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  1. We all have different priorities. We enjoy a larger comfortable suite. Want decent closet and drawer space as well as a nice bathroom. Really enjoy the suite deck, lounge and restaurant. The edge has the best suite deck and lounge. While things changed, we like priority boarding and the special sail away parties and entertainment. Enjoy the daily tea service and snacks in the lounge. But of course to each his/her own but as prices continue to rise, we might consider a well located balcony cabin and sn unlimited dining package
  2. You are through a a hallway- it is protected by doors. It might appear to be across from the hot dog house, but in a different hallway- Good location accessible to many venues.
  3. of course and tried multiple computers including my ipad and iphone.
  4. No good. I cannot even log on. I input my name, states password not good. Try to change password no good. Tried to even try joining agay and advised someone with my name existing!!! I vanished
  5. You are in for a treat. Disney IMO, having sailed multiple times, is for families with little children. Celebrity does offer children some amenities- but the rest of the ship is like camp for adults on steroids! The edge is a beautiful ship, and I would strongly recommend either an aft view SS with a true balcony, or a sky or celebrity suite with a true balcony- not a fan of the infinite balconies. The amenities for suite guests are wonderful! The food, entertainment and service top notch. While we aren't gamblers, many people enjoy the casino. NO SMOKING in the Casino or indoor areas
  6. Very weird. I cannot access my future reservations . I cannot login to my royal account. Anybody else experiencing this problem? I called Royal and they said they are experiencing a problem. My husband can log in, but not me. I am experiencing the same issue with Celebrity.
  7. Fortunately all of our four sons are professionals and can take care of themselves and their families. They do not need our money, and in fact are in positions to take us on vacation now! We take care of ourselves and fortunately do not need their help. They encourage us to spend our money and enjoy! I have seen many of my friends scrimp and save for "their old age" and some haven't lived or are well enough to enjoy it.
  8. The lawn club grill is our favorite restaurant! We can only enjoy however, on the Silhouette and Reflection. Wish they replaced the glass blowing on other S class ships and added this restaurant. We typically dine in it at least twice a week as we can order different great freshly grilled items. They also typically offer a lunch meal at least once during each cruise. Love the lamb chops- and skewers of grilled veggies- my DH love the filet. The grill on the edge was a real disappointment-wind-sun not a comfortable venue- we walked out. The Lawn club grill is protected and comf
  9. I usually order a half order of pasta bolognes and a rib eye steak- The steak is very flavorful albiet fatty sometimes. The salads are also very good. My DH enjoys regular pasta with marinara sauce. The only bad dish I ever had was eggplant parmigiana it was horrible.
  10. Having sailed multiple times on RC Oasis class, and twice on Breakaway- I urge you to consider RC Oasis class. The only way to sail on NCL is in a Haven suite. The rest of the ship is poorly layed out- the crowds by the pool are horrible- as is the the entire ship. No main theatre on the breakaway- and the food and entertainment subpar IMO.
  11. Flint Michigan to name one- Many old cities have lead pipes.
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