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  1. You do not need a mega ship for great entertainment, I also been cruising since mid 70’s ,but in 1980’s ships like the Norway and Sovereign of the seas both had great entertainment and they were smaller than M class ships, a decent pub with a guitarist and a real piano bar might be a good start.
  2. Entertainment is really a weak point for celebrity, would like some plays or better quest performers.
  3. We do not eat that many meals in mdr, but I would enter mdr with drink of choice then make sure you tell waiter that you will want a drink.
  4. I saw fantastiks 3 times in 3 different decades, Hair 4 times but just once on broadway. Beautiful 3 times . Gentlemen guide to love and murder twice. Seeing a original play about Texas governor Ann Richards next week.
  5. We are trying msc yacht in 6 weeks, what I still love about rccl is entertainment, doubt upscale lines can come close. My celebrity cruises on limited to music charters with great live music from 2pm to 2am. Although would like to try Viking or Seabourn, we do like caviar.
  6. Totally agree we rarely spend that much time in concierge or suite lounges always have drink package, but on brilliance we were there hours every day , excellent staff and concierge, after I asked for a drink that they did not have barmaid said she would go to another bar and get it, I said that was not necessary.
  7. We had slightly odd shaped GS aft corner balcony , not a large balcony but we really liked it #1600
  8. Agree one of the main reasons we left Hal was nothing there after 11 or 11:30pm except casino
  9. Brilliance is by far my favorite concierge lounge really large with a real bar with barstools and a outside area.
  10. Totally disagree on buffet, remember going there for lunch and they had a Italian section, pasta and sausage, they put hot dogs in the dish rather than Italian sausages. I take celebrity buffet over that any day.
  11. There must be over a dozen people talk about Come from away on this thread , and we all seem to agree it is a great play. Might need to see it a second time on our next visit. Now a days we need a feel good show.
  12. Agree I am not a fan of Stern, but we love Bill Maher, went to a Bill Maher show at a casino in Oklahoma a hour from our house, we see a few shows every year there , but on his show we had to go thru a metal detector, never needed to do that for any other shows.
  13. Hal has two suite classes at least last time we cruised them about 7 years ago, the suites are nice but no real perks, the larger suites have a suite lounge that doesn’t have drinks , just coffee, also breakfast in specialty which is very nice . Suite perks do no compare to celebrity.
  14. Oasis class may have free drinks from 11am to 11pm , but other than 3.5 hours free drinks are just beer and cheap wine. Where you can get real drinks all day in celebrity suite lounge . We were not impressed with oasis suite restaurant but loved luminae. Sky suite is ok , much prefer rccl grand or even better there owners suite. Also I believe rccl has best entertainment .
  15. I know they are sister ships but loved Sovereign and did not care for Majesty.
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