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  1. Awesome, thanks for all the suggestions. I'm looking forward to having fried plantains in garlic sauce if I can find it.
  2. We have been to PR once before years ago, but we are looking for advice on where to eat. Last time we just walked and found a place and it was good and have no problem doing that again, but thought we would ask for some names. Thanks in advance.
  3. No, and call the cruise line and ask them. Friends wife was sick on a cruise and they asked if she had the patch and when he said yes, they told him to take it off her. She was better the next morning. In the end up to you.
  4. The water taxi idea is good, like a cheap tour. The homes are Huge, very impressive and yep we are jealous.
  5. Which ever one is closest and cheapest to get to 🙂 We like Port Canaveral only because we are most familiar with that port. Water is beautiful everywhere, hmmm will have to take advise from other posts, though ST. Johns, ST. Marteen are nice. Which ship, Carnival is probably best price and potentially has water park like the "Magic" but either way don't just look at the cruise lines, look at the specific ship to see what that one has. -------Now the hard question To Balcony or Not to Balcony, my wife had been on cruises when she was older (20s) with her sister and Dad to go Scuba Diving. That carried over to our first 2 cruises where the statement was made, "I'll never pay for a balcony when we can sit upstairs and see the ocean either inside or out, ok I might have said that too 🙂 and agreed with her. The balconies are not that big and the furniture is most probably plastic depending which cruise line. We then went on a 3 night Disney cruise and thought lets get a balcony because if our daughter (her first cruise) gets sick or goes to bed early we will have somewhere to sit. Since then we've invested in binoculars and haven't been back to an inside room LOL. I try to get us to book an inside room but to be honest I don't try hard at all. But again, it's about the cost. Depends on the budget and whether the willingness to spend more is there. Your First cruise? You may go again someday? Won't have power shut off at home if money is spent? Want to impress the parent or this might be a one and done for the older parent? I know this isn't a simple YES get one or NO it's not worth it, so like any advice from strangers take it for what it's worth …….free .
  6. Awesome first cruise! Check out the fun times: MG_20190108_0005.pdf IMG_20190108_0001.pdf IMG_20190108_0002.pdf IMG_20190108_0003.pdf These were not posted by us but give you an example of what is left on your bed every night. Tip, take a highlighter and highlight the activities you might want to do or some other method of marking the items, the night before. You can see the shows are around the dining times, we have done both early and late, just up to you. If you can find more recent ones let us know, remember each cruise ship call their program a different name, Carnival is "Fun Times" when searching for them. Or don't read the entire thing so you're surprised :)
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