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  1. Actually the past few cruise line excursions we took, we had to line up in the hot sun waiting for the late comers to arrive. We then entered a not so comfortable bus. Twice we actually walked off the line and were able to get a refund. If we had a couple of couples, a private ship tour might work. Otherwise too expensive for just the two of us
  2. We wouldn’t go on excursions. We would take a cab and do thing’s ourselves
  3. Agree. Or until a successful vaccination is widely available
  4. We watch it also! Many People on today’s cruises do not look like that! Not those bodies. Lol
  5. I purchased a rhinestone applicator. I might rhinestone a few masks
  6. I agree. My brother in law, a physician, retired and the sold their beautiful two acre home and decided a condo might be better now. Big mistake!
  7. My sister lives in a condo in MD. No laundry in apartment. She and my brother In law do laundry at 4:00 AM to avoid other residents. Of course they wear masks and gloves. They do not entire elevators in anybody is in it
  8. If for whatever you feel you cannot wear a mask just stay home. Not only for you, but for others.
  9. Best to wear. Not for you but for others. You might carry the disease. Dr fauci was over 6 feet away from the players.
  10. Nothing more precious or important then human lives. My son, who is a physician and prior to the pandemic, visted nursing home patients. Of his 36 patients, only 6 are still alive. The others died due to Covid Please wear masks and follow the protocols established by our scientists and specialist likre Dr fauci
  11. We don't know if any buffet style restaurants will be available- who knows if the dining venues will be the same. I bet the cabanas on the ship will be all booked on sea days!
  12. What about the crazy lady- not from NY who liked the stores outside door? and the lady in a staples who injured a disabled senior citizen? Unfortunately mental illness is all too common! So many people who aren't practicing social distancing and not wearing masks- They really do not care about anybody else and do not understand scientific evidence. So sad. What is wrong with our citizens?
  13. The reflection is one of our favorite celebrity ships. You will be in for a treat. So much better then Princess. The restaurants are better, the suite facilities also. We love the speciality restaurants, especially the Lawn club grill. Much more room to sit by the pools. We love the adult pool area- You are in for a treat! The sky suites are also very comfortable with nice storage and a nice bathroom. Enjoy
  14. While we are anxious to cruise and truly enjoy sailing, we will wait until the all clear sign is given. In addition, we want to wait a few months after people sail to be sure sailing is safe. As somebody said, my life is more important then a cruise. Probably when the vaccine is readily available to all guests, staff and people at the ports. We will still practice social distancing.
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