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  1. Access to the suite lounge, suite concierge, suite deck. Free wiffi and other suite perks- priority boarding and disembarkation- more crown and anchor points. Other perks that I have forgotten. But the grand suites are very nice. Having the Costal Kitchen available for lunch and breakfast is a great advantage, IMO.
  2. Not sure if you can try again- but try. Sounds like you will probably get the oceanview balcony.
  3. I have moved up when I up my offer so it isn’t in the weak category. But I moved up to suites and they have fewer of them. Many more Aqua and CC cabins
  4. can also prebook shore x, spa treatments, and I think entertainment. Best to book on your own however so you aren't closed out of exact time and dates of all. Only sky and star- not Jr. suites.
  5. LOL. Best not to bring fabrics like linen that crease easily.
  6. It is so important to have another cruise to look forward to! We are counting the days until our Jan 2nd Oasis cruise- b/2/b. Then March for our reflection cruise! Another cruise planned for August! We have Amex and Delta lounge access. If we get to the airport early, we try both! You have another cruise soon so enjoy the memories and the anticipation of another great cruise!
  7. We dislike cruise shuttles. Rather uber. Who needs other people that might be going to different ships also during covid times.
  8. We enjoy the suite lounge aka Michael's club and the suite deck. We have spent many hours on both. Lumanie is also so much better and more comfortable then the MDR. Many great suite perks- and the extra room is great- solo or with a partner.
  9. We will continue to wear masks. Helps to minimize your risk against, colds, flu and of course getting and spreading covid. We will not take any bus shore excursions with many people and take elevators with just a few people in them. Would use stairs when possible, but we typically take cabins/suites on high floors. Enjoy your cruise!
  10. You will get caught and it will be confiscated until your cruise is finished. Pay a few dollars to avoid embarrassing yourself. Downy also works as does steaming up your bathroom.
  11. We also were advised that our January cruise fare was not due until 30 days before our cruise. However, we got the notice after we paid in full.
  12. We always call the cruise line directly and get connected to air2sea. Never a problem. We search all carriers, decide what flights we want and air2sea books them for us. The best reason for dealing with the program, is that you do not have to pay for your flights immediately, you pay when your cruise fare is due- rates have been about the same as if you book directly.
  13. The bunk beds are suitable for young children. A 200lb man wouldn't work. He probably wouldn't fit. Take two interior rooms. The extra bathroom and a comfortable bed will be so much more comfortable for all. Enjoy your cruise.
  14. Usually you cannot check in so early nor bid before 30 days prior to your scheduled cruise.
  15. I surely wouldn't think that Royal would hold me hostage. They just must follow the science so we can all feel safe and the "rules" change. Thanks for your feedback.
  16. How did you see the schedule for cruises docked in cococay? We are on the Oasis Jan 2, and 9th I am curious. Thanks
  17. looks like a fun cruise! We will be sailing in a couple of months on the Oasis, out of Miami. Counting the days!
  18. My DH always wears a sports coat and tie on Chic nights . Many men dress in a sports coat. The ship is typically cool in the evenings- AC blasting.
  19. The one negative about Royal is the smoking in the Casino. You would think during Covid it wouldn't be allowed.
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