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  1. MSC yacht club butler will escort you to reserved seats for shows. I do love having all passengers 18 and older, we do a annual charter cruise on Celebrity it is adults only and filled with some of the best music , several of the performers are in the rock and roll hall of fame, cruise is rock and romance, live music all day with interesting interviews on how they started and there interactions with people like the Beatles and Dylan etc.
  2. Different line but I have a hal bottle opener from the 1970’s
  3. Had a couple of long conversations with the Italian captain when we were in the yacht club . I never met captain on recent and smaller celebrity cruise even though we were in one of the top suites. Not all the crew are Italian but lots are.
  4. What about entertainment? Yacht club has good music and you have access to all the entertainment on the ship.
  5. Suite and suite perks are way better on some lines than others , Celebrity and MSC yacht club have there ship within a ship on certain ships which we really enjoyed, yacht club has so much space in suite lounge and pool nothing was ever crowded.
  6. That isn’t necessarily true , definitely wasn’t on our penthouse suite , we had the best seating in suite restaurant etc , totally agree do not need over 1000 sq ft , but did like the two bathrooms.
  7. We did celebrity Edge a couple of weeks ago , great cruise , loved being out there again , just loved sitting at the martini bar listening to some great music.
  8. We love suites, our first suite was a free upgrade but now we are hooked , love the perks, suite restaurant etc . I pretty sure we are in the minority.
  9. I loved ncl in 1980’s and 1990’s but will never sail them again .
  10. Glad you posted these we are staying there before next cruise in November, also love martini bar picture, best bar staff ever. 😁😁
  11. There were many different acts there including solo guitar players , duos and other small groups, they seemed to switch from Eden location to martini bar area , I thought they all were good.
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