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  1. I posted this on another thread a few days ago , definitely taping Marx brothers Monkey business
  2. But they will not get bail out and loans from the US. I believe there will be changes everywhere, i believe buffet will change or be eliminated, I know on holland America first day or so of cruise there was a buffet but food was served by staff. Hopefully my next cruise will sail in November but it’s msc yacht club, nothing is crowded there not pool chairs , bar area ,etc , I am happy to spend extra to have a little more space.
  3. We are lucky we did a February cruise, not planning on canceling our November cruise, but will check to see if they lower the price
  4. Where else can I see Rick steves on the internet Yes look at YouTube
  5. Balconies didn’t even exist for many of my cruises, first cruise that had one was a Princess and it was tiny that was in 1990’s
  6. Also love arriving early when Statue of Liberty is still lite up , and cruising past Freedom towers.
  7. While we are diamond plus , we are hardly loyal to rccl , they have excellent entertainment and normally have no complaints, there are other good cruise lines our last couple of cruises was celebrity and msc yacht club and we have another one of each booked, but most likely return sooner or later.
  8. For view from ship Kotor, view is amazing, also when leaving Hawaii we sailed past a active volcano at night and could see a river of red hot lava pouring into the ocean and the steam rising.
  9. We done Tulum a few times but never from Cozumel, as long as you are on ships tour I see no reason not to go. We prefer to just visits the restaurants and bars downtown and wife loves the shopping, you must bargain for everything 😁
  10. You spend about 30 mins in the water , you can bring your own camera but they will be taking pictures which we have bought, it’s normally a rccl excursion, about two hours total , we have done a few encounters but this is our favorite by far.
  11. Have absolutely no interest in sailing every ship, sailed somewhere about 40 different ships , been on almost 70 cruises.
  12. For ships that no longer sail I go with Rotterdam from the 1970’s and also SS France. , I was also a home lines fan.
  13. Just talked to my brother and one of his best friends was a stage manager on rccl he is now living with my brother in his Florida house.
  14. Entertainment Suite perks, restaurants Ship within a ship like msc yacht club and new celebrity ships Embarkation port
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