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  1. Yes ... Pastéis de Belém are truly the best! It was great to see a behind-the-scenes tour in the video. I hope your upcoming Crystal cruise will be a go and you can enjoy Portuguese Tarts at the Bistro. But it's good to have realistic expectations. The tarts in the Bistro are good but they would never be mistaken for the real deal. Enjoy!
  2. We cancelled our future ocean cruises and have our refunds in hand. Truth be told, I feel very relieved. While there are some enticing offers at the moment, we're not even tempted to book until we have a better idea of the post-covid onboard product. We also had river cruise bookings and we rescheduled them for late 2021 and early 2022. We'll continue to monitor the situation and cancel if we feel anxious. At this point, we feel better about river cruising than ocean cruising.
  3. This award is well deserved. We took our first ever river cruise on Crystal along the Dutch Waterways in spring 2018. It was outstanding in every way. Last fall we took another along the Danube and the experience was equally wonderful. We were looking forward to a Rhine cruise later this year but sadly it won't be happening. So now we eagerly await our future Crystal river cruises on both Rhine and Moselle. We are hooked on Crystal river cruising!
  4. Well since we're in The Bistro, let's go behind-the-scenes in Pastéis de Belém where they've been making Portugal's national culinary treasure since 1837. We had Portuguese Tarts in this little hole-in-the-wall bakery during a cruise call to Lisbon back in 2008. https://www.greatbigstory.com/stories/the-guardians-of-portugal-s-national-treasure?storylist_type=season&storylist_id=53
  5. Epic fail ... thought I was posting A Horse With No Name ...
  6. I wasn't even able to get to My Account for several days. I could log in with my email and password but then I couldn't go anywhere. Well today I got past the log in but when I clicked My Profile, the entire screen switched language to Dutch! Now I couldn't understand a single word so it didn't matter that I was still unable to navigate. To log out, I needed google to translate which header to click.
  7. I initially interpreted the post by Host Jazzbeau as a brush-off of quarantine. I took it to be a flippant suggestion that self-isolation would be easy to disregard and folks could simply carry on business as usual by skirting quarantine measures. I thought that was irresponsible. Now I see that his post could also be taken as an innocent statement of fact about how he perceived that Americans would react. I think Canadians, by and large, are listening to public health officials about covid and we accept their recommendations on protocols to protect our collective health and security. We don't really see these measures as a threat to our individual rights and freedoms. As for hefty fines or imprisonment for breaking quarantine, I think that will be applied only to the most egregious offenders. I know that here in BC, our Provincial Health Officer has always stressed the importance of education over enforcement for any covid measures. So far, it's been working well and we hope it continues going forward.
  8. I have no idea if Host Jazzbeau was referring to the Scarlett Letter or the Holocaust in his ill-phrased post, but I can say that it demonstrates an American attitude of "who cares I'll do what I want" or "the rules don't apply to me". In Canada, we have a mandatory 14-day quarantine for people arriving in the country from elsewhere. While most visitors and returning citizens respect these protocols, some Americans have been observed to be opening defying them. I guess they believe, as apparently does Host Jazzbeau, that quarantine doesn't matter and life goes on as usual, since who's to know you're supposed to be under quarantine? There's nothing funny about it.
  9. SusieQft, glad you received your refund. At 115 days and after TA intervention, Crystal finally delivered. This pandemic hit all cruise lines in late Feb/early March when they were forced to make changes to current and pending cruises. Among the luxury lines, some have been successful in processing refunds efficiently and are now essentially caught up (Regent) while others (Seabourn) have responded to cancellations within a 60-day timeline with only a few exceptions. Yet Crystal is still processing refunds for cancellations from early March? And suggesting refunds may take longer over the summer? OK.
  10. Paulchili, thanks for posting the SB notice you received re: air consideration. Having now seen the language, I agree it's more than a goodwill gesture and you have a compelling argument to be repaid in kind and not in FCC. Your case is strengthened by the fact that SB offered cash to others in a similar situation. Go for it and good luck!
  11. Paulchili, here's my thinking. Unless the air was booked through FlightEase, I think any offer of compensation by SB is a goodwill gesture. It goes beyond their contractual obligations to provide refunds for items such as cruise fares or port taxes. Like you, I would prefer to have it in cash, but I'd be happy to have it as FCC, assuming the terms were reasonable. We're at day 134 waiting for air consideration from the cruise line where we're both co-lenders. At this point, I highly doubt we'll see anything.
  12. Even though we live in Canada, we prefer to book in USD. I'd really like to see USD pricing or at least have the option to select currency on the SB website, but I get CAD by default. So when I saw your link that defaults to USD for UK guests, I clicked and hoped for the best. Alas it's not to be. My pricing still defaulted to CAD. I also get the browser warning ... which I've ignored for months!
  13. I think Seabourn is just giving Club Members an opportunity to purchase Future Cruise Deposits without being on a ship. It's the usual 5% FCD discount and it's combinable with other promos that may be in effect at the time you book, such as 10% Early Bonus Savings. Here's the fine print from the email: *Future Cruise Deposits (FCD) are available for purchase through August 31, 2020 by Seabourn Club Members who have sailed with Seabourn and have a valid Club Number only. Future Cruise Deposits may only be applied to new bookings with Seabourn and are not valid for guests rebooking from 2020 voyages. The Future Cruise Deposit discount is individual to the Club Member Number associated with the Future Cruise Deposit. The 5% discount will only apply to the gross cruise-only base fare and may not be used for onboard expenses, pre– and post–cruise packages, shore excursions, taxes, fees and port expenses, SeabournShield®, Flight Ease® air, or other optional programs or services. Additional deposit payment may be required to satisfy the total deposit amount due on a booking. Guests or their travel advisors should request a Future Cruise Deposit be applied with our Reservation Agent at the time the new reservation is booked. A limit of one (1) 5% discount may be applied per guest per booking. Future Cruise Deposits not applied to a booking within four (4) years of the date of purchase will be automatically cancelled and refunded back to the original form of payment and will result in a forfeiture of the 5% discount. Offer is subject to availability, capacity controlled, non-transferrable and may be modified or withdrawn at any time. Other restrictions may apply. Seabourn reserves the right to correct errors.
  14. There is also a $500 pp admin fee on a Crystal river cruise of any duration.
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