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  1. after I posted I noticed the same thing: obviously OP knows how it works or certainly should. I find it hard to understand how anyone could not know how perks and packages work if they are seasoned travelers and seasoned posters.
  2. It is your choice you do not drink alcohol so if it is including in the 5 perks, what would you expect them to do for you? As for the tips, if you go to a restaurant and you have a 2 for 1 coupon wouldn't you expect to tip on the entire bill if you did not have the coupon? Of course I would think you would. As for the excursions, I have always thought the line explains it very clearly: it is per cabin, not per person. I can only see one legit gripe you have and that is the bottled water one. Why NCL does not include it in the packages is a puzzle for most. If you don't want to take advantage of the 5 for free then book without the perks.
  3. sounds to me like you should stick with her even if she may have been wrong this time. The important thing is it seems you got what you wanted. Happy cruising.
  4. We too experienced the chair hogs. One day we were arriving to play trivia: a young lady who was lying down on one of the sofas and appeared to be sleeping, let us know, in on uncertain terms the chairs were reserved for her family Obviously she was not sleeping. I guess, no matter where one is or what line chair hogs exists..
  5. I have never seen a casino used so little anywhere, any time. Our daughter went to a TA meeting on our last Journey cruise last month. Plans are to close the casino, but I am not sure when. She would probably remember.
  6. Very good points. there is no way to turn a cruiser off quicker than for people to start thinking a particular cruise line is above the others. Loyalty is one thing, snobbery is something else.
  7. and I have rarely heard that on any cruise unless it has been an unusual situation like the horrible winds we encountered last month: Actually the cruise we heard it on was Azamara. I guess we should never say never.
  8. and we didn't have towels in our cabin, we got them out by the pool.
  9. we did and no, was the answer. I don't know what the reason was but we were diff limited to what we could and could not order. So were our friends.
  10. are you through with your ranting? We just got off a upscale cruise line and we did not get towel animals. I guess for those who travel on the bargain lines like Carnival they are missed. For many of us, we really do not care a darn. I would not feel like I was imposing if I asked for a towel animal. Why do you think people feel that way, have you, personally, felt you were inconveniencing them? I asked for a coffee on our last NCL cruise as we were in an Ocean view cabin so they were not standard. I did not feel bad, nor did our cabin steward make us feel uncomfortable.
  11. You can request them but they are not automatic any longer. Think of the savings to the cruise lines: the animals waste a lot of towels that need to be laundered and take time to make. For many, they were not a big thing: I know for us, we had been getting them for years so it is no loss. BTW towel animals were not always part of cruising. I think the first one I ever saw was about 20 years ago.
  12. I didn't mean to indicate cooked items were not available at the buffet, I was simply saying you can order off the menu of choose only the buffet or better combine your meal with both order and serve yourself. We did this on our cruise. We would get what we wanted at the buffer as starters and order our hot breakfast from our waiter.
  13. why no shrimp cocktail or escargot in the main dining room?
  14. Though the wine we had on our AZ cruise a few weeks ago were very good, I was not overly pleased with the overall selection or wine and favorite drinks. I realize it was a basic package that is included in our fair, but no martinis come on. Why can you get a Gimlet and not a martini? Other lines also allow you to pay the difference for drinks if the price is over the limit which has been mentioned already. One of the couples we were traveling with did use OBC for upgrade the liquor package, but said he would not do it again because there were still several drinks not included. I guess it is up to everyone's choice, but I would not pay additionally for a package that is still limited within reason.
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