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  1. BB ... On our Xmas cruise on Meraviglia the CD Gene Young came into the Panama dining room and urged guests via the P.A system to give the dining room staff 10 out of 10 ! Red tag to a Bull comes to mind. It is one thing for the staff themselves to ask but the CD coming begging whilst people are eating is beyond a joke, this is not the MSC way but more imported nonsense from the other cruise lines.
  2. As a guess it is from the floor vent in the bathroom, pour a few cups of water down it and it should be cured
  3. PC ... Port taxes are included in the cruise price.
  4. sidari


    GB ... The crew have to remain onboard for a further 14 days Quarantine, the ship will then be cleaned and then taken into drydock. The ship is due to sail again at the end of April.
  5. PC ... What you quote for Germany may well be right, in my earlier post setting out the charges the Costa text about charges is direct from the UK website! and the German ruling clearly does not apply.
  6. Costa have not abolished the mandatory charge!
  7. Costa add the mandatory charge to the final bill onboard seperate from the cruise price.
  8. A bit about different types of propeller. https://shipinsight.com/articles/different-types-of-propulsion-systems-used-on-ships
  9. sidari


    Two Japanese guests taken off the Diamond Princess last week have now died sadly ... 😔
  10. PC ... The DSC on MSC is now included within the cruise cost for cruise customers from the UK since 23rd June 2019 and has not been removed, your information regarding the DSC and other lines is not 100% correct. Costa have a Mandatory DSC which cannot be removed, P and O cruises say they have removed the DSC but it has likely been added into the cruise fare as MSC have done. Note that CMV and Fred Olsen charge Gratuities! COSTA ... View Useful Information For all hotel services provided on board, a mandatory service charge is added daily to the Guest's account. The actual payment will be at the end of the cruise and depends on the duration of the cruise. The predetermined daily amount depends on the currency in use on board and the date of the cruise as follows: Service Charges The service charge rates in the table apply to Guests over the age of 14 and are per person, per day. Children between the ages of 4 and 14 will be charged 50% of the above rates. The charge is not applied to children under the age of 4. Guests may choose to add the service charge to the total to be paid when booking. The smaller cruise lines in the UK Cruise and Maritime and Fred Olsen have the following ... FRED OLSEN ... Typically, gratuities are charged at £5.00 per person, per day for guests aged 12 and over. This amount is split equally between your stewardess and restaurant waiter, and will be automatically added to your on board account. While very much appreciated, these gratuities are voluntary, and therefore can be adjusted or removed completely at Guest Services on board the ship if you wish; and you are welcome to tip personally if you prefer. For your convenience, you can also pre-pay gratuities before your cruise. We'll check with you at the time of booking if you’d like to pay prior to your cruise. CRUISE and MARITIME (cmv) ... Gratuities According to international custom in the hospitality industry, tipping is accepted as recognition of good service. For your greater convenience we operate an automatic tipping system on board, so instead of worrying how much and when to tip, an amount of £7.00 per person per night (£6.00 per person per night for cruises of more than 16 nights duration) will be debited to your onboard account. MARELLA/T.U.I ... Included in the price. DO I NEED TO TIP? No. All tips and service charges are included in the price of your cruise. You’re not expected to tip any of our crew – unless you want to, of course. CUNARD ... From your waiters and stateroom stewards to the many more people supporting behind the scenes, every Cunard crew member puts their heart and skill into ensuring you experience Cunard's legendary White Star Service. To ensure crew in these areas are rewarded for the service they provide to you, and to eliminate the need for tipping, a hotel and dining service charge is added to your on board account and every dollar collected goes directly to the crew members. There is no administrative fee. Of course, should you wish to individually reward any other crew member who has made your time on board particularly memorable, please feel welcome to do so. Casino personnel do not share in the hotel and dining service charge as not all guests use their services. For all bar, wine and salon services, a charge is automatically added to your on board account for each purchase, which is shared amongst the crew in these teams. How are these charges calculated? Hotel and dining service charge Amounts vary by stateroom category as follows: Queens and Princess Grill Suites $13.50 per person per night Britannia Staterooms $11.50 per person per night For bar, wine and salon services A 15% charge is automatically added to your on board account for each purchase
  11. The Meraviglia class all have Azipods as do the Oasis class, it appears size has nothing to do with it.
  12. If you have a drink package you will not pay any charges once onboard unless you buy a drink not covered by the package you have, the drink would also have a 15% gratuity added to it. I would guess that your travel agent does not know enough about MSC! Which Country have you booked in ?
  13. sidari


    Watched the video no 60 re the tape.
  14. sidari


    BB ... Not heard the full length of each video, I would think the air flow would be from the cabin to the hallway and not the other way around. Also have to remember that one of the Medical staff from Japan also tested positive while this has been ongoing. I found this somewhat odd which was posted supposedly by David I believe via social media. 4pm 18th: Frankly i think this is a setup! We are NOT being taken to a hospital but a hostel. That’s where partners are sent waiting out there quarantine.No phone, no wi-fi and no medical facilities. I really am smelling a very big rat here! Waiting for the transfer now. xx
  15. sidari


    David and Sally did not have any symptoms.
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