramble with lots of people but we managed to roll our 20" cases onto the ferry. The ferry was spacious with plenty of room to keep our luggage with us. I think they had a storage area in the lower deck of the vessel but we didn't use it. Given our experience, I believe you'd be OK getting a 9:00 am ferry, especially if you self-disembark with minimal luggage and you taxi from Piraeus Terminal to the ferry dock. Hope this helps!
  5. Thanks Keith. We went ahead and signed up in PCPC for the Champagne Lunch. Hope we love the menu! I know it's supposed to be all about the wine, but the food will be as important to us. LOL.
  6. I love Sherman ... both playing and mouthing off. He's the best receiver for the opposing team and his lack of humility is almost a virtue! Looking forward to an epic battle between Garpopplo and Mahomes. Since I can't say "go Hawks" I'll reluctantly say "go Niners". 😂
  7. The menu Keith had for his Champagne VR looks great but I prefer the menu posted by Nancygp. For our next Crystal cruise, PCPC shows several VR events as being available, including a Champagne Lunch. I'd like to preview the menu before signing up. Is that possible?
  8. Hey Paulchili. I'm not stalking you ... really I'm not. But I knew I could find you here! Congrats on the big win this weekend. How ya like Sherman now? 😉😛
  9. We'll be on a cruise in Hong Kong in March/April and I've bookmarked this site to keep informed. It consolidates info about the affects of protests on transport and traffic. https://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/transport/article/3022629/hong-kong-protests-latest-advisories-plan-your-day. Today on the Asia forum, this site was posted for real-time info on planned protests over Lunar New Year. https://hongkongbuzz.hk/2020/01/update-on-planned-protests-17-january
  10. We spent time in both Hoi An and Hue during a 3-week land trip in SE Asia. Both were interesting, but if I had to choose, I'd pick Hoi An. Despite being very popular with tourists, Hoi An still has an authentic and charming feel. Old Town is a UNESCO heritage site and most areas are walkable. It's great to simply wander around and soak up the ambiance. A photographer's dream! There are excellent tailor shops, a vibrant waterfront market, wonderful cooking schools and tasty local specialties. There's also a lovely beach but that's not really what Hoi An is about. Hue is more historically significant since it was the ancient capital of Vietnam. If you're a history buff, seeing the Imperial Citadel and Nguyen tombs would be a must. But Hue is much larger and full of hustle compared to Hoi An. Either would be great, but my choice would be Hoi An.
  11. You can get wine or boozy coffee at Seabourn Square but I don't think they stock any spirits for cocktails. For the most part, this would be self-serve as I've not seen anyone coming around to the outside lounge to take drink orders. EDIT: Self-serve as in go to Seabourn Square and ask for it .... not pour your own!
  12. I think it's a definite possibility. Last year SB made a major pricing error on several Encore AU/NZ voyages. Once discovered, those cruises went from wide open to call for availability and remained that way for several days until the pricing error was corrected. Then it was business as usual and the sailings reappeared for booking. Given the grim circumstances in AU right now, I suspect SB could be reworking their Encore itineraries and holding off sales until completed.
  13. Hilarious! Good compromise. Our household is much the same. But we've both come to enjoy what we used to find unbearable. After decades of being a football widow, I'm now watching NFL games (and can call a penalty before the yellow flag is thrown) while DH is so enthralled with the Food Network that he thinks he can compete on Chopped.
  14. Thanks so much @ebslcc. I'm happy I don't need to rethink our decision to take the Kowloon-Macau ferry instead of the HZM bridge! Our ship is scheduled to arrive HK at 6:00 am and we'll self-disembark as soon as possible. We travel light, each with a 20" rollaboard + backpack, so walking from OT to China Ferry Terminal should be fine. We're aiming for the 9:00 am TurboJet to Macau, but if we miss it no big deal since we have plenty of time. After our time on Macau (no gambling!), we'll take the direct ferry to HKIA. Our flight departs at 7:40 pm so we plan to take the 11:30 TurboJet from Macau, assuming it's still running. We'll check with them as soon as we arrive in Macau to get current info and schedules. I agree wholeheartedly about the great info on the Macau and HK forums on TripAdvisor. I managed to cobble together our plans thanks in no small measure to reading the incredibly helpful posts and links by BradJill. I remember him (as well as HappyFeet) from their excellent posts when we first visited HK in 2011 and they're both still there dispensing advice! I think you and @mking8288are the equivalent gurus on CC! Thanks again.
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