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  1. Same here but it is open for dinner each night. We like to go there for dinner on sail away night. It has become a tradition.
  2. you will be fine waiting if you want. We do it both ways and lots of spaces are available for the times you want after you board, but you have to reserve almost the minute you get on the ship. We have 4 of us cruising in Oct. Because one is very particular about times I am going to book us all this week. If I cant get the times I want I will call them or we will just wait until we board. No, they will not charge you or they shouldn't.
  3. well we have almost always since balconies became a big thing booked a balcony. At first hubby said it was necessary and a waste of money. Now, he doesn't want anything less. We have done 2 outside cabins in a row and now are back to balconies.. As for inside, done it twice, always because of price. It is workable, you are talking a 7 day cruise and yes, you can't beat the price, but be prepared to spend most of your time anywhere but in your cabin. Remember, there are some who always choose inside and allow their budget a rest so they can spend more money on other things or take more cruises. You make what you have to out of your choice.
  4. there are lots of choices out there . yes you can try another line which often is the best way to find out, rather than read rants about any one line, but I will add, every line has something that upsets their clientele.
  5. someone just posted they were able to book their Oct 13th on the Breakaway a day or so ago. I am guessing the system is working for some ships but not others, that make little sense to me, but I am going to try later today.
  6. Only ship in port; yes, you are right, it is docked; otherwise it could be a tender. We have had it both ways.
  7. Yes, this is common practice. Just think if prices were adjusted for everyone when there is a price drop after final payment, not only would the reservation reps being swamp but the cruise line would be broke in no time. This is a reason not to even check after final payment and if you do, don't expect a complete adjustment. As for accepting the offer for a OBC, the same, imagine what it would be like, if people adjusted their final amount over and over. Remember you must have been satisfied with the original price or you would not have booked. You will always find someone who paid less than you.
  8. Boy things sure do move fast in Bermuda. 🍸 Seriously great video Love some of today's tech.
  9. Reviews can be phony, most of us can pick up on those that are. As already mentioned we will see reviews come through and notice the poster have never posted before or rarely and never returns, but to think CC would have any reason to delete or manipulate a review. seems strange to me. I have seen, in the past bad reviews that are obviously make up. You can see 2 or 3 in a roll with similar wording and similar gripes. they are obviously written by either the same person with a different screen name of family members. I am a firm believer that if I am going to read reviews I am going to take them with a grain of salt..
  10. Breakaway and July means crowds for sure. I would wait an hour or so before trying to exit the ship. If you have a tour planned make sure you don't book it early and leave plenty of time to get back to the ship. We love Roatan, some fun things to do with kids and snorkeling is awesome.
  11. likes: the Bliss lounge. Love the idea of 2 places offering some form of a show each night. Size is ideal .great crew: love the Hotel manager Entertainers: Jose and Patti who are almost always on the ship: When they are entertaining we never miss any of the acts Gatbys: the best bar of any we have spent time in and that is saying a lot. Dislikes: the ship takes some getting used to its layout; especially deck 8. It can be like a maze. miss the great Outdoors the buffet, we think is just ok at best. Overall, we have sailed her 3 times and would do it again in a heartbeat.
  12. No matter how you look at it, you are cancelling a reservation after final payment. I don't think anything you do or who you talk to this will work. it may not make any sense to you, but it is the way the system works.
  13. generally if you have a good agent there will be more perks involved for one thing. They also have better knowledge of the overall picture in regards to your total travel plans. They are there to assist whenever needed, not just booking the cruise. At least that is how we see it.
  14. You are not 100% correct about other lines versus NCL. Were are you getting your information about only on NCL? As for not drinking on NCL or any other ship, your choice, others disagree with you.
  15. I was thinking pretty much the same thing. More than the ship, resort, restaurant or whatever a lot has to do with were the traffic is coming from or that is my take on it anyway. Like you this isn't a put down to anyone, it is just a fact.
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