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  1. Magnifica is headed back to the Med, first stop as BB says is Columbo.
  2. We sailed Ruby in 2008 on the third sailing and in 2009 both in the same room L106 and with the same Captain and Staff Captain on both occasions, we sailed Majestic a few weeks after it left the shipyard and hopefully in September we will still be on the Royal. The announcement will be around 3.30 UK time.
  3. BB ... I get what you say, many on here claimed Costa would fold after the Concordia disaster or the ships would be absorbed into the other Carnival brands and what happened, Costa are still sailing today and with new ships. Princess may be remembered by some re the Virus but like Concordia over time memories fade and people forget. Our booking for Alaska in September is with Princess where it will remain.
  4. Well if Gene said it of course it has to be true! I also recall another CD from Princess many years ago who soon realised that like many others he was a manager in name only. Some people are so easily conned by cheap talk.
  5. MSC have a number of crew currently ill on Grandiosa, Fantasia had at least one confirmed passenger with Covid 19, At least three Costa ships have had the same this is not confined to just Princess.
  6. This seems to be at odds with what two people from the roll call for April 22nd sailing of Preziosa have been told!
  7. Maybe you need to contact the office in Switzerland and ask them as they are the ones who run the show.
  8. They have not been refunding people!
  9. Ziggy ... One of our Admins had it sent to them earlier today so it was added to the social media page, the person who received it is not a member of CC. Good to see that at least some common sense has prevailed.
  10. MSC Fantasia is docked in Lisbon and had a confirmed Covid 19 case onboard who is Portuguese, the guest was taken off the ship and all other guests were told to return to their cabins until tested. It seems that the Portuguese authorities have decided to get everyone off the ship and flown home without doing the tests!
  11. The ships have been coming in and out on a regular basis in order for crew members to get off and fly home and likely replenish food. They have also been at anchor just outside Miami.
  12. A FCC is only any good if a company remains in business! Maybe people should turn up to the ship having made a promise to pay the full balance once onboard. Niko ... Maybe MSC should cancel one of the new ships and hand people their money back instead of holding us to ransom! not refunding money is modern day Piracy.
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