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  1. There were two menus offered for us, 4 items on each and you could pick and choose which items you wanted I had filet and lobster.
  2. I am on now Tuscan is 45 per person and Le Petit Chef is 55, we liked them both , also nice sushi restaurant which is a la carte
  3. we are currently on infinity and enjoyed both Tuscan and Le Petit chef , give food edge to Tuscan but Le Petit chef was very entertaining.
  4. We just did this last night on infinity and enjoyed meal and experience, listed at 55 but we are in royal suite so no charge would do this again. My big complaint was wine list wasn't very good.
  5. we are currently on rock and romance and booked rock and romance for 2021 yesterday 7 day cruise on infinity again on 2/27/2021. Went crazy and booked royal suite again.
  6. We were not impressed with dinner in CK , after a few meals we then had dinner in specialty restaurants. Wine selection is pretty bad in CK we did by drink package to get the drinks and wine we wanted. Breakfast was fine in CK which has a great view. Dinner first night is very nice.
  7. Our third rock and romance cruise is 2 days, hoping to book a suite on flower power cruise when they go on sale .
  8. Vaguely remember snow from my youth in New York. We totally splurged for our cruise in a couple of days and have a small hot tub on our balcony , have a royal suite on celebrity.
  9. I have one of those also just do not use it all that much .
  10. You donโ€™t build a pool , you buy a house that already has a pool ๐Ÿ˜, I can use mine about 6 months out of the year . But there is that other 6 months
  11. I stopped sneaking booze on when drink packages came out, always can do that again. Celebrity wanted 69 a day but we were in a suite and there suite lounge was open from early morning to late night, so we just got our drinks from there.
  12. Same goes for my better half, I very recently retired the tux , but still wear a jacket.
  13. Had a rccl package at under 50 not counting 18 percent about a year ago, mine was even cheaper since we are diamond plus which gives me 30 percent off.
  14. I done this with rccl and this is a perk for anyone with a grand suite or higher . I also was told on our five day cruise last year that this was only for 7 day cruise or longer which we do have. .
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